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Could Batman v Superman be Split into 2 Parts? Rumour discussion

batman v superman split into 2 moviesAnother day, another rumour, this time the rumour is that Batman v Superman has been split into 2 parts. The first part ‘Enter the Knight’ (urgh) to come out 23rd of October this year, and the 2nd part ‘Dawn of Justice’ to come out March 25th 2016. So let’s discuss this rumour and how likely or unlikely it is.

So the image up top apparently comes from some random who has the teaser and decided to take a blurry picture of one still from the teaser. The image outlines that Batman v Superman is actually a two parter. Now firstly looking at the image, it looks pretty fake. And the url is a real url, however why would Warner Bros make the url for their film First of all it’s incredibly long, second of all why would they only use the subtitle for the supposed second film? Why not just To be fair that url is already taken by a fansite, but I’m sure Warner Bros could have worked something out.

Then there’s the fact that if this is a still in the Batman v Superman teaser trailer, it looks like it would be the very last shot. So where are all the logos? Typically in a shot like this you would see the Warner Bros logo and the DC logo at the bottom, something like this:

trailer cut

However if this were to be true, first of all I will completely freak out. In some ways it makes sense for WB to split Batman v Superman into two movies. The shoot for Batman v Superman spanned 10 months, which is unusually long for a movie shoot. It was speculated that because of that long shoot they were filming Justice League back to back with the movie. But now that we know Justice League is coming out in late 2017 that doesn’t seem to be the case. So perhaps the 10 month shoot was to film not one Batman v Superman movies but two!

Also production for Batman v Superman ended late last year, which again is unusual for a movie that is coming out in 2016! Sure there is a lot of post production work for the one movie, but not a year’s worth. The new Bond film is in the middle of filming and that movie is coming out this year! So the fact that they finished up so early for a movie coming out in 2016 was pretty weird.

batman v superman wonder womanWe also found out today that Lionsgate quietly moved one of their films off the supposed date of Batman v Superman part 1. We also heard rumours about the first Batman v Superman trailer coming out next month, which we all thought was pretty early considering the film is coming out in March next year, but if we are getting a movie this year then it would make sense.

And for all those complaining that they had wayyyy too many characters to properly introduce and develop in the one film, this rumour about there being 2 parts of Batman v Superman may help them sleep better tonight.

But all together this is most likely fake. The fan in me wants this to be true of course because it means that I get to see Bats and Supes this year, but you have to think about this logically. Warner Bros looks incredibly messy and disorganised if they go around saying, yeah our movie is going to come out in the Summer of 2015! Jokes it’s coming out in May 2016! Jokes it’s coming out in March 2016! Jokes we got another one coming out in October 2015!

If this is true, it would have been a very well kept secret, and for it to come out because some random posted an image on Imgur doesn’t really make sense. It’s like when a person claims to have seen an UFO and they take the most blurry picture of it possible. Like hey random person who posted this, I know your Iphone camera can do better than that! If Warner Bros really had planned for this to be a surprise 2-parter, we would have heard rumours about this from the trades or blog sites like Latino Review, I don’t think we would be hearing about this first from Imgur.

Anyways we should all probably expect this to be completely fake, just like most of the other rumours that come out about this movie. But it would have been pretty damn awesome if we were getting a Batman v Superman movie this year!

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