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Wonder Woman: Will it be DCEU’s first universally loved film?


wonder woman movie critics fans

We are now less than a month away from DCEU’s first movie of 2017, Wonder Woman! And just like the marketing for every DCEU movie that has come before this one, it looks really freaking good! So is it naive to discuss the possibility of it being the first DCEU movie to be loved by fans and critics? Perhaps, but I’m going to do it anyways!

So I said to myself going into Wonder Woman, that I won’t watch all the trailers, TV spots and clips, like I did for Batman v Superman. Watching too much footage going into BvS had a negative effect on my viewing experience. So I thought I would try to be more restrained going into Wonder Woman. Well that hasn’t worked out too well for me, but I don’t regret it because everything looks amazing!

From the trailers to the TV spots, to the newly released alley clip, there isn’t anything in there that has made me worried. As we are still a month away, they have kept Ares largely hidden from the marketing, which is good. The focus has been around educating the audience on who Wonder Woman is, and what this story will be like.

will critics and fans like wonder woman movie 2017

First of all, the action looks incredible. That has never been a problem with DCEU films, but Patty Jenkins has done a really good job at portraying Wonder Woman as this strong and powerful woman. And that’s really important. Hopefully this film will set the stage for further movies to showcase strong leading women. But not only does she look strong and powerful, she looks beautiful and regal. She is a warrior princess after all, and the clips so far have demonstrated that perfectly.

We haven’t heard much dialogue yet, but so far it seems good. I know people still have a problem with Gal’s acting, and whilst I won’t claim she’s the world’s greatest actress, she’s good enough. What’s more important is that Gal has a presence. She can steal a scene with just one look, because she has that charm about her. That again is really important to the character. Sometimes a character doesn’t need words to communicate, she is very good at communicating with her whole body (obviously her modelling background helps with that).

The recently released alley clip helped give us an idea of the overall tone of the film. Patty Jenkins has already stated she was inspired by the Donner films, and you can feel that charm in the clip. From the way it was shot to the music choice, it was perfect. It was badass but also a little bit cheeky and light-hearted.

But what is really needed for this movie to be loved by the critics? Well having this charming, lighter tone helps. But really where the other DCEU films have struggled with the critics, is the overall story and structure. I think Wonder Woman will be safe in that regards, as it seems to be more focused than the other films. I think that as long as we get the movie that is being advertised to us, the movie about an eager young woman who is passionate about humanity and wants to be a bridge for peace, but enters into a much more complicated world, critics will like it.

Third act struggles is where things could go wrong, but hopefully the Ares arc is handled well. You can’t have a serious war movie, and then just have the bloody God of War rocking up. It will seeming jarring. There will need to be a good set-up for his character. And because we haven’t seen much from the villains, this is my only concern.

wonder woman movie critics fans

But let’s be honest here, Marvel gets away with weak villains all the time (don’t yell at me just yet), what they succeed at is showcasing and developing their heroes. If Wonder Woman at least achieves that, it’s a win. Because she’s a hard character to tackle.

We know where her character journey will take her. She won’t be the idealistic woman we see at the beginning of the Wonder Woman movie, no she’ll become the jaded warrior we saw in Batman v Superman. And I’m excited to see what exactly happened to her, to change her worldview so much.

Coming into Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, we already heard rumours of troubled screenings before the films came out. Nothing concerning has come out about Wonder Woman, and overall reactions have seemed quite positive towards the film. Now I don’t want to jinx anything, but I really do believe that Wonder Woman will be loved (or at the very least, liked) by both critics and fans. I don’t want to back here writing a post about what went wrong with the film, hopefully it lives up to the great expectation the trailers have given us.

Overall, Wonder Woman looks incredible and is definitely my most anticipated movie of the year. Looking forward to see one of the best characters in the DC universe, get her time in the spotlight.

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  1. I really think Wonder Woman will be the breakout movie that DC needs to get back on track. It has so much potential, and the trailers have all been stunning, fingers crossed!


  2. I’m cautiously hoping Wonder Woman is going to be a great film. The first trailer I saw hit so many right notes on a visual and action level. Of course, the movie will need more than that to be successful. Let’s see what the early reviews will be like. 🙂


  3. I’ve talked about this past articles, but I hope this film overcomes two towering obstacles. The immediate one is that it finally gives the DC Extended Universe a good movie. So far, Man of Steel has come the closest, but was plagued with one too many inept executions in its story and characters. The second is that it can finally be a good live-action theatrically-released superheroine film. The three previous superheroine films were Supergirl, Catwoman and Elektra. Needless to say, all three were horrendously misguided all around. Yes, Wonder Woman did have an awesome animated direct-to-video film in 2009 (which is being re-released to coincide with the live action film, since Wondey did fight Ares in that film too), but it’s time to see her stand among Batman and Superman for the shining example of truth that she is!


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