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Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 Discussion: Hello Black Canary!

arrow season 3 episode 10 black canary reviewArrow season 3 episode 10 returned and showed us that even though the show is called ‘Arrow’, the supporting characters have been put together so well over the past couple of seasons, they can definitely hold their own. And in a shocking twist of events I actually liked Laurel (the new Black Canary) more in this episode than I did Felicity, wahhh??? So lets discuss Arrow season 3 episode 10!

Spoilers follow.

So with Oliver ‘dead’ Arrow season 3 episode 10 showcased the Arrow team front and centre, with Oliver being present in the episode mainly through flashbacks. And to be honest, it didn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t miss Arrow in this episode at all, with Diggle and Arsenal taking care of the ass-kicking (#Royflip).

arrow season 3 episode 10 reviewThe episode highlighted the fact that as much as the Arrow team want to clean up the streets, they always have to work with the law (even though they are vigilantes). Which means all the criminals they catch still have to go through the good old justice system. And unfortunately for them, the city of Starling City aren’t the best at evidence security, so all the bad guys they’ve caught are released back into the streets without the evidence that condemns them.

And of course it doesn’t help that Felicity isn’t exactly being the most helpful today either. To be fair she just found out that the man she loves just got a sword through the chest, but I was hoping that Felicity would know that what she was doing was more than just about Oliver, so her quitting the team when they need her the most annoyed me a little. However judging from next week’s promo Felicity gets back into the game which is great.

arrow season 3 episode 10 felicityBut it’s all good, because surprisingly Laurel has decided to not be like Felicity and do nothing. Laurel realises that she can’t just rely on Oliver, they all need to play their part. Instead of going to drugs and alcohol to deal with her problems, like she did in season 2, Laurel has decided to instead be inspired by her sister and put on the Black Canary suit.

Now granted, just because you take a few boxing classes with Ted Grant aka Wildcat, doesn’t make you anywhere near as good as your League of Assasins trained sister Black Canary, but she has the right idea in mind. She’s actually trying, which I do appreciate. 

Back to the notably missing leading man in Arrow season 3 episode 10, Oliver Queen returned from the dead. I really didn’t think they would bring him back so soon, but I’m curious to see what he will be up to now, now that he has reunited with Tatsu aka Katana. Maseo and Tatsu have brought Oliver back from the dead. So how did Oliver Queen/Arrow return from the dead? It looks like it was magic. Tatsu in the comics has a magical ‘Soultaker Sword’ which stores the souls of the people the sword slays. So if they’re introducing her into the show, they are essentially introducing magic, which is why magic seems like the logical conclusion. Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen says that they aren’t using the Lazarus Pit (even though Ra’s Al Ghul has clearly been using something to stay so young for so long) but it will be interesting to find out their exact explaination for his return.

Black Canary and Katana in new 52's Birds of Prey

Black Canary and Katana in new 52’s Birds of Prey

Oh and now that Katana has been introduced into present day, I wonder how long it will be before Katana and Black Canary meet. In the new 52 Katana and Black Canary were team mates in the ‘Birds of Prey’ and Black Canary was one of the few people Katana was close to. Bring on some Birds of Prey action please!

We know that even though Oliver Queen is alive, he won’t be coming back to Starling City for a couple of episodes, which means we’ll see more of the Black Canary/Arsenal/Diggle action, which I’m all for.

Overall Arrow season 3 episode 10 was quite good, however felt a little anti-climatic bringing Oliver back from the dead so soon after that shocking finale. It’s great to have a new female hero in the show, even if Laurel isn’t quite as skilled yet, but I’m looking forward to some Black Canary action.

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  1. Laurel is gonna need to be trained by Katana or oliver to truly be ready for combat, although boxing skills are an asset. Right now i would trust thea more than her, shes seems really deadly with a sword in her hand. Who needs super powers when you can do that?


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