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Viola Davis will be a great Amanda Waller: Just watch ‘How to get away with murder’

viola davis amanda waller how to get away with murderSo a few days ago Viola Davis finally confirmed she will be playing Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. As if I wasn’t already excited about this movie and it’s perfect casting for the Joker and Harley Quinn, they go and cast the intense Annalise Keating to play Amanda Waller. Yep, that is awesome. So let’s discuss Viola Davis playing Amanda Waller, and why it’s beyond great!

Mid-December was when we got the report from Latino-Review that Viola Davis was playing Amanda Waller, however it wasn’t until a few days ago that is was officially confirmed from the source herself. As much as I think it would have been pretty damn interesting to see Oprah Winfrey playing Amanda Waller, Viola Davis is such a great choice.

I’ve seen Davis in a few movies and TV shows over the last few years, but the one that really sells me on her playing Amanda Waller, is her role as Annalise Keating in ABC’s ‘How to get away with murder’.

amanda waller suicide squadNow for those that don’t know Amanda Waller is basically the morally ambiguous government agent (who occasionally makes out with Lex Luthor blurrgh) who runs a team of villains, who complete dodgy government-sanctioned operations to reduce their sentence in Belle Reve prison. Annalise Keating in ‘How to get away with murder’ is a morally ambiguous lawyer who runs a team of criminal students, who complete her dodgy sanctioned tasks to increase their opportunities to become the world’s greatest lawyer or what ever.

Essentially even though the world of ‘How to get away with murder’ and the DC universe are obviously very different, Amanda Waller and Annalise Keating have a similar role. So it’s not hard to envision Viola Davis who does an exceptional job on that show, translate those skills to Suicide Squad.

viola davis amanda waller how to get away with murderAmanda Waller is the type of character that takes no shit. If you’ve watched the recent animated film ‘Batman:Assault on Arkham’, then you would know this. KGBeast (yes that is his name) thought he could outsmart Waller….yeah he was wrong, things got messy. She is incredibly tough on her team, as her focus is solely on completing her missions. She may be a little morally obscure, but at the end of the day, she is all about serving her nation.

You see these characteristics from Viola Davis when she is playing Annalise Keating. Her main focus is completing her mission, her client’s case, by any means possible. Sometimes this means planting evidence, or lying to the court. And this also means being incredibly tough on her team. They are all scared by her, yet respect her immensely. She has a presence that makes them shut-up as soon as they see her, and this is what Amanda Waller needs.

viola davis amanda waller how to get away with murderIt probably isn’t easy being in charge of a group of villains. Harley Quinn is unpredictable, Captain Boomerang acts like an idiot, and weirdly enough Deadshot is the most reliable on the team, which is saying something. I can completely see Viola Davis in a face-off with the team, if they ever even think about crossing her.

Right now the cast of Suicide Squad is shaping up to be one of the strongest casts in any superhero film. Viola Davis is a two-time Oscar nominee, she 100% has the talent. So you better get excited for the inevitable confrontation between Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller, and Ben Affleck’s Batman, that is going to be great!

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  1. YES! It’s perfect casting. I’ve had her pegged in this role for years. She’s a great actress. I love what you said about seeing her interact with Batman. I never thought about that, but I love that tense relationship between those two characters.


    • She really is great! Yes I’m so excited to see the interaction between those two, especially now that we’re getting an older, grumpier Batman, who really won’t play nice with Waller at all, it’s gonna be good!


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