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Batman/Superman 18 Review: The World’s Finest friendship is beautiful

batman superman 18 review friendshipIt’s no secret that Superman and Batman are my two favourite superheroes, and I especially love when the two of them hang out, so I was pretty damn happy that Batman/Superman 18 showcased the closeness of their friendship. The Batman/Superman new 52 title started off a little weak in my opinion, but this new Superman’s Joker story arc has really really elevated the series. So lets discuss Batman/Superman 18!

Spoilers follow!

So Batman/Superman 18 continues the story arc on who Superman’s Joker is. What we know is that he really has a personal grudge against Superman, and is targeting those closest to him. So Batman being the great friend he is has a plan. To use Lois Lane as bait. Batman thinks the person after Superman “wants the person you confide in the most. The person who understands you the best. The person you’d miss the most if she were gone forever”.

And even though you would think that person is Wonder Woman, considering the two are dating, she’s the God of War, the killer would know better than to go after her. Lois on the other hand is vulnerable, being not the God of War and all. So Lois is set as bait with Batman by her side, and the bullet comes towards them, Superman’s job is to protect Lois but get the bullet so that Batman can trace it back to its source. But the bullet doesn’t hit Lois, it hits Batman!

batman superman 18 reviewThe killer then says “But I know who the real target should be. The one you confide in most. The one who understands you the best. The one you’ll miss more than any other…when he dies”. And the killer is right! New 52 Lois and Clark aren’t that close. Bruce and Clark on the other hand are, and the killer knows it. With Bruce, Clark can completely be himself, that’s not something he can do with Lois.

And trust Batman to have Kryptonite in his suit come out when his suit gets shot. Kara goes on to say “This is what your great friend does?!” But Superman knows Batman, to which he responds, “He likes to be prepared”.

The mystery with the killer continues as the bullet is actually a tiny Kandorian (whaaatt??), with the source originating in a very mysterious place, which I’m guessing Batman and Superman will be off to in the next issue.

batman superman 18 reviewI’m really loving this arc, and am glad Pak is showing that he knows Clark and Bruce and their relationship, and is doing a really great job writing it now. Clark and Bruce have had a relationship that has spanned decades so it’s important to showcase it, especially considering the title is called Batman/Superman. I’m also very curious to find out who this killer is, and why he hates Superman so much.

So if you haven’t checked out the recent issues of Batman/Superman I definitely suggest having a look at it now if you’re a fan of either of the characters.

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  1. World’s Finest was one of my favorite comics growing up. I also really liked the Loeb/McGuinness run on Superman/Batman. While not as friendly as in the past, there was a great deal of mutual respect.


    • Yes I loved the Loeb run, arcs like Public Enemies were great. I’m really glad the new 52 Batman/Superman arc has become more reminiscent of the Loeb run, because I think their relationship is at it’s best when they are presented as brothers, maybe not the bestest of best friends, but still close.


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