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The Flash 1×20 Discussion: Reverse Flash, always one step ahead

the flash episode 20 reverse flash harrison wells

The Flash episode 20 showed us that the villain can truly make or break a show, and as far as the Reverse Flash is concerned, he’s quickly made ‘The Flash’ the best superhero TV show on right now. Never underestimate the enemy is quite the sound piece of advice right now. So let’s discuss The Flash episode 20!

Wow I thought the gang were so smart for all figuring out who Harrison Wells really was, and finally setting up a plan to take him down, turns out the Reverse Flash is smarter than all of them. Wells knew they were on to him, and knew about their little plan, and made them believe they had the upper hand. It’s a game of power, and all Wells needed to do was make Barry believed he had the power, when in fact he was being played the entire time.

Although to be fair, Reverse Flash is a hard villain to take out. As the flashbacks from episode 20 showed us, Wells (we might as well just call him Thawne from now on) or Thawne, has been watching Barry grow up since he landed in the past. That means for the last 15 years Eobard Thawne has been learning about Barry, learning about his strengths and weaknesses ever since he was a child. Now that well and truly gives Thawne the upper hand. Of course he’s going to be one-step ahead of The Flash. It’s scary to know that the villain (Eobard Thawne) created the hero (Barry Allen) which in turn created the villain (Reverse Flash is created as a response to The Flash), the cyclical nature of the hero/villain dynamic.

the flash episode 20 cisco harrison wells

The accumulation of the tension ever since Barry found out the truth about Wells, climaxed perfectly in The Flash episode 20. I almost forgot about Hannibal Bates,  I guess our filler villains do serve a greater purpose. 

Even though Eobard Thawne has always been a few steps ahead, Iris West was the character that was always a few steps behind. Her character lagged behind the others, it took her 20 episodes to figure out what we all already knew, that the Particle Accelerator caused the meta-humans to arise. And to be fair, she is smart for figuring it out I guess, she’s just so behind on catching up on the information the audience and characters know, she just comes off as incredibly slow.

But finally, with a touch of lightning, Iris figured out Barry Allen is indeed The Flash. Now everyone knows about Barry’s secret, which isn’t a bad thing, because dragging these things out can be weary.

the flash episode 20 iris west allen

Interestingly enough, the newspaper from the future gave us some hints about the future holds for The Flash. Of course we know that the title hints at a ‘Crisis’ event occurring, hinting at a possible Flashpoint story arc. The article was written by Iris West-Allen, which isn’t surprising because we knew that was going to happen. Rumour is Wally West will be appearing in season 2, so the greater connections to Iris will start surfacing. Also the article said that in the future, whilst The Flash is missing, The Atom, GREEN Arrow and HAWKGIRL are helping out.

We knew Hawkgirl will be appearing in this universe from her casting announcement for the Flash/Arrow spin-off show, but it also turns out that we will eventually call Oliver Queen ‘Green Arrow’ in this universe (can I get a goatee?).

Also whilst talking to Barry, Gideon tells Barry that he is the founding member of the…. of course Barry cuts her off. But it’s pretty obvious Gideon was about to say that Barry Allen is a founding member of the Justice League! I’m assuming in this universe the League includes The Atom, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow and The Flash, as per the newspaper article (and others we don’t know about yet I’m assuming). With no Batman or Superman  in this universe, The Flash and Green Arrow are probably the top dogs of the League, which will be an interesting dynamic to see.

the flash episode 20 newspaper gideon justice league

The Flash episode 21 sees Reverse Flash unleashing Grodd into the city, to distract the team from getting him. I gotta say, Grodd looks pretty damn good in the promo, good job CW budget!

Overall The Flash episode 20 showed us what a well developed and intimidating villain can do for a show. The best villains are the ones that inevitably help the hero grow, and I definitely see this as quite the learning experience for Barry. I’m very curious to know where the show will go after the Reverse Flash, because right now, he seems like a hard villain to top.

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