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Arrow 3×19 Discussion: Arrow got good again!

arrow season 3 episode 19 good Arrow season 3 episode 19 returned to form, and made a comeback from the last few episodes which were considerably weaker. Although the show is a little ridiculous, that’s okay, so let’s discuss Arrow season 3 episode 19!

Spoilers follow.

Okay this episode, it got me good, because for a few minutes, I legitimately thought they killed Roy Harper. I probably shouldn’t have fallen for it, but I did. But to be fair, it’s not like they haven’t killed major characters off before. But thankfully he wasn’t dead, and his fake death made me realise that I actually would really miss his character if he was gone.

So of course the episode focused on Roy and his prison worries, and a guy with powers, but isn’t a meta ooohh. This was a great episode because it was a lot more focused. It was all about Roy, and the sacrifice he was doing and the guilt Oliver felt for putting everyone in this position. As the theme of the episode was, he has to let people help him.

arrow roy harper prison deadIt was this core idea that carried over the entire episode, with the inclusion of Atom, who helped take down Deathbolt. That scene with Oliver controlling the Atom suit was pretty damn cool. As for the villain, there is more to him then there seems. He didn’t get his powers for the Particle Accelerator, so where did he get his powers from?

We know that with the new spin-off show coming, the Arrow/Flash world will be expanding considerably with the inclusion of an alien! Yes Hawkgirl, so no longer will all the super-powered people be tied to Central City. So it will be interesting to find out how Deathbolt got his powers.

Back over to Thea, she had a surprise visit from Ra’s Al Ghul. This guy sure is determined. And the third Queen family member gets a sword through their chest, damn aren’t they unlucky. But not to fear because she won’t die, she will be saved, by the Lazarus Pit! Will Thea Queen become the Jason Todd of the Arrowverse? Will she become slightly crazy and start becoming super brutal after her resurrection? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Although I don’t know why Thea couldn’t be on this whole fake killing Roy plan, I mean it’s pretty low to make someone believe their love is dead, just saying. Speaking of Roy, where the heck is he off too? Now I don’t know if it’s been officially confirmed if the Teen Titans show that TNT are developing is going to be separate canon from Arrow, but how awesome would it be if Roy leaves the show to go create the Titans somewhere else? And I know he wasn’t part of the official line-up they revealed for the show, but that would have been pretty cool.

Update: turns out he was just demoted to guest star instead of season regular so we’ll still see him, just less of him.

arrow season 3 episode 19 flashbacksAs for the flashbacks, ehh. They seem like a rude interruption to the main story, because they just don’t seem important enough. Before with Slade Wilson it was interesting seeing those flashbacks, as it directly related to the main story, but these flashbacks aren’t really doing anything for me.

But overall it felt good to be genuinely excited after watching an episode of Arrow again. Arrow season 3 episode 19 gave us a focused episode, with great dramatic moments and strong story developments, something that we haven’t seen in a little while.

arrow season 3 episode 19 atomOh but I have one tiny gripe that I have to get out…enough with the soap opera music! You know what I’m talking about? It’s this soap opera instrumental music that the show continues to use and it’s driving me nuts. For example during the scene between Thea and Roy in prison, they had that soap opera music in the background, and it made the scene seem super cheesy. Sometimes silence is needed, and if there was no background music and it was just silence with them talking, the scene would have felt a lot more powerful and dramatic, in my opinion. Anyways not a big deal, I’ve just noticed it so much it’s pissing me off.

And next week of course we’re getting some Lazarus action, and I’m assuming Oliver will finally become Ra’s Al Ghul and get a sweet new costume, yayy!

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  1. Roy’s death I was hoping was staged but it surprised me that the gang pulled it off without Oliver’s knowledge. I thought maybe Laurel’s father had set it up to try and get Oliver to give up. Theo was awful though until I saw the previews for next week. Was a great episode.


  2. This version of hawkgirl won’t be an alien. They’re using the Kendra Saunders version who is human, not Sheyera Hall who is the alien you’re reffering to.


      • Yeah i think the cw verse will stay away from aliens, they wont be able to explain it. I didn’t know there were multiple versions of hawkgirl myself, i did a bit of research on it. Sheyera hall is an alien, Kendra Saunders is a reincarnated human. The new 52 Kendra saunders has wings as a result of an army experiment. They’re using the pre new 52 reincarnated kendra, i think thats a good choice.


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