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Doctor Strange Trailer Discussion: It’s good to be different

A few days ago the Doctor Strange trailer came out, and a lot of the response across the board was that it didn’t feel like a Marvel movie. I’ve criticised the overall uniformity of tone and structure of the MCU movies before, so seeing this trailer made me pretty excited for the future of the MCU.

When you have a formula that works and is successful, why would you want to change it? I understand that Marvel knows if they carry out their films in a certain way, they know they are going to get a good reaction from people. But this is the world of superheroes and comic books, and comic books aren’t all the same. Just because something is set in the Marvel universe, doesn’t mean that two properties will be overly similar. That’s what’s so great about comics, their universes are a combination of a bunch weird and crazy worlds and characters. So it’s great to see the movie universe start to really embrace that, and explore a different world, a different tone.

The Doctor Strange trailer didn’t have the normal Marvel humour. Instead it was mysterious, trippy and weird. Yes, the Inception comparisons have already been made many times, but it is exciting to see a Marvel movie subvert our expectations of reality.

doctor strange trailer discussion

And really if you didn’t see that Marvel logo in front of the trailer, you wouldn’t guess it was a Marvel movie. The trailer didn’t feel like a superhero movie at all. Now this is just a teaser, so I’m sure we’ll see some more superhero antics later on.

But it’s wise for Marvel to put a movie out like this now. After Civil War, I’m sure their universe will feel a lot bigger, so they might as well start exploring that in their next movie.

I’m sure once again we’ll see all those superhero fatigue articles. However, it’s movies like this that keep experimenting with the pre-conceived notions of the genre, that keep the genre interesting and not stale.

As for the trailer itself, it definitely made me curious. We don’t know much about the overall story or the conflict, but seeing the set-up of this world was great. Visually it looks very interesting, and although Inception-like, it’s nothing we’ve really seen in a superhero movie before.

Feedback from Civil War has been overwhelmingly positive, but once again the same criticisms about the villains have been made. Hopefully in Doctor Strange we get a good villain. One who is properly developed, given interesting motivations and ideologies. I’m a huge Mads Mikkelsen fan, so I have high hopes that we’ll see a genuinely interesting and terrifying Marvel villain on the big screen.

doctor strange trailer mads mikkelsen

Oh and I have to quickly discuss something that I’ve been seeing way too much of lately since Batman v Superman came out. Apparently it’s not okay to like DC and Marvel. The amount of irrational hate spewed out on the promotional materials for these movies, just because it’s not a person’s preferred company, is ridiculous. It’s funny how a fandom of hero lovers can be so horrible sometimes. Go in with an open mind, if you like it great, if you don’t, no worries!

Anyways the Doctor Strange trailer looks thought-provoking, and it’s exciting to see the MCU get a little weird and different. 2016 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for superhero movies!

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  1. I’m a bit fan of the classic Dr Strange comics so I was a little apprehensive about what this film might looks like. Thankfully it looks really good, great casting, and its looks like it will be faithful to the character. Marvel have done so well with their films and I think they are onto another winner with this one. That finale scene in front of the window. Sure, some bits look a bit like a mash up of the Matrix and Inception, but I’m sure it’ll be good. Oh, and I like DC and Marvel, Doctor Who, TWD, and so much more geeky Sci-Fi stuff, God only knows what people make of all that LOL 🙂


  2. I’m glad Marvel is attempting to add some new characters with a completely different vibe to their movie universe. Yeah, their “formula” has worked so far, but it will get stale quickly with this many superhero flicks being released every year. Doctor Strange looks like a nice way to push the envelop in this genre.

    Great analysis of the trailer! 🙂


  3. Yeah, I thought it looked really good. Doctor Strange is a really interesting character, and the fact that we have Ejiofor, Cumberbatch, McAdams, Swinton, and Mikkelsen in the cast is great. The whole DC v Marvel thing really bothers me. I saw it with this trailer, the blitz Suicide Squad trailer, and I see it whenever someone states their opinion on either Civil War or Batman v Superman. DC v Marvel is so exhausting and unnecessary.


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