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The Flash episode 8: Flash vs Arrow Discussion

the flash episode 8 flash vs arrowThe Flash episode 8 showed us what’s so beautiful about shared superhero TV universes. The lightness of The Flash clashed with the darkness of Arrow, oh boy was it great! The Flash episode 8 was definitely the best episode of the show so far, which is saying something considering the high quality of the earlier episodes. So with that lets discuss Flash vs Arrow.

So The Flash episode 8 was titled Flash vs Arrow, it was pretty obvious something was about to go down. But what would cause the ultimate fanboy, Barry, to fight his idol Oliver? Well it comes to the classic ‘he was kinda infected with something’ route that often happens when it comes to superhero fights. If you’ve watched Smallville, then this episode was Barry’s version of the Red Kryptonite that affected Clark in Smallville and made him Superangry. And it’s easy to compare Flash vs Arrow to Batman vs Superman. The Flash is like Superman. The lighter one, easy going, chill, super friendly, they wouldn’t normally want to hurt their friend. They’re also both super powered. And Arrow is like Batman. The darker one, super serious, not very friendly, very tense all the time. And neither of them have powers. The only way (generally speaking) The Flash or Superman would hurt their friend is if something was affecting them. And the only way Arrow or Batman could beat them, is if they use both their brains and their brawns (but in this case the brains part was mostly from Caitlin and Felicity).

the flash episode 8 flash vs arrowThe Flash vs Arrow fight was pretty good. It is hard to show the fight between them, considering The Flash has super speed, so for what they had to work with I think they did a pretty good job. The part where The Flash was punching Arrow super fast didn’t look quite right to me, but other than that, the special effects were quite good. And continuing on the Batman vs Superman comparison, Oliver played the experienced mentor role to the naive, act now, think later, Barry, which is similar to what we will be seeing in the film Batman v Superman. It’s a great dynamic. Because even though The Flash has powers, without proper strategy and thought, he isn’t going to really get far.

We also had a collision of a different sort in The Flash episode 8, Team Flash vs Team Arrow. This was super fun to see. Felicity and Caitlin continued bonding, and Diggle and Cisco argued over who would win in a fight between Flash and Arrow. Their scenes just shows what great supporting characters these shows have developed. Oh and of course once again Oliver’s secret identity becomes not so secret.

The episode wasn’t just about The Flash vs Arrow, we had a lot more going on as well. Eddie has started a task force for The Flash and Iris decides to stay away from The Flash (thank goodness). And Oliver runs into his baby mummy! Ever since season 2 of Arrow we’ve been waiting to see when they bring up this whole story line again, and it seems they have started it. Oliver doesn’t know he has a child, and I’m really curious to see how they bring this story in with the other arcs. Will Oliver have ANOTHER love interest? I don’t expect much development on this until later in season 3 of Arrow, but it was good to see that they haven’t just forgotten about this story arc.

Then we got that little scene at the end of The Flash episode 8: Firestorm! And he doesn’t look like he’s going to be quite the hero yet. His powers look okay for the time being, but expect that to change. The Flash show will continue to evolve the look of all it’s super powered characters. The producers have already said that The Flash’s costume will change by the end of the season, so I expect some serious changes to happen to Firestorm, especially when he comes to his true hero form. I’m looking forward to his introduction on the show, I’m sure it will shift some dynamics. Is evil Firestorm going to transform Caitlin into her evil comic persona, Killer Frost? Who knows quite yet, but either way his character will be a great addition.

diggle the flash episode 8Oh and I just have to give a little shout out to Diggle this episode. Man was he funny! I would probably react the exact same way if I were him, how can you get used to a guy who can run that fast!

Overall The Flash episode 8: Flash vs Arrow was a really great episode, and has made me super excited for the Brave and the Bold episode.

Anyways what did you think about Flash vs Arrow? Do you want to see more crossover episodes? Let me know!

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