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Daredevil Episode One Discussion: Who said Marvel couldn’t do edgy?

daredevil episode one discussion marvel edgyYes Daredevil is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the show isn’t similar in tone to what we normally get from the MCU, and that’s a pretty great thing. It’s dark, edgy and very much contained to this effed up city that is Hell’s Kitchen. So let’s discuss Daredevil episode one!

Spoilers follow!

The days of Ben Affleck Daredevil are gone, and we welcome a much better Daredevil. Episode one basically layed out the groundwork for the rest of the season, and was very expository in nature, but that’s to be expected. It didn’t always flow and pace perfectly, but this was just the first episode, so I’m expecting a much smoother ride from now on.

Daredevil episode one introduced us to this world, to Hell’s Kitchen. The connection to the Marvel CInematic Universe is made clear with references to the first Avengers film. However the show is still very much grounded in its own little world which is good.

daredevil episode one netflixDaredevil himself has some mad skills! The action sequences were amazing and what Daredevil deserves. The fight choreography was really well done, along with the slow and still tracking shots, created a really great gritty atmosphere. And as we know, Daredevil will eventually get his red suit later on in the season as he becomes more comfortable with his Daredevil persona.

You forget that this is a Marvel Cinematic Universe show, because it can be pretty brutal at times (oh and has a bit of near nudity how scandalous). And it’s easy to make comparisons to Arrow. Season one of Arrow had very much the same feel as this, however Arrow is on the CW, so it can’t go to the lengths Daredevil can and has gone.

Everything was set up really nicely in the first episode. Charlie Cox is fitting in nicely with his role as Daredevil. He’s a total badass, yet in his down time is totally nice and sweet. You get the sense of a desperate man who is trying to do the best he can. Foggy Nelson is your classic joking best friend and provides a great lighter balance to the show when it needs it, and Karen Page is smart and capable, and doesn’t have any of the annoying traits of some other superhero female leads in TV shows.

We didn’t see Kingpin in the first episode, building up the mystery of his character. I like that their making us wait, just feeling his presence in the shadows. We’re not completely sure of the bad guy’s plan just yet, but it’s your classic dodgy bad guys/drugs/money etc etc.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to watch the thirteen episodes straight away, but I am looking forward to watching the rest of the season when I can. I like that we get access to the full season straight away, but at the same time I like the suspense The Flash gives us, by making us wait week after week to find out what Harrison Wells is doing next. As I haven’t watched the entire season just yet, I’m not sure if there is a big mystery in Daredevil like that, but I’m sure there will be plenty of cliffhangers.

daredevil netflix marvelOverall I really enjoyed Daredevil episode one. I’m glad that they weren’t afraid to go a little dark and brutal and edgy with this show. The Netflix shows should be as contained as they can be, and shouldn’t feel the need to be confined to the tone we typically see in Marvel films.

And I’m sure the Marvel vs DC discussion will come up, so I will say this: Marvel can do dark and edgy, and DC can do light. Marvel proved that with Daredevil and DC proved that with The Flash. What’s important is picking the tone that suits the character, rather than shaping everything to fit the constricted mould of the universe.

Anyways have you had a chance to check out Daredevil yet? If so let me know what you thought!

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  1. I have one complain about the show: I wish it weren’t quite so dark. In, I wish it were a little bit easier to recognize who is who in some scenes. But otherwise, it’s good. I am not as invested in it as in the other two Marvel shows, but to be fair, AoS needed one full season to even get me truly interested while Daredevil managed with the second episode…which was my favourite so far. I somehow really dig the night nurse as character and enjoy the interaction between her and Daredevil.
    I love how they used the movie as an explanation why Hell’s Kitchen is suddenly gritty again and not the upscale neighbourhood it actually is nowadays. And I like how they handled the blindness and the cases. The law-stuff actually makes sense and they make a point of how out of whack Daredevil’s senses actually are in addition to pointing out what he certainly can’t see, instead of being a blind guy by name only as it is often the case.


    • Yeah I really like the dynamic between night nurse and daredevil, the supporting characters on the show have pretty good roles so far.
      Exactly, they made a good connection with the rest of the MCU, but yeah so far so good. I’m personally enjoying this more than the other 2 Marvel shows, but that may be because I typically like these more darker and grounded shows. But yeah looking forward to watching the rest of the season!


      • I dont have netflix but from everything I’ve read daredevil is pretty good. I agree with you about picking the correct tone for a character. Imo dc only has 2 characters they can go light hearted with, the flash and shazam. Alot of folks complain that superman wasn’t light hearted enough in man of steel, but they lose sight of one thing. Superman has to represent MODERN day america, not 1980’s america.


      • Aw you need to watch it! Really impressed by it
        And yeah . hopefully the flash and shazam are lighter because a darker tone won’t suit them esp for shazam. And completely agree with you about MOS, besides Superman isn’t the light character that a lot of people think he is,, so i thought the tone of MOS was fine


      • It appears that netflix is gonna elevate marvel on the small screen. I could be wrong but im predicting that supergirl is gonna really elevate dc on television. A lot of people really liked man of steel but a lot didn’t, so that show will bring a sense of comfort for them. Man, i have never known a superhero movie to get that many articles written about it, positive, negative, or just an analysis.


      • Hmm I don’t have high hopes for Supergirl just yet, I’ll have to wait and see until we get some footage. Haha I know right, any time DC is brought up online, there is some argument about Man of Steel that soon follows it’s ridiculous


      • The show will be on cbs so it wont have the melodrama like the cw shows have. Television is a great outlet for wb and dc comics. Warner bros dosent have to worry about risking millions of dollars for all of these shows like the movies. If people dont like a show the network simply cancells it, no harm no foul.

        With a movie you have these enormous budgets and you have to think about movie critics, fanboys and girls raging online and all type of nonsense. To add, by spreading these shows out over different networks they’re able to introduce a bunch of characters that you would overwise never see. Seriously, they just cast freaking hawkgirl for goodness sakes. That character will NEVER appear in a movie.


      • That’s true, television is a great platform, and CBS isn’t CW so we shouldn’t get all the teen angst.
        I definitely like that they have these shows on different networks as well, that Hawkgirl casting was so surprising, I’m curious to find out what other characters they plan on using!


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