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Batman v Superman: Should the world hate Superman?

man of steel destruction superman

(Taken from HISHE)


So we know that the response to Man of Steel was pretty mixed. Among the comic book fan community, there were a lot of strong reactions to the movie from hating it to loving it. I personally loved it, obviously with bias as Superman is my favourite superhero, but there was also a lot of criticism. The main one being that well, Superman sucked at his job. He was supposed to be the hero, but may have actually killed more people (indirectly) than he saved.

We all saw that shot of Metropolis after the Superman/Zod fight in Man of Steel. The city was absolutely destroyed. And people on the internet were quick to blame Supes. The main complaints was that he was crashing through buildings, and wasn’t aware of his surroundings. I don’t really think the destruction in Metropolis was Superman’s fault. The world engine already destroyed those buildings before Superman threw Zod in them. And yes there may have been people still in the buildings who died because they got a crazy alien chucked at their face, but overall most of the damage was caused by the world engine.

And even though I don’t think Superman should be blamed for the destruction in Metropolis in Man of Steel (even though he could have taken the fight somewhere else and blah blah blah) I believe he totally caused the destruction in Smallville. If I was a resident in Smallville I would be so freaking pissed off at that bloody alien! He was in an isolated farm but instead decided to take Zod in the middle of a populated area of the town to have the fight. That was pretty stupid I must admit, but hey, the guy did threaten his mother.

Anyways that has all brought us to Batman v Superman, where *spoilers kinda* set photos have leaked of an anti-superman protest. Clearly the people of Metropolis or Smallville, most likely Metropolis, are not the biggest fan of the big blue boy scout. But the question is, is this fair?

batman v superman hate set leak


Really you can understand both sides, if we’re looking at it from the perspective of the citizens of Metropolis. First a shit tonne of people died, and there was a shit tonne of property damage. Metropolis went from a beautiful utopia, to a deadly dystopia in a matter of minutes. And none of this would have happened if Kal-El didn’t crash on Earth in the first place. He was the reason Zod’s army attacked Metropolis and the rest of Earth, so of course many people will be quick to hate on him. From their perspective none of this would have happened if Kal-El never came to Earth in the first place. He caused the problem, and even though he kinda solved the problem, he still caused it in the first place, so he’s still a dick in their eyes.

Then you have to look at it from the other perspective, that the hate towards him is not fair at all. Yes he was the reason Zod attacked Earth in the first place, but Superman didn’t ask for that to happen. He didn’t do anything to provoke Zod from terra-forming the Earth. He tried his hardest to stop him. Zod was a trained military guy, he knew how to fight, Kal-El on the other hand was on his first day on the job at being Superman. So of course he did make some mistakes, but he did you know, save the entire Earth from being turned into Krypton. I feel like that’s a pretty big win. Because really the next time there is some big disaster in Metropolis, that wasn’t caused by Superman, I think they would much prefer him sticking around and saving the day.

batman v superman set leak anti superman hate

(photo from @TReinman twitter)

Another question I want to ask is, were they always going to go with this anti-superman story-line in Batman v Superman, or was this plot purely added in to respond to the criticisms of Man of Steel. To be honest I have no idea. Maybe this was Snyder’s plan all along. Or maybe they saw all the Man of Steel hate and quickly got Chris Terrio on board to find a way to respond to the criticism. Either way I am glad they are doing this story-line in Batman v Superman, showing that they are willing to take on fan and critic feedback, to create the best movie for us as possible.

So what do you think? Do you think that Superman deserves a bit of hate from his actions in Man of Steel in Batman v Superman? Let me know!

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  1. I agree with you I loved man of steel I even wrote a whole article about why I loved it I think the reason why people haated is stupid oh he was letting all those people die he had 3 super powerd beings as strong as him fighting him if he didnt stop them they were going to destroy everyone anyway and his new to being a superhero so hes still learning control so those people need to relax


  2. I didn’t like Man of Steel…at all. For multiple reasons. And one of them was that I didn’t get how everyone was suddenly cheering for Superman. So yes, protests against him make totally sense. If he had been already established as protector before the whole Zod mess went down, it would be different, but as a first appearance…I wouldn’t trust that strange alien at all.


    • I agree it makes sense for them to show that people don’t trust him, and that hopefully his actions in Batman v Superman starts regaining the trust of those citizens


  3. As much as I disliked Man of Steel, I cannot wait for this! Hopefully they are both portrayed as heroes and the audience must choose! It is ‘Batman vs Superman’ after all!

    Nice post!


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