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Batman v Superman Costumes Appreciation Post

batman v superman costumes appreciation

Recently we received a new batch of Batman v Superman concept art courtesy of DC All Access, and doesn’t it just remind you of how great these costumes are. So let’s all take some time out of our busy day to appreciate this greatness.

batman v superman wonder woman costume

There it is the famous Lasso of Truth. Look I’m going to be slightly mad if the Lasso of Truth in the DCEU doesn’t actually compel people to tell the truth. In the comics the Lasso was forged by the goddesses and given to Wonder Woman. The Lasso has the ability to of course force people to tell the truth when they are touching it, but it can also retrieve lost memories, prevent magical attacks and even heal Wonder Woman. It’s so strong that not even Superman can break out of it. I may not be convinced about Gal Gadot’s acting abilities, but she looks truly majestic as Wonder Woman and I would love to see a live-action shot of this concept art.

wonder woman costume batman v superman

The cloak seems like something Diana would wear on Themyscira or during official events, not during battle. It’s very regal and goddess like. The rumour is that the Wonder Woman film will be set in three different periods: her time on the Themyscira Island, most likely exploring her Greek origins, World War I and modern-day. So expect to see the cloak in the earlier part of the film. I have to say the design does a wonderful job making her look like a warrior yet elegant at the same time. Diana is ultimately a diplomatic warrior, so to have that balance is extremely important.

ben affleck batman v superman costume cowl cape

Okay this one is just cool, a cape that actually covers his whole body. Very Batman: The Animated Series like.

batman costume batman v superman

In the DC All Access video costume designer Michael Wilkinson claimed that the Batman design was made to make Batman look bigger than Superman. And that he does. For me at least, this is by far my favourite Batman costume, and is very close to his comic counterpart (especially Dark Knight Returns Batman).

superman batman v superman costume

Wilkinson went on to add that Superman should feel extraterrestrial. A lot of detail has gone onto the suit, with a quote embedded in his suit discussing power and responsibility (in Kryptonian of course).

For a universe that wants to explore the idea of gods on Earth, the costume designs are doing a very good job of that. The trinity look powerful and iconic, and to me personally, are the best costume designs in any comic book movie right now.

This weekend is New York Comic Con so I’m sure we’ll get some more Batman v Superman stuff, with a Lex Luthor viral campaign already starting up. But for now we can just stare at these concept artworks all day.

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    • I understand that and it would have been cool to see a more muscular WW, but she still looks good. For me as long as the characterisation is right and she’s a badass (which she will be because it’s a Zack Snyder movie), then I’m all good

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