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Suicide Squad Cast Photo: Discussion on the cast so far (and where is Mistah J!)

suicide squad full cast photoDavid Ayer is such a little tease, and his latest tease included a mostly full cast photo of the Suicide Squad. And although we knew about most of these guys, there were some new faces as well. So let’s talk Suicide Squad cast!

So from everyone in this picture, the question is who will survive??? With such a big cast, I’m expecting a bit of a death toll. But let’s quickly rundown everyone in the photo and the character they are playing (or who we think they are playing):

jim parrack deathstrokeJim Parrack: Parrack will apparently be playing Deathstroke, which is surprising. The name that we all heard before was Joe Manganiello, but that didn’t work out. I’ve only really seen this guy in True Blood, so the whimpy small town guy he played in that show doesn’t really give me any idea about how he will play Deathstroke. It’s not surprising that they have gone for a younger Deathstroke as the New 52 rebooted Deathstroke as a younger character. Either way Parrack is a good actor, and was solid in David Ayer’s other film ‘Fury’, so I’m sure they saw something in him to cast him in the role. Deathstroke is a pretty intimidating character, so I want to at least see some sick action with that character along with the strategic nature of the character.

joel kinnaman rick flagg suicide squadJoel Kinnaman: Kinnaman was of course Tom Hardy’s replacement as Rick Flagg. At first I was pretty bummed about this replacement, Hardy is one of the best right now, so Kinnaman’s casting seemed a little anti-climatic. However Australia recently got Netflix (yes we’re that behind) and I had the chance to binge The Killing for the first time, and I’ve completely changed my mind about Kinnaman. I think he will nail it, and although he doesn’t have the big and menacing look Hardy has, Kinnaman’s charisma and ability to develop strong chemistry with his fellow actors will go a long way. 

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje killer croc suicide squadAdewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: Completely unfamiliar with this guy, except for his appearances in Thor and a couple of other things. But he is presumably our Killer Croc, he’s got it! And the question is, will Killer Croc be full CGI, or will they be using his already huge build for the character? Killer Croc is a pretty weird character to be using in this grounded Man of Steel world, but I’m glad they are really embracing the comic book roots in this film.

will smith deadshot suicide squad movieWill Smith: Smith is our Deadshot, and although I can’t say I’m the biggest Will Smith fan, I’m sure his charismatic nature will work really well with Floyd Lawton. With so many other characters like Deathstroke and Rick Flagg, I’m wondering if Deadshot will take up the leadership role he had in the New 52 Suicide Squad. But with Will Smith the one playing the character, I’m guessing he will be going head to head with Flagg for role of leader (if Flagg still has a big presence in this movie as we first thought).

jay el diabloJay Hernandez: Hernandez will be playing El Diablo, who typically has pyro powers, and in the New 52 it hinted that his tattoos played some kind of role for his powers. I can’t say I’m too familiar with Hernandez but looks wise I can definitely see him rocking those tattoos.

plastique suicide squad movieKaren Fukuhara: Another relatively unknown, she will be playing Plastique. Plastique of course is the one with the fire power, and has been known to switch from bad to good. With Fukhara being a lesser known actress, it makes me think she might be one of the members that doesn’t make it to the end of the film.

jai courtney captain boomerang suicide squadJai Courtney: Courtney is our Boomerang, and hopefully he won’t be as wooden as he is in some of his other films. Captain Boomerang is the butt of everyone’s jokes, but he thinks he’s top boss, so Courtney needs to bring that arrogance but with a sense of humour as well to work.

Margot-Robbie-harley-quinnMargot Robbie: Robbie (who I have a massive girl crush on), is our Harley Quinn, which I talked about at length a few months ago. Overall I think she’s perfect.

enchantressCara Delevingne: Delevingne is Enchantress, and because she seems like a crazy person in real life, I’m sure she will nail the multiple personality character.

images (19)Adam Beach: Who again I’m unfamiliar with, is playing Ravan, who is a pro at martial arts. Can’t say I know too much about the character. At first when I read the reports, I read it as ‘Raven’, which made me very confused as to why Raven was now not a young girl anymore.

hugo_strange_by_scotchlover-d5gy4xuIke Barinholtz: And apparently this is our Hugo Strange. The rumour is Hugo Strange and the Joker will share quite a bit of screen time together, which will be interesting. Haven’t really seen Barinholtz in much except comedic roles, so I’m guessing we’re probably going to get a whacky Hugo Strange, which will be fun.

Missing from this cast picture is of course Mistah J himself. I’m guessing Leto might be quite far into his Joker transformation, that they can’t reveal his look just yet. Also missing are other rumoured cast members Ed Harris, Scott Eastwood and Jessie Eisenberg. It is believed Harris may play Rick Flagg Sr and Eastwood would play Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor. Perhaps these names were just rumours or they just weren’t present today. As for Eisenberg, I’m thinking he will probably appear in Suicide Squad, but they don’t want to reveal that quite just yet, as it may spoil the events of Batman v Superman.

Shooting for Suicide Squad begins in about a week, so expect some sneaky set pics to come out. I just hope we get an official reveal of Leto’s Joker and Robbie’s Harley Quinn before we see blurry pictures of them in costume on set.

Anyways this may have just been a cast picture, but it’s pretty exciting seeing the gang all together! You can read about my discussion about the initial Suicide Squad casting announcement here as well. 

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  1. This is the only upcoming DC Comics movie that I’m actively interested in. I’m especially looking forward to see Will Smith in this, it’s something new for him.


      • I Haven’t read any complaints of this movie being overcrowded like i did with batman vs superman. There are waaay more characters in this film. A lot of folks were expecting solo films for flash, aquaman and wonder woman before justice league. In my opinion that strategy would’ve been crazy for wb. Any how this is gonna be a quality film. Margot robbie has already said that David ayer will make this movie much like the dark knight.


      • Yeah i guess because this is an actual team movie people aren’t complaining
        I’m actually really glad they are doing team movies and spin offing from there as well its smart
        And agreed this movie has great talent attached it should be good


      • This team up first strategy can work but it’s really up to snyder. I actually think that hes a really intelligent guy. He has a knack of taking difficult projects and somehow just barely making them work. Man of steel is a perfect example of that.


  2. I agree with the Hoyt from True Blood (Jim Parrack) reference. It is hard to vision him going from love sick momma’s boy to Deathstroke, especially over Joe Mamganniello. Right former series…wrong guy. Why not cast an actor with true martial arts skills to play Slade? Hell, I would rather see Manu Bennett (from Arrow/Spartacus) reprise his role. More believable.


  3. Many people were hoping for DS to be part of this and….wow. This could veritably be a watered down version of one of the Best villains since The Last Airbender’s casting Dev Patel as Prince Zuko. I mean, this is the DC’s version of Deadpool or vise versa we are talking about here. Its hard to picture Hoyte as the The Flashpoint Paradox, Young Justice, or even Teen Titans Slade Wilson. SMH…..Oh well, I will still be the first one in the theater opening day.


  4. Don’t know but it did make mention of time travel. It sounds interesting, although they announced everyone other than she and the main character’s roles. I am looking forward to seeing all of the characters announced in that peace who are due to appear on the show. But, I don’t know if I can stomach Ciara Renee in the role of Hawk Girl. Hmmmmm Hawk Girl….could this be Green Lantern with a young John Stewart?


    • This spin-off will sure at least be interesting. And if they ever do Green Lantern, they have to do Hal Jordan! But I’m just saying that because I love the Barry Allen/Hal Jordan bromance


  5. Ok, being as we are still yet a week away from the Age of Ultron premier, I was fiending for some good superhero action. After perusing my Blu ray collection, I decided on Justice League WAR as a temporary fix. Wow, I cannot help but to lament that you where right in your assessment and I was in fact wrong. Hal Jordan satire in that movie was extremely entertaining not only to me, but to my girlfriend who would rather watch paint dry than sit through a cartoon. But he and Wonder Woman kept her greatly entertained. So, I am forced to capitulate based off of your narrative eloquently argued above. They would be doing the Justice League franchise as well as the fans such a disservice if they elected to utilize John Stewart rather than Hal Jordan’s representation of the Green Lantern Character in any DC live action movie. Keep up the good work. I really hope they will choose to go with the same impetuous…thirsty for action…kick ass Wonder Woman persona as the animated movies we all have grown to love.


    • Haha and considering how dark and brooding the other Justice League characters seem like they’re going to be, we need someone like Hal Jordan to keep the balance. As for Wonder Woman, completely agree, I think the Wonder Woman animated movie captured her perfectly, and would like to see something similar to that in the live-action universe.


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