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Arrow Season 4 Premiere: Hello Green Arrow…and Green Lantern?

arrow season 4 premiere green lantern green arrow

The Arrow season 4 premiere was basically a transitional episode from domestic Oliver Queen, to Green Arrow Oliver Queen. We also had 2 major Green Lantern teases, so let’s discuss the Arrow season 4 premiere!

Spoilers follow.

Last season of Arrow was a little bit of a disappointment when it came to story and character, however this season seems to be improving already. Damien Darhk seems like an interesting villain, and the characters have all seem to found their place (we’re getting more of old Felicity again which is good).

The Arrow season 4 premiere opened up to domestic Oliver and Felicity, who were living nice and happily, with a possible engagement on the way, that is until the chaos of Star City came knocking on their door.

Last season we saw Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins, this season we’re getting Damien Darhk and HIVE. They have similar goals of destroying a city to rebuild it, however they seem less restrained than the League which is saying something.  Damien Darhk is already an interesting villain as he has mystical powers. We don’t know the exact source of his powers yet, but it looks like they are continuing the magic theme they introduced last season with the Lazarus Pit.

arrow season 4 premiere damien darhk

And because of Damien Darhk Star City is once again in chaos (someone should start keeping a tally on how many times the police department gets trashed, because I feel like it’s every week). Magneto Diggle, Speedy and Black Canary can’t handle it on their own so Oliver is called back.

Diggle still doesn’t trust Oliver, which is fair enough. Speedy is having some after effects from her resurrection from the Lazarus Pit. Typically the Pit does make the user more violent and extreme, however it can be controlled. Right now we’re probably seeing Thea’s slow descent into brutal violence, before she learns how to control the effects of the Pit. Laurel doesn’t have a clear character arc just yet, other than being an integral part of the team. Hopefully she gets her own story this season, because even though Black Canary action is cool, we need to know where Laurel’s head is at.

arrow season 4 premiere review

Oliver’s character arc is clear this season, the show will be exploring how he balances his darkness to become a symbol of hope. Yes it’s all very Batman like, but oh well. I’m glad he’s finally called Green Arrow, and his suit is very reminiscent of the current Green Arrow suit in the comics. I’m not sure if it was such a good idea for him to show such a close up of his face and broadcast it though, I mean he has very recognisable facial hair.

We also got some surprising reveals at the end of the Arrow season 4 premiere. Lance is working with HIVE. Or more like he’s being forced to work with them, probably out of fear they will hurt his family. Hmm not sure how I feel about this just yet, but we’ll see how it plays out. The question is whether Lance hates Queen enough to rat him out to Darhk. 

Then of course we had that surprising funeral at the end. Who is dead? The main ones we could guess are Felicity or Diggle, someone from the main trio but I doubt it. I don’t think they’re killing Felicity off. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Olicity, her as a character on her own has done a lot for the show, and I can imagine her always playing a big role in the show even if her and Oliver don’t stay together. She’ll be like Chloe on Smallville. However because we saw Barry in the scene as well, it would make sense for it to be Felicity.

I’m more inclined to believe it would be someone like Thea. She isn’t a character from the comics, and she’s entering a darker stage in her life. Perhaps her resurrection from the Lazarus Pit is too much for her to handle, but that would also mean killing off all of Oliver’s family, which is a little cruel.

arrow season 4 premiere green lantern hal jordan

Okay now let’s talk about those Green Lantern teases in the Arrow season 4 premiere. First we saw a billboard for Coast City that read, “In brightest day, in blackest night…”. That of course is the start of the Green Lantern oath. Then in the bar at Coast City we see a man wearing a brown leather jacket with the name Jordan on the jacket. Hal Jordan loves his brown leather jackets, and because he’s a pilot, he has his name on his jacket as well.

Look the producers are very back and forth with their comments regarding Green Lantern, and they’ve made it seem like they won’t be introducing him, but why tease him so much then? We get Hal Jordan/Green Lantern references all the time in not only Arrow, but The Flash as well (remember the drop about the pilot who went missing at Ferris Air?). So don’t be teasing him this heavily if you aren’t ever going to introduce him, because it’s just cruel! I don’t remember hearing the producers say they weren’t allowed to use Hal Jordan, so it still seems like a possibility right now.

arrow season 4 premiere green lantern

In the comics Hal Jordan is Oliver Queen’s and Barry Allen’s best friend, so it makes complete sense to introduce him into this world. However it would also mean introducing the concept of Green Lanterns and aliens into the world of Arrow and Flash, which they aren’t ready for just yet. But maybe, hopefully one day we get to see Green Lantern on the show, otherwise the writers need to stop teasing him!

Overall the Arrow season 4 premiere was an okay start to the season, but it definitely looks more promising than last season. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding our main villain, and we know there’s going to be a major death, so we already have a good set-up. Hopefully season 4 improves on last season, and we get to see some great Green Arrow story.

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  1. While I like Damian Darhk so far, it still feels weird that Green Arrow is facing off against a Titans enemy. Then again same can be said for Deathstroke but he was also being built up to be a Green Arrow villain too. But he’s compelling enough so I’m excited for the show’s take on him. It’d make sense if it were Thea dead since she’s not in the comics and Ollie is traditionally the only member of his family for a time until Connor Hawke shows up, which the show is also teasing. I think this could also build up to bring Mia Darden from the comics in some way since Thea has been a teaser of sorts for that. Funny you also mention the GL teases, because the guys who made this show also did the GL movie, so no surprise they’re kinda being weird with it. Maybe they don’t want to screw up like before, tho the movie wasn’t entirely their fault. Maybe season 5, if it reaches it, could do the Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories, but time will tell. And I also hope Olicity ends. Just feels way too fanservice and it’s like if James Bond were in a relationship with Moneypenny instead of flirting which is more fitting given how they are. I’m more of a Raylicity guy myself lol. Looking forward to more, just hope they don’t screw up Anarky next week


    • Well to be fair Green Arrow doesn’t really have that many interesting villains himself so I guess they have to branch out lol. And about Thea, the only reason why I think they wouldn’t kill her off is because they’ve already killed off most of Oliver’s family so it would just be really cruel.
      Haha yeah they don’t want to screw up GL again, hopefully they are allowed to use him on the show.
      As for Olicity, I’m with you there and the Bond/Moneypenny parallel is actually perfect. Probably would have been best if they didn’t get together, but this is a CW show so we have to expect a lot of Tumblr fanservice


      • Meant to say “Dearden”. Friggin phone autocorrect lol.

        I can understand your point about Green Arrow not having too many interesting villains and that’s fair. A lot of his villains before the 70s-now were REALLY obscure villains and probably a good idea they didn’t go with those in the show. And this is also a new universe so GA can face off against just about anybody, as well as villains from his own rogues gallery, though it’d be cool if Constantine Drakon returned (he was in the first episode and got shot in the chest, played by Darren Shahlavi before he died, so who knows if the character will be recast if at all) and it’d be awesome if somehow they could adapt Onomatopoeia, despite Kevin Smith saying that’d be impossible, but hey, things could happen and maybe Smith could work with them on it, who knows? Though if anything could be said about Green Arrow’s villains, it’d be that a hero’s villains are usually defined by common traits. Batman’s villains are basically freaks, monsters, and common criminals, all defined by some degree of insanity and/or intellect. Flash’s villains are bright and colorful, not typically evil just robbers with an edge. Spider-Man’s villains have some basis in science, be it animal, elemental, or something else entirely. I guess Green Arrow’s villains are generally assassins or hunters of some kind, and whenever he faces off against them it’s always a game of who’s hunter/prey, since he fights them with a bow and arrow, intelligence, survival instinct, hunting and tracking skills, and they do the same with him only with some differences in methods and means.


      • Hmm interesting observations! I don’t really care if they use Batman villains or other random villains as long as they’re good characters on the show. And that hunter/survivor theme has been a constant in Arrow, and I’m sure we’ll see it again this season with Darhk.


  2. I must disagree about Thea’s illegitimate comic status. Green Arrow has had a few sidekicks, including more than one “Speedy” character, including two of which who become Arsenal and Red Arrow. Roy Harper was obvious, of course, but when they called Thea “Speedy” from the get-go, that indicated her status as well. However, the one female Speedy has had was called “Mia,” not “Thea.” But wait! When she was off with Merlyn in South America, what name did she go by? Mia. Hmmm. As they’ve been toying around with all sorts of things taken from the comics, I’d say Thea is fairly comic-legit.

    Besides that, however, I cannot begin to guess who is in that grave at the end. Thea “died” last season already, Diggle is Guardian now but fair game, Felicity seems a little TOO obvious and her death would destroy Olly and the Green Arrow right now (still, Olicity. Must. End.), and Laurel the Black Canary is the one the Green Arrow eventually ends up with, so… I got nothin.


    • Haha fair enough! It seems like they aren’t planning on introducing a separate character for Mia so Thea has basically adopted her role.
      Yeah I’m sure many people are probably wishing it’s felicity but I highly doubt it. It would be too cruel to kill Diggle, and it would be a waste to kill Laurel now that she’s finally becoming an independent character. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, some are suggesting it might be Lance though, which I could see happening especially now that he’s working with HIVE.

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      • Which raises an interesting question! Has Lance gone over the dark side, or is he trying to undermine HIVE from within? If that’s his grave, will he die giving Olly the key to defeating Damien? Or will it be something else entirely? (yes, I am looking forward to this. they tripped in the last half of last season, but this could still be pretty good!)


      • I don’t think he’s gone to the dark side I just think his hand is forced, and maybe trying to undermine HIVE as well. Haha yeah even though season 3 wasn’t as good I think this season has a lot of potential, they just need to remain focused like season 2


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