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The Flash 1×18 Discussion: Is this Smallville?

the flash episode 18 bug eyed banditThe Flash episode 18 introduced us to killer bees, in a sequence which was pretty much the exact same thing that happened in Smallville, but what ever. We also got a little Ray Palmer love, showing us that he really does fit The Flash world much better than Arrow. Oh and Harrison Wells is about to go down, so let’s discuss The Flash episode 18!

Spoilers follow.

But seriously, The Flash episode 18 freak of the week felt so much like Smallville again. Now I don’t know how many of you watched Smallville, but in the first or second season (too long ago to remember) there was a meteor freak who controlled bees, and had bees come out of the air-con of a car and completely fill up that car. But The Flash and Smallville share a lot of similarities anyways so it’s not a big deal.

But the Bug-Eyed Bandit, really wasn’t that great of a villain. Especially when all this Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash stuff is going down, everything else just seems anti-climatic. But with the 22 episode format of these shows, we’re going to get filler stuff, whether we like it or not.

However aside from the villain of the week, The Flash episode 18 was another really good episode mainly because of the inclusion of our Starling City friends, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak. The Atom and Cisco need to have more team-up episodes, because them together is great. They play off each other really nicely. And the light-hearted nature of Ray Palmer fits in quite nicely with the tone of The Flash.

the flash episode 18 ray palmer atomAnd with Cisco and Ray teaming up to fix the suit, I’m guessing we’ll soon see the suit do what it’s supposed to, and shrink. Ray Palmer should definitely have his shrinking ability before he goes off to his own spin-off show, I’m sure.

While Cisco and Ray are having fun, Barry is having a dilemma. Dealing with the whole, my idol and mentor is actually my arch nemesis, is really hitting him hard. I’m so glad that the show didn’t drag out the whole, ‘oh should we tell Cisco and Caitlin’ stuff. Harrison Wells has a powerful hold over people, but I’m sure Caitlin will soon accept that he probably isn’t who he says he is.

I also love that Eddie is in the loop as well. That opening scene between the trio was really great, and showed what a great dynamic Eddie, Barry and West have. Although someone needs to just tell Iris what’s going on to shut her up okay!

the flash episode 18 harrison wellsWe know that in the finale The Flash will be teaming up with Arrow and FIRESTORM to take down Reverse Flash. So the question is what will happen between now and then? Don’t forget that Grodd is on the Reverse Flash team, so if we see a Grodd/Reverse Flash team-up vs a Flash/Arrow/FIRESTORM team-up, I will be very, very happy.

The Flash episode 19 will continue looking into the truth about Harrison Wells, and will continue the crossover with Arrow as some of the gang head to Starling City.

Overall The Flash episode 18 was another enjoyable hour, however lost a bit of steam with the forgettable villain. It looks like the final few episodes will really be focusing on Harrison Wells, so let’s bring on some Reverse Flash action (loved that half a second shot of Reverse Flash at the end of the episode as well)!

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  1. They’re obviously borrying a lot from superman for this show. Iris is pratically Louis lane. I didn’t like Smallville to be honest, i thought it was a load of crap for reasons i wont bore you with. However, i have to respect the fact that if it weren’t for that show we wouldnt have arrow or the flash. Ray Palmer really fit in nicely this episode. That tells me that he’ll be a much better fit for the spinoff than arrow. He’s gonna be funding his own team. They might as well call that show the outsiders.


    • I gotta disagree with you about Iris, I loved Lois on Smallville, Iris on the other hand… haha but yeah I think Ray will really get the chance to shine in his own show, with a tone that’s hopefully not as dark and brooding like Arrow


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