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From Deadpool to Logan: Why Fox is on a winning streak

why logan movie was good

I’ve never really loved any of the Wolverine films. In fact, Wolverine as a character in the Fox universe, I never felt overly invested in. Sure, it’s cool when he appears but… eh. Well that was until Logan came out. And I think that now with Deadpool and Logan, Fox have found themselves a winning formula. Spoilers for Logan follow!

First of all, if you couldn’t already tell I loved Logan. The acting, writing and directing were all on point. But how did I end up loving a movie so much, about I character I was eh about in the first place? Well it’s the same thing that happened with Deadpool. These films forgot about the greater cinematic universe for a bit, and instead focused on creating a story that fit for that particular character.

Yes, Deadpool broke the fourth wall, and acknowledged actors playing characters etc. Sure, that doesn’t really make sense in the grand scheme of things, but who cares! It was what worked with Deadpool, and that’s what made Deadpool work. It was a character focused movie, and people came out loving it.

why logan movie was good

Same thing with Logan. Its set in the future, and we know we’ll get films from the X-Men universe set in the past. Maybe they’ll never acknowledge what happened leading up to the events of Logan, but again, who cares! Logan worked because it serviced the character first and foremost, not the greater universe. It was about how everything that has happened inevitably shaped Logan and his psyche. What all the physical and emotional torment has done to his mind.

Both Deadpool and Logan didn’t exactly fit in with the tone and structure of the other X-Men films. And again, that’s where a lot of their strength came from. I didn’t feel like I was watching a superhero movie with Logan. It felt like a dramatic film, about a guy who no longer has a sense of purpose or worth in the world. We’ve seen the birth of Wolverine, now we’ve seen his death. And not to sound morbid, but it was beautiful. To see him come full circle. Of course, his death scene itself wasn’t pretty, but he made that final sacrifice and helped gave birth to a new wave of X-Men.

So I think that if Fox keeps going on this path, it could really help them gain a competitive advantage over WB/DC and Disney/Marvel/Sony. X-Men has some really interesting characters, and by creating movies that focus on them, cater to them, and not to the greater cinematic universe, we could get some really good films coming out.

why logan movie was good

The problem with X-Men: Apocalypse, in my opinion anyways, was that it felt like another generic and forgettable superhero movie. Think about how much live-action superhero content is being pumped out these days, it’s a lot! There has to be something more to make people want to watch your movie, invest in your universe, over everyone else’s. Fatigue will start to set in if these films all start to resemble each other. So if Fox starts focusing on creating films based on solo characters, or small groups of characters, it could help separate them from the pack.

Anyways long story short, Logan was an amazing film. It was stressful and emotional, but still had those elements of fun. Wolverine is an interesting character, and the film definitely explored his different layers. Is he a hero, or just a broken man who keeps getting thrown into these situations? I think the film ended by answering that question quite nicely. Yeah, he’s a hero, but he’s also incredibly broken, and death is the peace he deserves.



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  1. It’s interesting to think that without Deadpool, there would be no Logan. Because had it not been for Deadpool’s success, we would never have gotten a Wolverine movie of this caliber. The X-Men films are so tame by comparison because they’re woefully dependent on formula. No allusions to the next installment, no doomsday scenario, and more importantly, no PG-13. Logan is a great example of a director being given full range over the material, and it’s so bittersweet knowing it’s the last Wolverine movie. At least they went out on top.


  2. I think Logan oughta be the last movie Fox does with the X-Men. At least just by themselves. Yeah there’s Deadpool and whatever other movies they got planned with solo characters and spinoff teams, but just how much more can they do before they run into franchise fatigue again like with Apocalypse? At least there’s the Legion show to sorta break the formula a bit too and it is an actual co-production between Marvel and Fox, so who knows. But I will say Logan was at least a nice bittersweet sendoff for now.


    • Yeah i don’t think Fox are going to let go of X-Men any time soon. Happy to keep getting stuff from this universe if it maintains this quality however


      • Maybe not let go but at least share em. Like I’ve said b4, the Legion show is a sign that Fox and Marvel are willing to work stuff out, if what I’ve heard is true anyway. Sooner or later, both parties are gonna have to realize that they’ll have to bring their stuff together if they want longevity out of em and not ending up rebooting again


  3. They’ll keep with the less and less enticing mains series (Supernova is next, right?) and also move forward with an Avengers-style X-Factor series, introducing Deadpool already, Cable in the next Deadpool, Gambit, etc and then having them come together from time to time. I’d love that.

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  4. With Logan, we finally got a cinematic glimpse at the best version of the character fans have known for decades. There is little bits of Clint Eastwood’s “man with no name”, there are bits of Lonewolf & Cub, the classic Western Shane and other more direct influences.
    and man, I’m like FINALLY a film that does Wolverine / Logan justice.
    By focusing on the man, in a gritty story that really hits home in the way 70s american new cinema did, with emotional realism, the scars of the psyche laid bare.
    It’s not a great film, but it’s the best damn Wolverine film we are going to get for now.
    Kudos to them for making a story about a man, rather than a bam-biff-punch fest about a costumed icon, that is really where Logan’s strengths have always been.
    he works better as the outsider / loner character in a film, rather than just another costume in an ensemble.
    The comics have more room for him to do everything – be on two big teams (X-Men and Avengers) go on spy missions for Nick Fury, lonely nomadic quests in Canada and Japan with rogues gallery etc when he’s not being hounded by or tracking down his Weapon X torturers.
    Damn good film, always loved Jackman as Wolverine, he is the best thing about the two previous sucky films that had good parts, but were so uneven and often just silly in their tone.


  5. I also loved what they did with Laura as a character. X-23 is actually my favourite X-Men character, and while they changed her outward personality from a mostly quiet, reserved killing machine that couldn’t understand emotions to an emotionally unstable killer with a childlike wonder, the movie is faithful to the core of her character. She had a very rough upbringing, but doesn’t let that hold her back. She’s intelligent, selfless and more venerable than she realizes.

    But yeah, Hugh Jackman did a brilliant job in what will probably be his final portrayal of Wolverine, and I’d go so far as to say this movie is on par with The Dark Knight as not only a superhero movie, but a superhero film.

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