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Supergirl Season 1 Finale Discussion: Superboy is that you?


supergirl season 1 finale superboy discussion

Supergirl wrapped up its first season in an epic and emotional way. Although very straight-forward and slightly predictable with its storytelling, the season finale was pretty good and paved the way nicely for the potential season 2. So let’s discuss the Supergirl season 1 finale!

Spoilers follow.

So I guess if you can’t control the human race, the next best thing to do is kill us all. I really loved the way the mind control was broken. Like The Flash, there’s a strong emotional resonance with the show. Supergirl is a character who should be inspirational, who should believe in humanity so much that she can make them believe in themselves.

With the mind control over, it was time for Supergirl and Manhunter to take Non and Myriad down. I’m always down for some Martian Manhunter action, and he looks better with every episode. I’m still waiting for them to start to explore his powers more, and see him form into more things.

As usual the action in the Supergirl finale was amazing. It’s incredible to see what they can accomplish on TV now. Kreisberg hinted that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Non. He isn’t dead, just maybe lobotomized or something.

supergirl season 1 finale non myriad

Then Supergirl makes her brave sacrifice. The world is still unsure of Supergirl after she went evil for a day, so showing them what she’s willing to do is definitely a good way of having everyone back on your side (anyone get any Batman v Superman déjà vu during this episode?).

The whole first season of Supergirl has been about Kara becoming more confident in herself and her place in the world. Going into season 2 I think we’ll see a much more confident Supergirl, especially now that the world trusts her again, and Jonn is back to being a free man again.

The only thing that still bothers me is their use of Superman on the show. From him conveniently being knocked out this episode, to their IM chats. Yes it’s only a small thing, but how long will they go with the IM chat route? Come on Clark, don’t be so lazy man! Obviously there is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo behind the scenes that prevent them showing Superman, but it is very ridiculous how useless Superman is in this universe.

But of the course the main point of discussion with the Supergirl season 1 finale was the arrival of a new Kryptonian pod. Who is in that pod (yes it’s the new who’s in the grave)? Everyone’s main theory is Superboy, which makes sense with the discussion of Cadmus this season.

Superboy is of course traditionally a clone made from Superman’s DNA and Lex Luthor’s DNA. He’s created in a lab and goes on to form his own identity as Connor Kent/Superboy.

Knowing the show if they do his character, they will change him to revolve around Supergirl more. So maybe have him be made from Supergirl’s DNA and Maxwell Lord’s or something like that. But it doesn’t make sense for him to turn up in a pod, considering he’s created in a lab, he isn’t from Krypton. Perhaps someone has orchestrated the whole thing to make it seem like he is from Krypton, but is secretly controlling him.

supergirl season 1 finale superboy

Whilst this is the most likely theory, another theory I think would be cool, would be to introduce their version of Power Girl! Now that The Flash has crossed over with the show, the Multiverse has been firmly established. So why not continue to expand that and introduce another version of Kara, who for some reason ended up in the wrong universe. But this theory seems a lot more unrealistic, however I would love if they introduced Power Girl at some point in time. Hopefully this mystery doesn’t drag out and we find out as soon as season 2 starts.

Overall the Supergirl season 1 finale was fun and emotional, and showed us how far Kara has come since the beginning of the show. The show has not been renewed for season 2 yet, but it should come back. I mean they can’t leave us hanging with who’s in the pod! 

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  1. This is something I’ve been noticing around the past few months, not exactly with Supergirl but with this genre in general: fanboys are getting out of control. I think everything has been said about them in recent years, but what’s your opinion?

    Also thought this was a pretty good finale, even if both Myriad plans were taken down so easily by love power


    • Hahah what do you mean out of control? I think that with the more properties that come out, the worse people get.
      Yeah it was a pretty easy and quick resolution, not much tension by the end


  2. Both theories of either Power Girl or Superboy being in the pod are sound. I was actually thinking that both those characters could make their intro in the show itself, with the multiverse and Project Cadmus around, it’s definitely possible. I felt a Buffy season 1 finale moment when Supergirl thought she was facing death and saying goodbye to everyone, but she ended up saving the day and lived. If there’s anything that can be learned from this show, it’s that there’s always hope, and it can’t be taken away no matter what.

    Unlike how that recent Flash episode was about “ripping hope away”. Way to be a bit on the nose there, DC!


    • I hope either way they bring those characters on the show because they would be cool additions. Haha yeah, hope is a big thing in all the DC universes


  3. And yeah Superman’s “role” in this show is getting annoying. I mean, the closest we get to see him in this episode is HIS FEET. I know this show is about Supergirl, especially about her standing on her own, but if there’s gonna be a Superman connection, it can’t just be weird cameos. They gotta show him fully. Doesn’t have to be a regular role, maybe just pop up once in a while.

    I don’t get the whole legal stuff here. DC is owned by Warner, who also owns CBS. They’ve been able to have multi-network crossovers with multiple shows so far, and it hasn’t hurt them or anything. I get that they’re doing a different approach than Marvel by having a multiverse, but at least with Marvel it’s more clear what their legal situation is. I keep saying that despite DC doing a multiverse, they’re weird about having multiple versions of certain characters, and the Supes situation in Supergirl kinda proves that.


    • Well the only other option is paying Tom Holland or Henry Cavill a lot of money to gueststar as Superman again. Brandon Routh is already too busy having the time of his life playing The Atom


      • *Tom Welling, not Holland. Holland is Spidey. And honestly, they should just cast a different version imo, because the target audience for their TV shows is so much less than that of their films, so opportunity for confusion is minimal at best. Besides, they should be able to tell that this is a different incarnation just by seeing the film or trailer >_<.


    • It is weird. I get that they want to keep away from their big characters, and only have one version of them, but they should have thought about that before committing to a show like this. It’s just weird really, hopefully one day they sort it out


  4. Just watched Linkara’s review of Supergirl’s 1st appearance, and turns out the Superman in the show is much less of a jerk to her than in comics, who left her in AN ORPHANAGE. At least in the show he left her with a loving family who he was good friends with and keeps more in touch with her.

    Hate to be bearer of bad news, but I’ve been hearing stuff about season 2, in that it may or not happen due to budget costs and ratings. There’s also a rumor for a potential move to CW, which makes sense considering it was originally proposed for it and it’s home to A LOT of DC stuff. But honestly, if Fox can have Gotham, ABC having Marvel stuff, both major networks and have their shows continue, why not Supergirl on CBS? Seriously, it’s a pretty damn good show. Sure it’s goofy at times, but that’s what makes it great.


    • Oh I know Superman has been a jerk to her before haha, that kind of changed with the newer continuity though which is good.
      Yeah I heard that news as well, I don’t think CW would pick it up considering how adamant they were not to take any more superhero shows + too expensive.
      CBS should just do a shortened season for season 2 and see how they go, because the ratings weren’t horrible, they just weren’t as strong as expected

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  5. Turns out it’s gonna be Mon-El in the pod, which kinda makes sense given that he’s from Daxam and Daxamites are basically genetic cousins of Kryptonians.

    Speaking of cousins, I can’t wait to see Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl.


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