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Let’s Discuss the Official Suicide Squad Cast Shall We?

official suicide squad cast

(Photo from Variety) Joker-Deadshot-Harley Quinn-Rick Flag-Enchantress-Captain Boomerang

So you’ve probably heard, the Suicide Squad film has officially been cast. And what a cast it is! I have a lot of thoughts about this cast list, so let’s breakdown the official Suicide Squad cast.

I’ve been pretty excited about this Suicide Squad movie ever since it was first rumoured (if fact that was my first blog post), so to finally have an official cast list is pretty great. We already have heard all these names before in rumours from the last few months, but now we finally know what our official Suicide Squad cast is:

Jared Leto – The Joker

jared leto the joker

Okay so this one we already pretty much knew. The rumour about Jared Leto playing the Joker has been floating around for a while now, and the way he had been dodging the questions made it seem pretty likely he was playing the Joker. And as I already discussed, when the rumour first surfaced, I think he’s going to be great! Jared Leto is obviousy a great actor, he’s won an Oscar and has been in some pretty great films over the years. And there’s this sense of craziness that you get when you see Jared Leto. Maybe it’s because he’s also a rockstar, but he just seems so whacky to me, and well so is the Joker.

But the Joker isn’t just whacky, he also has an intensity to him. And I really think Jared Leto will really be able to bring that intensity out. From movies such as Requiem for a Dream you can see that Jared Leto knows how to bring out that intensity as well. And Jared Leto may have a baby face, but he’s actually older than Ben Affleck, so it makes sense, considering we know that Batman’s been around for a while, it’s most likely that so has the Joker as well. Word is we’re going to hear about the Joker in Batman v Superman, but we won’t actually see him. It’s safe to say that in this universe that Batman and the Joker probably have an intricate past, which is going to be fascinating to see play out. We have never seen in live action, a Joker and a Batman that have known each other for that long. Their relationship gets really interesting the longer they know each other. First the Joker loves Batman and thinks they’re best buddies, but after a decade of Batman getting in his way he reallyyyy starts to despise the guy and will do anything to try and kill him (as seen in the current Batman run). And of course the question is, what will his role be in the film? Will he be a member? That’s seems pretty weird, because the Joker isn’t really a team player.

Will Smith – Deadshot

deadshot new 52

Moving on to our next official Suicide Squad cast member, Will Smith is Deadshot. Hrmmmmm out of all the cast, this is the one I’m most reluctant about. I love Deadshot. He’s one of my favourite comic characters, and when Tom Hardy’s name floated around for the Suicide Squad movie, my heart became set on Hardy playing Deadshot. Now we heard that Will Smith was rumoured to be in the film, but I honestly didn’t think he would do it. But of course if he were to do it, he’s has to be the main Suicide Squad member, otherwise he wouldn’t have signed on. So it makes sense that he’s Deadshot, but I’m just not convinced about it yet.

Look Will Smith is a great actor, but maybe I was just too set on Hardy playing Deadshot, that I don’t feel this Deadshot casting yet. The thing about Deadshot is that he’s more than just another Batman villain. In fact I wouldn’t even call him a Batman villain anymore because he hardly even sees the guy anymore in the comics. Deadshot can be cocky, but he is also incredibly smart and strategic. He seems as though he doesn’t care about anything or anyone, but he’s actually incredibly caring for the people close to him. There’s this balance of lightness and darkness in the Deadshot character, that I do think Will Smith can pull off. So although I’m not 100% with this casting yet, I will give him a chance.

Tom Hardy – Rick Flag


He’s backkkkk. Yep, Tom Hardy is back in the DC cinematic universe, as a character who will hopefully be coherent this time. Rick Flag isn’t a part of the new 52 Suicide Squad so I’m surprised he’s here, considering the new DC movies seem to following more of a new 52 route. Rick Flag is an interesting character, who has such a great dynamic with Amanda Waller and Deadshot. Oh I cannot wait for those interactions. And you know we’re going to get some really great character interactions in this movie. David Ayer who’s writing it, is great with character interactions as seen in movies like End of Watch and Fury, so I’m super excited to see how he writes these characters.

Anyways back to Tom Hardy, great choice! Even though I wanted him to play Deadshot, he’s going to kill it as Rick Flag. The one thing you need to know about Rick Flag is that he is superrrr dodgy. He doesn’t care what he does, as long as the job gets done. And him and Amanda Waller together is just plain trouble. Rick Flag is very strategic and cold. He doesn’t really have any sense of empathy and I can really see Tom Hardy pulling off his character. We know he can play a villain, but Rick Flag and Bane are very different characters, so I’m interested to see how he plays Flag.

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

official suicide squad cast

The next official Suicide Squad cast member is Margot Robbie. I already wrote at length about this a few weeks ago when Collider confirmed it so you can read about my 5 reasons why Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is great post here.

Jai Courtney – Captain Boomerang

official suicide squad cast

Okay I just have to laugh at something first. Variety reported that Jai Courtney was up for the role of Deadshot, and Will Smith was up for the role of Captain Boomerang, a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I read that I thought for sure they mixed it up. I mean hello, Jai Courtney is Australian, as if you wouldn’t get the Australian guy to play Captain freaking Boomerang! I love Captain Boomerang. He’s such an idiot, but he thinks he is one of the greatest villains ever. He’s had an interesting time in the comics recently. He thought Amanda Waller made him the leader of the Suicide Squad. So naturally his already huge ego got bigger. Turned out it was all a trap. Yeah stuff like that always happens to him.

Him and Deadshot do not get along at all, so the intereaction between Courtney and Smith will be fun to see. I just hope they don’t go all gritty on his character. He’s the comic relief of the team. And with David Ayer penning the script, I’m sure he’ll keep that aspect. I’m not sure if Jai Courtney can pull this type of character off yet though. All I’ve really seen him in is Divergent, and he was pretty wooden in that. And apparently he isn’t much better in his other films. But, people say he’s actually very charismatic in the TV show Spartacus, so if he can bring that charisma to the role, then hopefully he will make a great Captain Boomerang.

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

official suicide squad cast

So this official Suicide Squad cast member is quite interesting. Cara Delevingne was rumoured for Harley Quinn, but turns out she’s playing Enchantress. I’m pretty surprised about this character’s inclusion, and don’t really know much about her, but I am glad that there isn’t just one token female member on the team. Enchantress has been part of the Suicide Squad before, and her inclusion in the film is our first step into the magical side of the DC universe (bring on Justice League Dark!). I’ve never seen Cara act in anything before, so I can’t really judge her yet, but looking at the cast list, it seems as though they have gone for top talent, so I guess I’m just going to have to trust this casting.

Anyways Suicide Squad is easily my second most anticipated comic book movie (behind Batman v Superman of course) and it looks like they really have the talent behind this movie to make it work. As long as they stick to the roots of the Suicide Squad, and don’t make it too flashy, even with all these big names, it should be a really great film.

So what do you think about the official Suicide Squad cast? Are you happy with what character’s they have chosen to be on the team? Let me know!

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  1. I am so excited now that they got the casting announced. I’m kinda a huge Will Smith fan so that part excites me, Tom Hardy being back is GREAT 🙂 and Margot Robbie is probably the best casting they could do for Harley Quinn. The rest i’m on the fence about but those three I am PUMPED for


    • I can’t say I’m as enthusiastic as you about Will Smith, but he is a great actor. Yes super excited for Tom Hardy, and they couldn’t have gotten a better actress for Harley. Really excited for this movie! 🙂

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