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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer (Fan Made Friday)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not be coming out until March 2016, but that hasn’t stopped the hundreds of fan made trailers being released. Some have been better than others, and here’s one that I saw that I quite liked. You got Boston Batman fighting Superman and then wanting to team up with Superman. You have fast talking Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor being all smart and shit. And you also have Metallo, whom everyone is thinking will be played by fellow Australian Callan Mulvey.

Seeing these fan made trailers have gotten me so excited, that I don’t think I will even be able to contain my emotions when the first real trailer drops. I don’t know about you guys, but this is by far my most anticipated movie ever, and never have I followed the development of a movie as much as I have followed this one.

So take a look at the trailer made by Mr88668866 and share some love on his channel.

So are you as excited to see the first Batman v Superman trailer as I am? Let me know!

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