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Agent Carter Episode 1 + 2: Yes it’s good and worth watching

agent carter episode 1 is goodAgent Carter premiered, and in the lead up to the premiere I saw a lot of complaints from people about how pointless this show is, and how for sure it was going to suck. Well to all you haters out there, you were wrong. The show didn’t suck, in fact it was great. So lets discuss the premiere of Agent Carter and why it is worth watching.

Now don’t think I’m one of those people who just love anything that has Marvel’s name attached to it, I thought Agents of Shield was pretty bad when it started. But the beauty of an 8 episode season (which is the length of Agent Carter season 1) is there is no time for slowness. Agent Carter episode 1 and 2 got straight into the action and was well paced throughout.

A lot of the complaints were about the fact that once again Marvel were releasing a show with no superheroes. And no there are no superheroes in the show (apart from old Captain America footage) but the show is an espionage thriller, with an incredibly strong lead and entertaining and diverse supporting characters. 

The show follows the events of the first Captain America film. Captain America is presumed dead and now all eyes are on Howard Stark, who is suspected of selling his weapons to the enemy. Stark enlists the help of Agent Carter to help collect the weapons and clear his name.

Agent Carter agrees to help him, even at the risk of getting caught, because she is seeking a sense of purpose. The show is set in 1946 so the men have come back from the war, and are taking back the jobs the women filled whilst they were gone. Even though the women were clearly more than capable of handling the jobs, the role of the woman in that period was still seen as more of a housewife type.

So now Agent Carter is struggling to find a footing in a man’s world, a man’s world where Chad Michael Murray is a total douche (not going to lie, I was happy to see the One Tree Hill star back on my screen).

agent carter is goodAccompanied by Stark’s humble yet very useful butler Jarvis, Agent Carter doesn’t need to start off slow as this world has already been developed by the Captain America film and even partly by Agents of Shield.

We see a lot of great action in the show. Now you’re not a real Agent until you’ve fought a bad guy on top of a moving vehicle, and that’s exactly what she did and more. The fight choreography was pretty damn good (though not as good as Arrow, but Arrow is hard to beat), so of course after the episode aired I saw a lot of tweets from people saying that she should have been Wonder Woman.

This isn’t a spoiler discussion because I don’t want to give anything away for the people who haven’t watched it yet. This post is mainly to encourage those who weren’t so sure about checking this show out. Even if you think Agents of Shield is crap, I definitely suggest checking out Agent Carter. If you aren’t hooked by the first episode, then it’s probably not for you, but I’m pretty sure mostly everyone loved the premiere of Agent Carter.

agent carter is worth watchingThere’s a great development of character in the first 2 episodes of Agent Carter, that we didn’t really get from the first few episodes of Agents of Shield. The show also has a quirky sense of humour and a guy with a mysterious typewriter (It’s more interesting than it sounds I swear). Agent Carter uses her femininity as a strength, even though in her line of work it’s seen as a weakness during that period of time. But she’s not some perfect strong female character, she struggles emotionally and finds it difficult to connect with others after everything she’s been through.

So if you’re into the following things then you will probably love Agent Carter:

  • An incredibly strong lead
  • Badass action
  • Crazy diabolical villain plots
  • Cool spy stuff
  • Anything and everything Marvel related
  • Simply great tv

Anyways were you as impressed by Agent Carter episode 1 and 2? Let me know!

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  1. Yeah for Agent Carter! I naturally wanted the show to succeed, because have you seen the other female lead comic book shows? I think the last one was Birds of Preys and the less you say about that piece of crap the better. Showing that a female character can carry a show will go a long way (hopefully).
    But I genuinly enjoyed the show. It is certainly not perfect with its usual “everyone hunts for the McGuffin and there is some sort of mysterious enemy in the background” story, but I think those characters could sell me anything.


    • Well luckily I never watched Birds of Prey, but I’m so glad this was actually good!
      Hopefully if the ratings are good throughout the season more studios will become willing to showcase female leads.


  2. Excellent show. I especially like the fact that they’ve had the confidence to make the two leading characters English, and pitch their dialogue accordingly: understated, reserved, ironic, and yet free from cliche. And it’s got the period ‘feel’ right, as well. I’d already be happy to hear of another series being made.


    • Yeah I think they’ve done that all really well, it’s easy for that sort of stuff to get super cliche but the show has a nice balance which is great! Hopefully if more people actually start watching the show we will get another series 🙂


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