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The Flash 2X09 Discussion: Welcome Wally West

the flash season 2 episode 9 review discussion wally west

The Flash season 2 episode 9 brought back some familiar faces in this festive episode. Family once again played a big part as Wally West finally made his debut. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 9!

Spoilers follow.

So what do Flash’s Rogues do for Christmas? Plot to kill Flash of course! This episode saw the return of Weather Wizard teaming up with Trickster and Captain Cold to try to kill The Flash. We already know that Captain Cold isn’t one for killing without purpose (and him and Barry are totally frenemies) so he decides to skip this one.

It was important to show that even with the opportunity, Captain Cold decided to take the high road on this one. Sure he didn’t give them any useful details on how to stop Weather Wizard and Trickster, but hey one step at a time. We know that Cold will be joining the Legends of Tomorrow, so begins his path from a villain to a sort-of hero. 

It was a lot of fun seeing Weather Wizard and Trickster teaming up this episode. Sure they’re not really characters with a lot of depth, but Rogues vs The Flash is always great to see. The thing to know about Rogues is that their life pretty much revolves around The Flash. We even saw in Trickster’s cell all his obsessive drawings of The Flash. So it would probably be in their best interest to not kill The Flash, because what else will they do with their life after that?

the flash season 2 episode 9 review discussion captain cold

And with the presence of Weather Wizard came Patty’s path for vengeance. Similar to Barry, Patty was consumed with the need to kill Weather Wizard for her father. But as Barry knows all to well, that doesn’t help with the pain. But with Weather Wizard now in prison, it probably won’t be long until him and a couple of other villains break out again.

The episode also saw the team put a lot more trust in Harry. He helped them stop the bombs, and Barry even invited him over for Christmas. But of course once everyone starts being happy family is when things are at their worst. Harry is now helping Zoom. Zoom wants to “fatten” Flash up so that he has even more power to steal.

Now the whole Harrison Wells being secretly evil thing has already been done before. I think we’ll see Harry eventually tell Team Flash and help them find a way to stop Zoom. Although this episode was a little too Zoom-light for my liking, I hoping that after the break we’ll find out more about his character.

The other major part of the episode was the reveal of Wally West. They’ve been building up to his introduction for a while, so it’s great to finally see him. The question is now, what role will Wally West play in the show? It’s assumed that he will eventually get the powers of the Speed Force as well.

the flash season 2 episode 9 wally west

I’m curious as to what characterisation of Wally they will go with. His character has changed a lot in the recent comics, and they seem to be sticking with those changes. It probably won’t be a while until he becomes a Speedster, so until them I’m sure we’ll see a lot of West family bonding. And now that we have Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and Wally West (and also Jessie Quick), who’s next? Will we be seeing a certain kid from the future come around as well? It looks like The Flash is more than happy to have all the Speedsters from the comics on the show.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 9 was another fun episode, but it would have been good to see more from Zoom. With Wally West now in the picture, dynamics will start to change. Looking forward to seeing how he fits in with the rest of the show!


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  1. I know it was only a few seconds, but I just got so excited that Wally FINALLY showed up. So far it was a good first impression and hopefully he won’t be such a jerkoff like in New 52.

    As for Captain Cold, I know this leaned more to his role in LOT, but I can’t help feeling that will only be temporary. Barry said that Snart was too proud to admit that he was thankful for saving his sister or something like that, so I’m guessing that if there’s ever a future Flash season where Flash and the Rogues go to war with each other, it’ll be because Captain Cold blames Flash for something, like his sister possibly getting killed. That’s just my guess.


    • Yeah it was such a big moment to have Wally. Him in the New 52 wasn’t that great, so hopefully they don’t rely too heavily on that.
      Yeah Captain Cold won’t ever be completely good, I’m guessing there will always be a back and forth between him and Flash


  2. Well, I believe that in the comics that Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) had to be defeated by a combination of speedsters, who pooled together their collective Speed Force energy and gave it all to Wally West (Flash of the time). Since Zoom is shown to be far faster than any other speedster, it’s possible that they might have Wally become a speedster very soon for that purpose, though I actually hope that’s not the case.


    • Hmm could be, but I don’t want them to rush Wally becoming a Speedster either. For sure Jay will have his powers by then to stop Zoom as well, so I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to put Wally in the action as well


      • There’s also the possibility of actually heading over to Earth-2 at some point, so we might see someone else join in the fight – they’ve been tantalising us with a potential Jesse Quick appearance as well, but we haven’t seen much of her yet so it would be quite shoehorned in if she and Wally were to spontaneously become speedsters, conveniently in time for the final showdown.

        But speaking of Earth-2, I was wondering if you could check out this post of mine when I’m free, and give your thoughts on the matter:

        It would be very much appreciated :).


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