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The Superman/Wonder Woman Relationship: At their best in quieter moments

superman wonder woman relationship comicsI don’t know about you, but I get bored continuously reading about Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship when it mainly involves them punching bad guys together. Yeah punching bad guys is cool, and they both have cool powers and all, but Superman/Wonder Woman #17 made me realise I don’t really care about that.

So the latest Superman/Wonder Woman issues have been focusing on the threat that is Magog. The issues have featured a lot of ass kicking and punching bad guys, and that’s fun…for a little while. But the whole point of this comic is to explore the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. And it does that best in the quieter, non-face punching, ass-kicking moments.

And yes I know not everyone is a fan of this couple anyways, and although I much rather see Superman with a more human character like Lois or Lana, it has been interesting seeing this relationship develop.

superman wonder woman coupleSuperman is still just Clark Kent, a guy who grew up on a farm and is now a reporter, whereas Wonder Woman is Diana, who grew up on a mythical island and is now the God of War. Even though some people just like to equate Wonder Woman as the female Superman, they are actually very different personality wise. And it’s that reason which has made their relationship an intriguing one to follow.

The best part of Superman/Wonder Woman #17 was the last few panels. “Clark what is the sport played with the leather-bound spheroid”. Let’s be honest, Diana is still kind of a noob when it comes to well…normal life. And even though Clark is an alien, there’s a lot he can teach her about life, which is what I love reading.

I love reading their awkward conversations in Clark’s crappy apartment, because it makes them feel like a real couple. Not just a couple of attractive, powerful beings who are together just because.

Diana has learnt from Clark that she needs to be more connected with humanity and the people she tries to protect. That of course has been hard for her, with the whole being the God of War and Queen of the Amazons thing, but she is trying. So it’s great that they are able to learn stuff like that from each other, instead of just spending all their time fighting giant monsters.

superman wonder woman 17 panelI’m still assuming that the end game is to reunite Clark with Lois, so until then I’m more than happy to read the romance unfold between Clark and Diana. The question is, how long will they keep the romance going for? The Superman/Wonder Woman comic will continue after Convergence, so the couple should be together for a while still.

Although I think that they are better when they’re in a relationship with an actual human being that doesn’t have any crazy powers. It keeps them more grounded, and less like unrelatable gods who look upon us from above.

At least in the movie universe it looks like they are going with human love interests, with Clark and Lois and now we know they are also going for Diana and Steve Trevor, which I like!

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  1. I really liked the IDEA of this comic, but the execution not so much. I found the action scenes and regular hero stuff was entertaining and fun to read, but the domestic stuff to be totally generic and un-engaging.

    I also get the sense that there is no story, it goes nowhere. This book just feels directionless, and it constantly gets pulled into other “events” like the Superman turning into Doomsday story.

    A decent story with direction under a consistent creative team and I think this book has the potential to be as fun as the Jeph/Loeb /all star creators Superman/Batman book that ran in the pre-New 52 era.


  2. I totally agree with you. I actually like the parts in this series wherein the two are interacting more as couple rather than the action moments. The writing in this series, even the artwork, could be uneven sometimes, but still I continued subscribing to this series and even buying the other DC titles whenever there are crossovers, just to see how this relationship pans out. But alas, just learned that DC have decided to kill the relationship, instead of developing it further. Considering that they can create one series title devoted to readers who support this relationship, and another to support those who prefer the Lois and Clark relationship, I have no idea why they have to end this series and annoy/alienate the readers like me who totally like Kal El with Diana. So that’s that for me with DC. To think it was this storyline that got me to buy DC comics… Don’t think I’ll bother buying another DC title again…


    • Well the reason they ended it was because they were getting rid of this Superman, so they couldn’t continue on with it even if the writers wanted to. I’m glad they did this to begin with though, rather than just going straight to Clark/Lois, it was something different for a few years at least


      • I used to subscribe to the X-men comic book titles. For that series Scott (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Phoenix) were the solid couple almost equivalent to Lois and Clark. So it was a shock when due to some events Scott changed, and he dumped Jean for the White Queen. It shocked and surprised a lot of Scott and Jean fans, like myself. The fact that they continued this break-up for years and made the White Queen the new female leader next to Scott was quite something. I disliked it, but I continued on with the series, because the stories continued to interest me, and they handled the break-up well and the ramifications without resoriting to alternative timelines, different versions of the charactes and the usual trope. Even Joss Whedon got so intrigued by all the shake-up that he joined Marvel to pen some stories for the X-Men. I may have not liked the change, but it did revitalised the X-Men lines, and I thought it was brave of Marvel to do that…

        I was expecting DC to be just as brave, to dare to change and see what new stories it can generate — but nope. They went back to their comfort zone and even brought back an older version of Superman…and a Chinese one! Wow! (They just couldn’t think of a new Chinese superhero???)

        Done with DC and comics… I should be reading real books. 🙂


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