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Batman V Superman: Will we get the classic Batman/Superman Friendship?

batman v superman

you guys can work this out right??


Yeah I know the movie is called ‘Batman V Superman’ but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see the beginning of the ‘World’s Finest’ friendship…right? I love when these two fight. I mean who doesn’t? You got a god versing a man and you think it would be an easy fight, but it never is. You have the billionaire pulling out all his fancy toys, and you got the farm boy trying not to hurt his friend…too much. It’s great to read! And it will be amazing to watch in the movie, but by the end of the movie I’m really hoping that we would have seen some great Clark/Bruce interactions that aren’t just them punching each other in the face.

batman superman brothers comic panel

The Clark/Bruce friendship has truly changed over the past 75 years. They have gone from having a serious bromance to hating each other, to having respect for each other to being like a brother to one and other. It’s that brotherly type relationship that i’m hoping to see in Batman V Superman. The two of them work so well together, because they’re so different. They allow the other to view a different perspective of a situation, and ultimately they help bring out the best in the other as well. Clark helps Bruce keep his humanity (and sanity in that case). When you’re living in a city like Gotham, it isn’t bad to keep a friend around who can help you see the greater side of life. Clark instills much needed positivity in Bruce’s life.

Bruce on the other hand helps keep Clark grounded. When you have the ability to freeze someone with your breath or burn someone with your eyes, it’s easy to assume a god complex and become a total dick. Bruce’s words (sometimes harsh words) help keep Clark grounded to his farm boy roots. He also provides much needed logic to Clark. A lot of the time Supes is an act now, think later, type of guy. Bats is the opposite, so sometimes Supes really needs Bats to make him take a step back and actually think about the situation.

batman superman public enemies

The question is though, what type of relationship will the two of them have formed by the end of Batman V Superman. Now I definitely don’t think we’re going to get a World’s Finest Bromance (booo), but maybe something more along the lines of a mentor/student type of relationship or an older brother/younger brother type of relationship. The reason I say this is obvious, Batfleck is supposed to be a lot more older and mature compared to Cavill’s Supes. Batfleck will probably help Supes deal with his powers and how to properly use them, and become a responsible hero, because well, this Batman has been through it all. I believe Batman will really be teaching Superman a lot of lessons about what it means to be a hero in this movie.

And really, they need to build they’re friendship because they’re supposed to be the ‘Dawn of Justice’. Clearly Batman and Superman (and maybe wonder woman?) will create the Justice League, and it’s only fitting that they get along, because otherwise, why would they want to join a team together.

Right now in the New 52 comics, they’re not as close as friends as they were in the pre new 52 Superman/Batman comics, but they’re definitely building towards it, with many Clark/Bruce moments showing that they’re a lot closer to each other than they are with other members of the Justice League. And right now what i’m seeing is that the DC Cinematic Universe is going to be emulating the New 52 comics. You can see that with Man of Steel (especially with the costume design) and you can see that with the (most likely) Justice League roster, with Cyborg. So I reckon we will more than likely see the type of relationship between Batman and Superman that we see in the new 52 Batman/Superman comics.

Either way I just want a solid Clark/Bruce relationship to be developed in Batman V Superman, so that they can become the anchors to the expanding Justice League roster. And also because I absolutely adore their friendship, and it’s one of my favourite superhero friendships (but not as good as the hal jordan/barry allen friendship).

batman superman friendship

Because superhero friendships are beautiful!

So what kind of relationship do you want Batman and Superman to have in BVS:DOJ? Do you prefer them as friends, or do you just want to see them fight! Let me know!


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