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Arrow 3×15 Discussion: What happens when Arrow enters Batman’s world.

arrow season 3 episode 15 batmanArrow season 3 episode 15 well and truly said goodbye to the grounded roots of season 1, and instead said hello to flying men and a possible new heir to the Demon’s throne. Arrow from the very beginning has drawn parallels to Batman, with some criticising the show for being too Batman and not enough Green Arrow. This episode has definitely furthered that issue, so let’s discuss Arrow season 3 episode 15!

Spoilers follow.

Ra’s Al Ghul is well-known for being a big Batman villain (Liam Neeson woo), so I was pretty surprised when they first introduced his character onto Arrow. What they did with Ra’s Al Ghul was always the big question, and in episode 15 we find out that he now wants Oliver (you know, the same guy he stabbed and kicked off a cliff) to be the next ‘Ra’s Al Ghul’.

Now for those of you familiar with the Batman comics, this storyline sounds pretty familiar. In the comics, Ra’s Al Ghul was very impressed by the great detective Batman. He respected him. So one day the guy decides to test Batman, by telling Batman that he must save Robin and Ra’s’ daughter, Talia. Batman eventually figures out this was all a test however. Ra’s goes on to tell Batman that he has passed the test, and now wants Batman to be his new heir. Batman of course quickly refuses as Ra’s intends on “fixing” the world by causing mass genocide, which you know isn’t really Batman’s thing. After Batman refuses, Ra’s declares Batman his enemy.

arrow ra's al ghulNow Arrow is in a similar situation. Essentially Arrow passed Ra’s’ test by surviving death, and has offered him to be the heir. However Arrow isn’t Batman. Sure the show has drawn parallels between the two characters, but they aren’t the same. Batman is the type of guy to say no to Ra’s offer as soon as he receives it. Arrow on the other hand, the same Arrow who started his crime fighting by killing (something that Batman strictly draws the line at), would consider it.

Arrow has always explored the moral ambiguity of Oliver. He has tried for the past couple of seasons to regain his humanity and soul, but there is still that wild, untamed side of him. The guy did train on a deserted island after all! Even in the comics, Green Arrow and Batman have clashed over their differing morals. Oliver sometimes doesn’t mind crossing a line Bruce wouldn’t dare cross. So it’s interesting to see how Arrow will deal with this offer raised by Ra’s.

atom suit arrow Then back in Starling City, Ray Palmer has been getting into his own little adventures. People have not only talked about the Batman/Arrow parallels, people have also been discussing the Iron Man/ATOM parallels in Arrow season 3 episode 15. Yeah they’re both cocky billionaires that build cool suits, but hopefully Arrow will soon introduce the real reason ATOM is so cool, his shrinking abilities.

Ray has just built his suit and tested it (as we saw in that awesome shot of him flying), so I’m sure he will be adding some small features to it soon, otherwise what’s the point in introducing his character. However even though we have immortal villains and meta-humans popping up in Arrow, I just can’t imagine seeing Ray’s shrinking powers come to life in Arrow. Could you imagine Felicity talking to a tiny Ray with a magnifying glass? So it will be interesting to see how and when they introduce Ray’s shrinking abilities.

Overall the second half of Arrow season 3 episode 15 was a lot stronger than the first half. It’s getting tiring hearing the group have the same arguments again and again. Having them actually move forward and team-up, like they did in the second half of the episode, was a lot better.


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