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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Why don’t I care?

why i didn't love guardians of the galaxy vol 2

I’m extremely late to the game I know, but I finally got around to watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last week, and I made no thoughts about it at all after. Of course that statement is pretty redundant considering I’m thinking and writing about it now, but often when I watch a movie I think about it straight after, form an opinion. Yet the film left no afterthoughts in my mind, what’s up with that?

Spoilers follow.

I liked the first Guardians of the Galaxy. It was fun and the characters were novel. Now I didn’t hate GOTG2 (shortening it because I can’t be bothered typing the whole title anymore), but I don’t know if I liked it either, I just watched it and then it was over. 

There were definitely enjoyable moments, Baby Groot was amazing and every scene with him was great. Yondu dying at the end was also great, because it felt like a real emotional and dramatic moment in the film. Now obviously not all movies need to be super emotional and dramatic. But sometimes I felt watching GOTG2 was like eating a bunch of lollies (or candy for my overseas folks). You eat a bunch of it and its great at the time, but then what lasting feeling do you get from it?

Perhaps because the comical nature was maybe pushed a little too far, plot points that were supposed to seem significant, seemed insignificant to me (I honestly couldn’t have cared less for the gold chick). Obviously there’s a very particular type of humour in the Guardians films, and whilst its great, it doesn’t have to always be pushed in our faces either.

didn't love guardians of galaxy vol 2

Maybe I’m just over thinking it, it is a popcorn movie after all. Did I have an overall enjoyable 2 hours? Yes! So I guess in that sense it achieved its purpose. Perhaps I might still be on a Logan high. That film was a superhero movie that made you really think about its characters, their emotions and motivations. I loved that movie and it was also a really fun and enjoyable time. So it definitely is possible to have both, but no it’s not necessary either. But after a while, watching a huge CGI spectacle with constant quips gets numbing. 

As I mentioned earlier however, I really enjoyed the Yondu story arc. Peter’s realisation that he had a father this whole time was really touching. Sure Yondu wasn’t the best dad, but he did genuinely care about Peter, unlike Kurt Russell. And Yondu sacrificing himself to save Peter was a genuinely dramatic and emotional moment. I cared about that moment! I didn’t want him to die. So I guess if we had more moments like that, moments that made us really care, I may have enjoyed the film a little more.

And again the issue of having a cinematic universe rises, because whilst those shots of the Guardians struggling and nearly dying were intense, they had no real weight. We already saw Chris Pratt on set for Infinity War ready for the next battle. This of course isn’t an issue with just GOTG2, but all the superhero movies.

Overall GOTG2 was an enjoyable time, but it was also an easily forgettable time. Thank goodness for Baby Groot!

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  1. I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II, still preferred the first film though. I think Vol 2 suffered from the same things as Avengers Age of Ultron, in that perhaps it was trying a little too hard to please.


  2. I enjoyed Drax and Mantis as an odd couple. It’s not romantic at all since they’re not familiar in the slightest with the human ways of romance, but they actual made for a good pair (if only in friendship). In the end, this film can be entertaining and it’s still well-presented. While not without some notable faults, there’s some good character development to be found and there’s some good performances all-around.

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  3. I think Logan just genuinely changed the game. comic movies can’t be just silly jokes and cool actions scenes any more. lucky wonder seems to get that concept but i want both dc and the rest of marvel to do the same. comic movies should start telling really good good emotional driven story. the marvel formula is starting to look dull for me. better story telling is the only thing that will keep comic book movies a float.!


  4. As much as I enjoyed both Guardians films – the first one is the better film imo, and I REALLY miss full size adult Groot in the second film. I hoped that baby groot would return to full size perhaps midway during the film.
    Rocket and Groot were the highlights of the first movie for me.


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