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Margot Robbie Appreciation Post (Suicide Squad Set Pictures)

harley quinn deadshot suicide squad set picture leaks

I don’t have much to say today, except that those set pictures from the Suicide Squad movie have reminded me how much I love that Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn! Also as a little side note, judging from the set pics, the Suicide Squad movie will be very New 52 influenced.

Seriously all I want to say is that Margot Robbie looks amazing as Harley Quinn. No we haven’t seen any footage, but the set pictures coming out from the Suicide Squad production (which by the way, maybe they need to film somewhere where they won’t get as many set picture leaks) show that Margot Robbie, at least physically, is Harley Quinn. Just from the pictures I’m seeing that Harley Quinn energy that we know and love from the comics (love them facial expressions).

harley quinn and deadshot suicide squad

Also looks like we might be getting some Deadshot/Harley Quinn sexual tension, judging from the set pictures. This of course isn’t anything new, as the New 52 Suicide Squad comic explored the relationship of Deadshot and Harley Quinn. However what started as something purely physical, developed into something more, and the two grew to genuinely care for each other (Deadshot even sacrificed himself to save Harley’s life, now that’s dedication).

The Joker was of course not happy with this when he came back, so perhaps in the Suicide Squad movie we’ll be seeing a bit of a face-off between Deadshot and Joker.

suicide squad set pictures boomerang harley el diablo deadshot

Just noticed Captain Boomerang does indeed have boomerangs on his costume yayy


Anyways I just wanted to quickly say that I freaking love Margot Robbie, and these set pictures are killing me. The pictures aren’t really giving any spoilers away, which is good, so don’t worry about taking a peek at a few of them.

But seriously, how amazing does she look? She’s got the perfect balance of sexy and cute going for her, especially in contrast to the other, ‘interesting-looking’ characters.  I’m thinking that after Suicide Squad comes out, Margot Robbie is quickly going to become a fan-favourite comic book actress. 

heath ledger joker and harley quinn

Source: @DCLiveFeed

Take home note of the day: Margot Robbie is awesome. That is all.

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  1. I like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she’s perfect for the role. I just noticed some geometric red and blue (or black) figures on the right arm of Harley. Very interesting. I like the costume and reminds the classic suit from the comics. She’s amazing!
    Is great to know that there are boomerangs on the Captain Boomerang costume. 🙂


    • Yeah they’ve definitely tried to incorporate some of the classic look which is great! Haha I know, I’m so glad he has some boomerangs on him, otherwise it just wouldn’t feel right


      • This is going to be one of WB’s DC’s best films, i know it, and Margot robbie is so damn beautiful. On a side note, i’m hearing that the new mad max movie is absolutley incredible. Rotten tomatoes has the film at 100% currently, massive win for warner bros.


      • Margot is actually perfect! Yes I was just looking at that, it’s really impressed people, hopefully the reviews translate to the box office for WB.


  2. I’m looking forward to the Suicide Squad film, and I’m sure the actors will all do a fine job.
    But I am the only dude who is sick of female characters dressing like prostitutes in superhero comic books.

    I was reading “Forever evil” last night, and I think I counted three characters in fishnets with their asses constantly pointing towards the panel/frame. Sexism in comics is a given, but I’m getting really tired of fully clothed male characters, and porn inspired female characters in comics, I just find it insulting. And I’m a dude, so I can’t speak for women. I love Marvel and DC comics, but frankly I would not give ANY of their comics to kids just on the sexism alone.

    It’s not even titillating, it is just really sad and pathetic.


    • Well to be fair, that’s Harley Quinn for you, she’s just a free woman who does what ever the heck she wants. And also Katana is dressed fine, so that’s good. But yeah it can get a bit much sometimes

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      • I’d be interested to hear what Paul Dini thinks of the New 52 / ‘Suicide Girl’ Harley Quinn.


      • I didn’t mean it in a negative way. He was on the Fatman on Batman podcast a while back and briefly talked about New 52 Harley, but I hope he is on the show again at some point and talks about Suicide Squad.

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  3. She is such a good actress and getting her to play Harley is about as ideal of a casting choice as their is. I’ve got very high expectations for this performance and I feel very confident we are going to get something special. She is by far the most intriguing thing about an already intriguing movie. She’s the first thing you notice when you look at that group photo. It Harley in the flesh!


  4. But will she be the agile martial arts fighting Harley as depicted in the movies/comics or will they abandon these key character traits for more of the same stiff…slow…bad action choreographed…bar brawling Harley as with Wolverine and Batman movies?


    • In those shoes she’s wearing, I can’t imagine getting that Harley! But I do hope she does have some skill, I mean if Zack Snyder is producing the movie and David Ayer is directing we will get great action, so I wouldn’t be worried about that, unless you don’t like their action style


      • I loved Fury and Sucker Punch as well as The Watchman had some cool Harley Quin type ass kicking. I just hope Snyder and Ayers will stay as close as possible to the source material. I find concern with the striping of the major intangibles in which define the character. I like Hugh Jackman… but there is a big disparity in his depiction of Wolverine than that of the raging 5 foot, hurry bodied, impetuously short tempered, blood thirsty, savaged, agile, martial artist, and master swordsman from the comics/animated from which sparked my comic book interests. Other than the facial features, muscle tone (from the last few movies) and claws, there are very little associating character traits. Marvel comic’s Uncanny X-man Wolverine was the reason I began reading comics and suffice it to say…. the runt was my favorite character. Jackman and Bail’s versions of Wolverine/Batman seemed to be loosely based on the comics/animated TV shows and movies. Bail’s trilogy in my opinion was reminiscing of the 60’s TV show and 90’s cheesy movies versions of the hero. My appreciation for the Bat and DC Comics for that mater, derived from the later dawning of the dark ninja like persona presented in the amazing comics and animated movies. Ultimately, I am impatiently awaiting this movie’s release in hopes that it will be one of the biggest blockbuster of the summer.


      • I think they will be basing this Harley off the New 52, as they seem to be doing with most of their world. I personally love the New 52 Harley so I’m okay with that. But at the end of the day they have to do what suits their movie and the universe. And agreed, 2016 couldn’t come soon enough!


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