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Batman #45 Review: Will Mr. Bloom bring Bruce back to being Batman?

batman 45 review spoilers

After last month’s flashback issue, Batman #45 picks back up in present day where the mystery of Mr Bloom continues. So let’s discuss Batman #45!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: After the last few jam-packed issues, I felt like Batman #45 was a lot less exciting. It was definitely the issue of moving pieces. We got no new information surrounding Mr. Bloom, but this issue was our movement towards finding out more about him. A well written story character wise, that didn’t have as many big story elements. Hopefully next month we get some more movement on who Mr. Bloom is and what he’s all about.

Okay spoilers for Batman #45 follow.

The issue picks up from when #43 left off. Jim Gordon is starting to think a lot more like Bruce when he was Batman. But he’s still not used to the whole solo thing, so it’s lucky for him that the robo-Batsuit can operate on auto now.

Then you have Bruce Wayne, he appears to be stumbling on some old Batcave items that the Joker stole in Endgame. Even without his memory of being Batman, Bruce is still interested in being a force for good in Gotham. But it’s frustrating for him because he doesn’t know how to help Gotham just yet. Ah if only he knew what he used to do to help Gotham.

But Bruce doesn’t seem interested in returning to that life. When he was Batman he didn’t exactly have the best work/life balance, so I would understand why that life would seem unappealing. But just because old Bruce Wayne didn’t have photos of family and friends around, doesn’t mean he didn’t have any. Unfortunately new Bruce doesn’t remember Dick, Tim, Barbara, Jason, Damian, Clark etc., Batman was never really alone.

batman 45 review

Back to Jim Gordon, Geri decides it’s time to find a new Batman after the mess  Jim made when trying to go after Bloom. It’s clear since Bruce stopped being Batman, that the concept of Batman is an integral part of Gotham City. Who would Gotham be without Batman? Batman is so much bigger than just one man, and it’s something that allows Gotham to survive.

Geri understands this, and wants to evolve Batman into something much more. But she seems so focused on making Batman bigger and better, that she’s forgotten about the issue at hand, Mr. Bloom. Even Duke is investigating into Mr. Bloom.

But it doesn’t take long before things get crazy. Whilst Geri discusses her big plans for Batman, Mr. Bloom crashes the party. Visually, for a guy with a flower on his face, Capullo does an amazing job making him look creepy as hell. Mr. Bloom comes off as an ununsual supernatural phenomena, but this is the world of Gotham so it has to be something even weirder than that.

batman 45 review mr bloom

Again Batman #45 doesn’t give us any answers or resolutions to anything, it just sets up even more questions. I’m really hoping we find out a lot more about Mr. Bloom next issue, because his visual creepiness isn’t enough to keep me interested anymore. It’s time to find out what his goals and motivations are, why did Snyder choose to create him as a villain after Endgame, and how his character will link to Bruce?

Batman #46 brings Bruce into the fold, as he helps Gordon with Mr. Bloom, so perhaps we’ll see the return of a more familiar detective Bruce next issue. Mr. Bloom will be Bruce’s entry back into his old life. Of course he still won’t have his memory, but his innate detective skills will start kicking in when he looks into Mr. Bloom, which may trigger him to find out more about his old life. I’m eagerly waiting for Bruce to go back to being Batman, but we know that won’t be for a little while, and until then it is good to see a new perspective on Batman with Gordon taking the mantle.

Overall Batman #45 was a good issue, but felt more like a filler, moving parts issue. But it did do a good job building up the complete creepiness and absurd nature of Mr. Bloom. Looking forward to finding out more about him! 7.3/10.
Batman #45
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
DC Comics

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