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What will Wonder Woman’s role be in Batman v Superman?

what will wonder woman's role be in batman v superman

With more details coming out from the DCEU (its formal name), we now have a clearer idea on what Wonder Woman’s role will be in Batman v Superman and the larger Extended Universe. Although I was initially hesitant with her inclusion in the film, the way her character is being discussed makes it seem like a natural fitting to include her in the film.

(This is all speculation but maybe potential spoilers follow)

We know the movie is called Batman v Superman, but it also has that added subtitle of Dawn of Justice. So how will this justice come about? It sounds like Wonder Woman will play a big role in that. It’s been hard to grasp what kind of role Wonder Woman will play in Batman v Superman up until now. Recent comments by those involved in the film in Empire magazine give us a clearer indication on what she will do.

At first we thought that maybe we will only briefly see Wonder Woman, or just her Diana Prince alter ego in the film just to tease her existence, but now it seems like she will have a much more active role. Snyder hinted at Diana being the one who really takes things from being a Batman v Superman movie to being a Justice League prequel movie. She seems like the bridge that will connect Batman and Superman together, and ultimately the rest of the Justice League.

batman v superman trinity official what the images tell us so far

To understand what role Wonder Woman will play, you need to understand her character. There is an interesting dichotomy with her character as on the one hand she’s this badass Amazonian warrior who isn’t afraid to get very violent, but on the other hand she’s this peaceful diplomat who would rather dispel a conflict with words not fists.

It’s clear that Wonder Woman will have a role in ending the conflict between Batman and Superman. She’ll be the level-headed one who brings the conflict into perspective, maybe making Bats and Supes realise that they’re actually on the same side. Now I know the “World’s Greatest Detective” should have figured that out himself, but in Affleck’s words this is a fucked up Batman, who may not be in the best state of mind right now. So maybe he displaces some anger onto Superman which is probably a slight overreaction, but hopefully the wisdom of Wonder Woman will calm him down.

It’s unclear whether Batman and Wonder Woman already know each other, but we do know that they cross paths and are aware of each other’s superhero personas.

wonder woman bruce wayne

So all those scenes we see of Diana Prince in the trailer and still images most likely take place in the first two-thirds of the movie, where she is collecting intel on Bruce, Clark and Lex as suggested by the information we have. This is where her diplomatic role takes place. Instead of being either Team Batman or Team Superman, she will be the one with a clear head who looks at both sides. She will then be the one who helps each opposing side take a different perspective when looking at their “enemy”. She will be the connecting force that brings the World’s Finest together. 

diana prince batman v superman

So the first two-thirds of the movie will emphasise her diplomatic role, and I’m assuming the last third will emphasise her warrior role. We saw that she does suit up and fight in the trailer, but I don’t think she’s joining in on the Batman v Superman fight. What ever the larger threat is, as teased by the synopsis, that is probably what she takes on. If Diana is investigating Lex, and if Lex is using Zod’s body to create Doomsday or Bizarro etc then she may be the one who kind of shows Batman and Superman what’s going on, and then goes into warrior mode to beat up what ever the threat is.

wonder woman's role in batman v superman

And that’s what is so interesting to me about Wonder Woman. Like most women, Wonder Woman accompanies many different roles in her life which she has to balance. Hopefully Batman v Superman will showcase that, giving us an idea of her diplomatic and warrior side. She can be warm, kind and completely calm, but if she senses a threat that can’t be treated through diplomatic measures then she will kick its ass.

Also we know that it has indeed been confirmed that Chris Pine will be playing Steve Trevor in her solo 2017 movie, as earlier rumoured. Wonder Woman is set to start shooting later this year so we should get more of an idea of what will go on in that movie soon. I’m glad that WB seem confident in her character and are moving forward nicely with her film.

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  1. We’ll see…one thing for sure, if they focus on the warrior part of Wonder Woman, they loose me. That was always the most boring part of her character for me. I am very much into the Lynda Carter version, who was not only a very good fighter (for peace! She was basically a fighting pacifist), but also extremely educated and diplomatic. She could fight with words just as well as with fist, and not by being snarky, but by reaching the soul of the people she was talking to.

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    • Then, most of us hope they lose you. You cannot possibly be serious. 70’s Wonder Woman? I guess It was cool for its time 40 years ago. The remake tried to follow that ancient 70’s concept in 2011 hence the fact the show was canceled for the second time. Fast forward into the 21st century where our Wonder Women savagely kick ass and love it. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN The wonder Woman animated movie, JL War, JL Flashpoint, or JL Thrones of Atlantis? Any other Wonder Women this day and age would not do the fan majority justice. You could always YouTube Linda Carter’s relic WW for your viewing pleasure.


      • I didn’t mean that they should do a copy of that…they naturally have to update it. But I certainly don’t want Wonder Woman to be reduced to “she can kick ass”. That is not a layered character. I want her to be smart and compassionate, too. And I certainly don’t want her to be a straw feminist like she is in some of the modern versions.


      • Yes I have attempted to watch it lately and it was reminiscent of a time in which I did not like the hero. Lynda Carter WW did not reflect Princess Diana the best WARRIOR of a male absent Themyscira where as modern WW thirst for battle fits the character’s origin perfectly. If they made the non sword and shield wielding Linda Carter WW, the movie would veritably Flopp. If you break down the JL character’s personalities (Superman powerful yet humble, Green Lantern the jester, Batman skilled yet prefer to subdue rather than badly injure or kill) the fact that she takes a slightly more militant and aggressive approach towards her enemies round out the cast. She is now one of my favorites because she is a WARRIOR and the fact that DC focus more on that WARRIOR origin in recent years adding a much needed interesting layer to the character. This is the main character trait that was lacking in the 70’s TV show as well as the 2011 remake hence the fact it was canceled with quickness. If you have not seen them, watch the movies I mentioned earlier. Oh, the WW from Superman/Batman Apocalypse was perfect as well.


      • Obviously you didn’t pay attention…just because she doesn’t wield a sword, she isn’t portrayed any less as a warrior. The main reason why she is even allowed to leave the island is because she is the best fighter of them all. And she doesn’t need a shield because she doesn’t need one. She has her bracelets, which stop bullets. Which is way cooler than a stupid shield.
        And you can write Batman just as well intense if you really want this character trait. Heck, I wouldn’t even object to Wonder Woman acting like a warrior IN BATTLE. But I certainly object to her being some bloodthirsty harpy whose whole character is built around her sexuality, as it is done so often nowadays.


    • Lynda Carter version? If that’s what you’re expecting then don’t even buy a ticket. I want something more up to date with the character, and I’m not even a wonder woman fan.


      • Have you even watched the Lynda Carter version? Ever? I did just recently…I expected to be disappointed and annoyed considering how old the show is, but I fell in love with her character all over again. Naturally they would have to update her a little bit, but that’s the version of her which made her a feminist icon, so they certainly shouldn’t disregard it.


    • You do know the current version of WW has a shield as well as bracelets right? Another DC fact, if Batman was just as intense then it would contradict the cerebral take prisoners liberal approach to battle aspect which defines the character. This is why Thomas Wayne’s Batman aggressive approach on crime is such an alternate universe contrast. Based on the comments your making I am beginning to derive to the conclusion that you are a DC Universe novice or the one who are just not paying attention. Bottom line here is no one wants to see a Lynda Carter version of WW….outside of you and the 60 years and older Lynda Carter fan club.


      • First of all, I have no idea why you are so aggressive. Yes, I do know that the current one has a shield and I never said that I am opposed against one. I just pointed out that Lynda Carter wasn’t less of a warrior just because she didn’t use sword and shield, and that the shield is basically useless if you can catch machine gun bullets with your bracelets.
        And there have been a number of different incarnations for all the heroes, sometimes the pendulum swings in one direction, sometimes in another. There is no final version for any of them.
        Think what you want, but I stand by my opinion that I want a Wonder Woman who is not simply a warrior. Because that would be boring. We need a layered character and they better bother to portray her not only as kick-ass but also allow her to be a character, not either a male fantasy or some strange version of what males think is feminist. And a good way to start is to take a good look at the version which did work, for multiple reasons.


    • Yeah I understand, I would like a balance between both sides of her, because for me anyways her Amazonian warrior roots are really important. But I don’t just want to see her in cool action scenes, I want to see that diplomatic and pacifist side to her as well.


  2. I think Wonder Woman will play a key role in Batman v Superman, the diplomatic and warrior sides to her character are what always fascinated me about her, and hopefully it will set everything up for her solo film as well.


    • Hmm I’m not really a Carano fan, I can see her in certain roles but not as WW. WW needs a certain femininity and grace that I don’t think Carano has that’s right for this role. But I am looking forward to seeing her in Deadpool


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