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Grayson #12 Review: The Bat Family reunited!

grayson #12 review bat family reunited

Grayson #12 was the issue of dramatic reunions. The Bat family has been through a lot the past few months, but Grayson #12 reunited them and it feels good!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: What a great and emotional issue! This issue was a much more character focused issue than plot focused, but that’s okay. The Bat family are one of the greatest families in comics, and to see that bond again, even without Batman was great. The issue saw Dick return to Gotham after trying to leave Spyral. After the events of Forever Evil, everyone thought he was dead, so obviously he has a lot of interesting conversations with Jason, Tim, Barbara and Damian once he tells them he had to fake his death. If you’re a fan of the Bat family, you’ll definitely enjoy this nostalgic issue!

Okay spoilers for Grayson #12 follow now!

Dick Grayson is a people person. He gets along with mostly everyone. His infectious personality means even people with closed-up personalities like Bruce and Damian, can’t help but love him. After the events of Forever Evil, Dick Grayson ‘Nightwing’ was no more, now he was Agent Grayson, a spy for Spyral. His job was to be a spy that spied on spies…yupp. However to do that he needed to keep the world thinking he was dead because the Crime Syndicate revealed his secret identity to the world. Bruce didn’t even allow him to tell his closest friends that he wasn’t actually dead.

grayson #12 review

With this issue we finally see everyone reunited after months apart. Bruce of course has no memory of being Batman after the events of Endgame. The only thing Dick wants to know is, is Bruce happy now? Without the burden of being Batman, Bruce can finally live a normal life.

Of course their conversation is cut short when Agent Zero returns to bring back Dick to Spyral. She allows him time to say goodbye to his loved ones, which we now know was the perfect opportunity for him to send a message.

Grayson first meets up with Jason and Tim. Jason being the angry one he is, knocks Dick out of course. Seeley and King did a great thing in Grayson #12 where we see flashbacks of the conversations Dick has had with everyone in the panels. It really shows the deep history these characters have had together. It’s all these events that have drawn them together to be the family they are now. And even with everything they’ve been through, Jason, Tim and Dick are brothers. Former Robins (well Tim was never really Robin in this continuity but what ever) who don’t find the need to battle for Batman’s approval anymore. They are heroes in their own right and they have each other.

Then Dick meets up with Barbara. Their conversation highlights remind us of the intense relationship these two had. Dick and Barbara were always great together and to see them together again was great! But you can’t blame her for being mad, letting a girl mourn like that!

grayson #12 review damian wayne robin

Then Grayson #12 got to my favourite reunion, Damian and Dick! Former Batman and Robin, they were the unlikely perfect match. Dick and Damian work together even better than Bruce and Damian. Dick and Damian get each other, and they don’t try to change each other. And from their time together as Batman and Robin whilst Bruce was “dead” came a mutual respect and love. And their reunion was all the better because up until that point, Dick still thought Damian was dead. Yupp, the Bat family really do go through a lot!

Anyways with all the sentiment flying around it turns out Dick was also giving them a message. Sick of Spyral’s constant deceit, it was time Grayson found out who the leader of Spyral was, the identity of Agent Zero. And with the Bat family back together, together they can basically accomplish everything. And with Agent Zero’s identity revealed, Grayson can find out a lot more about Spyral. 

Overall Grayson #12 was a wonderfully emotional issue that reminded every one of the bond and history the Bat family have together. And even with Bruce out of the picture right now, the group can still handle things fine. Hopefully now Grayson can find out more about Agent Zero and bend the world the way he wants to, so he can finally repair it. 8/10.
Grayson #12
Written by: Tim Seeley & Tom King 
Art by: Mikel Janin 
DC Comics

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