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Hulk Joining Thor 3: The superhero team-up revolution

hulk joining thor 3 superhero team-up movies

Hulk may not be getting his sequel to ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and he may not be appearing in Civil War, but according to JoBlo we will see him hanging out in space with good old Thor. And with the inclusion of Hulk, it leads to the question, are team-up movies taking over the solo ones now?

I really like Thor and Hulk, and them teaming up makes a lot of sense. At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk kind of just flew away, so I guess he flew into space. And with Hulk joining Thor, the upcoming Civil War, Batman v Superman, X:Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Green Lantern Corps etc. it looks like we’re moving towards the trend of a lot more superhero team-up films.

Even in supposedly solo movies, we are still seeing superhero ensembles like in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And really it makes sense. All these superheroes exist in the one world, if the world is ending, it’s just rude to not show up.

Also with the increased competition within the superhero sphere (with Fox, Marvel and WB all going for 3 superhero movies per year apparently), the studios feel the need to go bigger and better. Especially with established characters, having a solo movie isn’t as necessary than if you were introducing the character into the world for the first time.

superhero team-up movies

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel starts taking more team-up approaches to their superhero movies. With Captain Marvel being pushed back to 2019, I’m expecting we’ll see her appear in another superhero movie before that.

As long as the characters are all balanced well, and work within the context of the story, and aren’t just chucked in the movie for the sake of having more big superhero names in the movie for marketing sake, I’m all good. Thor and Hulk seem like a natural fit, and with constant rumours of the Planet Hulk story arc, the Thor film may play into that.

But again that doesn’t mean all superhero films need to be ensemble team-up films. Superhero team-up films are an easy way to introduce new superheroes with established superheroes, and they have a better chance at the box office. However they aren’t always necessary for the film, and at the end of the day you don’t want your movie overfilled with superheroes who all demand a lot of screen time.

superhero team-up movies civil war

Because as excited as I am for Civil War, I can’t help but be a little concerned with the number of big characters in the film. They claim it’s very much a Captain America movie, and whilst I’m sure the plot revolves around him, his story needs will need to be balanced with the story needs of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther etc.

And as much as I love me a good superhero team-up film, it starts losing its excitement when everyone is teaming up with everyone. The Avengers was so good because it was the first time we really saw a superhero team-up movie. 

Anyways I just hope that we still get a good mix of solo movies and team-up superhero movies (which it seems like we’re getting) and that studios don’t feel the need to turn solo movies into team-ups just for the sake of making it bigger and more event like. But event films are the ones that will make the money, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the studios handle their future superhero properties.

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  1. I can see Marvel moving to team up movies, which start two or three of the already introduced heroes. We already have Ant-man and the Wasp. Why no, let’s see, Black Widow and the Wasp next? I think this would be fun.


    • There are a lot of cool dynamics Marvel could explore if they do more team-up movies. And really it’s just the natural progression of these characters, why work solo when there’s plenty of other heroes out there that can help them?


  2. I’m sure there will be more team-up movies. Some of my favourite comics were team-up books, like Brave and the Bold for Batman, Marvel Team-Up for Spiderman , and DC Comics Presents for Superman, and I have a feeling the movies will eventually have more team-up events and cameos to make the cinematic universes feels more cohesive as a whole. Also, it would be great fun to see more heroes working together in films.


    • Yes I love team-up comics! I remember a while ago there were rumours of a Flash/Green Lantern team-up movie which would have been awesome. I think we’ll see a lot more fun team-ups from the superhero movies now that they’ve established their worlds.

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      • Yes, I heard about the GL Flash team-up rumour, that would have been great. Think it would be fun if Hal Jordan showed up in the Arrow TV series. Looking forward to more superhero team-ups in the movies and the tv shows 🙂

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  3. Well, he might not be in Civil War, so he should show up somewhere. Besides, the Hulk has involved himself in a few Asgardian storylines and with his strength level, he’ll fit right in. I’m all for it.


    • Yeah I think that the Hulk will work into that story line really well, and it will help explore his character more now that there aren’t really plans for his solo movie


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