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Should we be worried about the Suicide Squad movie?

is the suicide squad movie going to suck?In the past couple of weeks we’ve gotten some official news and unofficial rumours about the upcoming Suicide Squad film, that has created a negative image of the film in the minds of many people. So I just thought I’ll write up a post for all those concerned about the film on why we really shouldn’t be worried about the Suicide Squad movie. But of course I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes, but just from the information we have gotten that is what I think. So lets discuss the Suicide Squad movie.

First up here’s what we know: Tom Hardy dropped out of his role as Rick Flagg in the Suicide Squad movie. The official given reasons were that the film he is currently filming, ‘The Revenant’ has gone over schedule, and will be filming into mid-March. Which wouldn’t be a problem if Suicide Squad just pushed its production date back a little to cater for Tom Hardy, but Hardy has to do press for his upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road movie in May, which means they can’t do that either. Pre-production for Suicide Squad is starting in mid February, with actual filming commencing in April. So as you can see it would be pretty tight for Hardy to do Suicide Squad.

Okay so we hear that, and the next thing we hear is that Jake Gyllenhaal is being eyed for the role. Which is great, because Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors out there right now (just see Nightcrawler or Enemy for proof of that). But then we hear that he has passed on the role.

jake-gyllenhaal-rick-flaggSo that’s the official news, and here’s where the rumours start. Latino-Review (which is a hit or miss type site when it comes to scoops) reported that the real reason Tom Hardy dropped out of the Suicide Squad movie was because of issues with the script. Here’s what Latino-Review stated: “The rumor is the latest draft of Suicide Squad has upped the screen time of Deadshot and The Joker at the expense of the lesser-villains in the movie like Rick Flagg. This also may have contributed to Hardy’s exit. “

Here’s what I think about that, I think there really isn’t much truth to it. First of all when you have the Joker in your film, it was pretty clear he would get a lot of screen time, as he is one the biggest fictional characters in pop culture. Second of all they got Will Smith to play Deadshot, which means it’s pretty much guaranteed that Deadshot would also have a lot of screen time. Warner Bros loves Tom Hardy. Right now he is headlining one of their major franchises Mad Max, which means the last thing they want to do is piss him off. I’m sure the studio made it clear to him what his role would be, and the size of it. If there were revisions to the original script Hardy saw, I highly doubt they would change his character that much, because they wouldn’t want to ruin a great relationship they have going with him. Warner Bros is the type of studio that likes to keep things within their Warner Bros family. They are all about keeping long lasting relationships with their talent. Hardy is in the Warner Bros family, so why would they threaten a relationship with such a great talent that is Hardy? Makes no sense.

mad-max-fury-road-tom-hardy-3Then you have the whole Jake Gyllenhaal thing which added fuel to the fire. People say because Gyllenhaal passed up on the role, this basically confirms the fact that Ayer drastrically changed the role of Rick Flagg, and made it a smaller role. Here’s the thing about that though. If Tom Hardy left the role because it became a much smaller role, why the heck would director David Ayer offer it to Gyllenhaal? Gyllenhaal and Ayer worked together on End of Watch, where Gyllenhaal was one of two leads. Gyllenhaal isn’t some new up and coming actor, Ayer knows this. So why would he offer a small role to Gyllenhaal who has been doing great leading work in Nightcrawler, Enemy, Prisoners etc? Jake Gyllenhaal is going in a certain direction with his career, taking up dramatic roles in non-blockbuster movies, I’m not sure going into a huge franchise blockbuster fits in with that current direction.

Anyways now the reports are that Jon Bernthal (who has also already worked with Ayer, in the film Fury) and Joel Edgerton (the Egyptian Pharaoh) are being looked at for the role of Rick Flagg. Either of those choices would be great.

suicide squad movie rick flaggHonestly I don’t think we need to be worried about the Suicide Squad and potential script issues right now. Things like this happen in movies all the time, they just aren’t as heavily reported on like this movie. All superhero movies have the same problem in having to deal with constant reports on their films, which you don’t get with a lot of other types of films. David Ayer proved he could utilse ensemble casts well with Fury. Even though Brad Pitt was in the film, I never felt like it was just a Brad Pitt movie. He did a great job giving all the characters screen time and development.

But until we see the film, we won’t know if the Suicide Squad movie is going to suck, but I have a feeling it won’t (but that might be partly because of my Deadshot and Harley Quinn bias).

Anyways after hearing all this news, are you worried about the Suicide Squad movie? Let me know!

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  1. As a general rule, I am worried about all movies in the DC line-up. I am not sure if the people involved are really on one page concerning the direction.
    Suizide Squad…well, “scheduling problems” is a weak sauce excuse. Nobody can convince me that he had no idea about his schedule or that the movie he is working on is falling behind as he signed on. Whatever prompted him to skip this one, it was certainly more than that. Thus said, it might not have to do anything with the movie itself, perhaps it’s personal problems. Actors are humans, too, after all.
    I wouldn’t read too much in other actors refusing the role just yet. We’ll see. But it’s certainly a problem to have a cast with so many A-listers, who all want their moment to shine.


    • Well maybe i’m just being hopeful but i believe the whole scheduling excuse, because The Revenant is actually behind schedule which isn’t uncommon, but his leaving could do with other things.
      And yeah it’s not always the best thing to have so many huge egos fighting for the spotlight, hopefully they don’t get someone too big to replace hardy otherwise it could just cause bigger problems


      • Cumberbatch has a schedule which is way more packed, and he nevertheless managed to squeeze Dr. Strange into it somehow (I am kind of convinced that this is the main reason the negotiations took so long). Productions fall behind schedule all the time, and that usually means that the people involved have to work around it.


  2. I have a few thoughts on this. 1. As you said, this stuff happens in hollywood all the time, it just goes unnoticed unless it’s a blockbuster superhero movie. 2. Wb is notorious for having trouble making superhero flicks, look at all of the failed batman, superman, and wonder woman projects, and the train wrecks known as green lantern and jonah hex. Although if you read the plots for some of the failed projects im glad they didnt happen. Case in point darren aronowsky’s batman year 1, wow, just wow. The whole family approach you mention is a good idea for them when you consider this.
    3. David ayer knows what he’s doing, have you seen fury and end of watch? Yeah i wouldnt worry.


    • Yeah exactly! With David Ayer on board i’m not going to worry about this movie just yet, he’s such a great writer/director. And even though WB has struggled in the past, hopefully they have learned from their mistakes and will produce and awesome superhero flick, fingers crossed


  3. I’m not worried about it, to be honest. According to Latino Review, a rumor said that Flag wasn’t as important in the film as Deadshot and the Joker – which doesn’t surprise me due to the starpower in the film. Hardy probably wants to become more than just a supporting character at this point in his career, and this film wouldn’t help him transition. As for Gyllenhaal: You’re right, it makes sense that he’d pass on this project.

    I’m not worried about this film, not at all. Honestly, I’m more worried about Dawn of Justice.


  4. I saw the images of the Joker and yes I am very, very, very worries about this film. The “Damaged” tattoo on his forehead is completely wrong. Joker doesn’t think he’s damaged, he thinks everyone else is damaged


    • Hmm it depends on how you look at the Joker. For me I think he does think he’s damaged and the world is damaged and everyone is damaged, and instead of fighting that like Batman does, we should embrace it instead


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