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Is it a waste for Chris Pine to play Wonder Woman’s love interest?

chris pine steve trevor wonder woman waste

Word from Variety (Update: now confirmed) is that Chris Pine is looking at signing on as Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. But he’s a strong, good looking man, he should play a superhero, what a wasted opportunity! So says the internet. So the question is, is playing a male love interest to a female superhero a wasted opportunity?

There are lots of male superheroes with female love interests. Good on Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams etc. But when we flip those roles, and instead we’re discussing a male actor playing a love interest for a female superhero, oooh then it’s a wasted opportunity?

I get the internet are quite set on Chris Pine playing Hal Jordan Green Lantern, but the way some people are reacting to this, it’s as if it’s an insult to Chris Pine that he’s up for this role. Just because you’re playing Wonder Woman’s “love interest” doesn’t make it a wasted opportunity. Ultimately it’s up to the writers to make him more than just nice eye candy for Gal Galdot, but there are some really cool things that you can do for the Steve Trevor character.

steve trevor wonder woman relationship

He doesn’t have to be the helpless guy that has to be saved by Wonder Woman, to make Wonder Woman seem like a tough woman. He can be so much more (as can all love interests for superheroes).

Steve Trevor for those unfamiliar originally was a pilot that crashed onto the secret Paradise Island, where he met Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman accompanied Steve off the Island and from there the two became closer as Diana took on a diplomatic role. In the New 52 the two don’t really have the happy relationship, with  Diana of course currently in a relationship with Superman.

chris pine steve trevor wonder woman

However he’s more than just another love interest, he has his own stories and adventures. In the New 52, Steve Trevor is a government agent, and works with Waller in A.R.G.U.S. As part of his work he becomes a member and leader of the Justice League of America. Not to be confused with the main Justice League which includes Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman etc, this Justice League was set up by the government to take down the original Justice League if need be. For example Martian Manhunter is on the JLA to be a match for Superman.

justice league of america steve trevor new 52

So being Wonder Woman’s love interest can give you some really interesting story arcs to play with. At first he can be the pilot that meets Wonder Woman and falls for her, but there is lot more the character can do. He can be the military’s liaison to the Justice League. I’m assuming the government are going to want eyes on the Justice League once they form, especially Amanda Waller, so Steve Trevor can be those eyes, and the bridge between the Justice League and the government. From there we can see him working in A.R.G.U.S with Waller, in which they can get up to their dodgy adventures. And who knows, maybe one day he will become the founder of the Justice League of America in the cinematic universe, creating a team that can match the original 7.

I’m not seeing this as a wasted opportunity for Chris Pine, I’m seeing that as an opportunity for Chris Pine to be this connecting force for the Justice League. Playing a superhero is cool, I’m sure, but there ain’t nothing wrong with being Steve Trevor either.

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  1. I’m in complete agreement with you; people talking about this as a “wasted opportunity” are peddling a ludicrous double standard. Pine is a good actor, Trevor is a good role, and if he has good chemistry with Gadot and the rest of the cast then nothing else really matters!

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  2. When I first read the title of your post my thought was: Really? Really?????? So you can cast famous actresses in the roles of the love interest but a guy I barely remember to be someone I should know is “wasted” on it? Are you freaking serious?

    You know, even if he gets as much to do than the usual love interest, people better keep their trap shut because they never opened it beforehand. And I better hope that if he has to play a bland, useless characters, all those people who have been ripping into actresses because they weren’t able to elevate a role which was nothing to speak about to begin with learn a lesson from this.

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    • Hahaha oh no I’m not a hypocrite! But yeah so true, it obviously makes it very difficult for the actress when she’s written as more of a plot device than an actual character. Hopefully he doesn’t play a bland character, and people don’t complain about him being Steve Trevor.


  3. Agreed, this is not a waste, and it does expose an absurd double standard. My kind of thing, actually! 🙂

    Oh, perhaps we could imagine the love interests for all the males suddenly being more homely? Then again, that would actually be a good thing, to see these super strong males give some attention to a woman who is NOT the classic gorgeous, sexy knockout, the kind that society keeps telling our women and our young girls that they absolutely MUST look like!

    Of course, by “telling,” I mean “plastering every inch of available space and every millisecond of air time with images of supermodels who’ve gone through a lifetime of regimented and often unhealthy behavior, several hours of makeup the likes of which makes grown men shudder, and a LOT of photo-shopping.”


    • It’s a huge double standard, which is really irritating!
      But yeah well said, we need to stop create perfect, unrealistic characters, and characters that people can actually relate and respond to, otherwise what’s the point


  4. I agree with you. Definitely. This is just like Hayley Atwell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (probably my favorite non-powered person in the MCU). She’s a strong character, a great actress. Pine’s a great actor, and I’m sure Steve Trevor will be extremely important. This is just another great casting choice for the cinematic universes of comic book films. Not a wasted opportunity. At. All.


    • Exactly, it’s great that they made Peggy more than just Steve’s love interest! And I’m sure Pine will give his all to character, that is hopefully written as more than just the pretty boy Wonder Woman has a thing with

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  5. Pine is charismatic as hell, even if all he does is sit around eating ham sandwiches I don’t think he will be wasted in the film.


  6. I thought it was originally stated that Scott Eastwood was going to play Steve Trevor, both in the Wonder Woman movie and in the Suicide Squad movie, which would make sense regarding the connecting tissue between Waller, WW, SHIELD…I mean ARGUS lol, and the JL. Plus Scott Eastwood was in that last group shot of the Suicide Squad in the trailer which made me think he was Steve Trevor too, but since Chris Pine is playing Steve Trever instead I guess that means Eastwood is playing another character (fingers crossed for Deathstroke since I heard he was gonna be in it and how cool would it be if Clint Eastwood’s son got to be friggin DEATHSTROKE?). And I really hate the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship because WW says to Steve that being with her is “too dangerous” which is a load of bs because Steve is a friggin government agent who faces danger for breakfast and it’s not like Supes doesn’t face danger OH WAIT. Though it is awesome that he’s grown more than just being WW’s love interest and into something like DC’s Nick Fury, though in that case he should get his own comic at this point seeing all the exposure New 52 has given him.


    • Yeah there’s been so many rumours about Eastwood Trevor/Wilson/Grayson etc so who knows right now, guess we’ll find out soon. But it is great that Trevor has gone on to accompany such a big role in the DC universe, hopefully they go a similar route as the New 52


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