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Fantastic Four Trailer Discussion: Unique superhero or generic sci-fi movie?

fantastic four trailer discussionSo we recently (finally) got our first look at the upcoming Fantastic Four movie (or should I say the Fantfourstic movie) and I’m trying to decide whether the trailer given to us makes the film look like a cool unique superhero movie, or another same old generic sci-fi movie. So lets discuss the Fantastic Four trailer!

The opening of the Fantastic Four trailer gives us shots of random landscapes, buildings, mountains, houses, stars. Obviously those shots are creating a dichotomy between the natural landscape and man-made landscape, which seems to fit what the overall theme of the film looks to be: the risks of taking science too far. 

The voice over says “how did we get this far? Human beings have an unmeasurable desire to discover…to build”. So the voice over gives us the classic plot of many sci-fi movies. Humanity’s yearning for knowledge, and how our hubris and ruthless search for knowledge can ultimately cause our demise. Ever since Frankenstein was written we’ve heard that story over and over again.

And I don’t know is it just me or did this trailer remind you a little of the Interstellar trailer?

Anyways we then see shots of astronauts being closed into chambers. “Our future depends on us furthering these ideas”. We then see government people looking at plans for something. Maybe connected to what creates the Fantastic Four. And again that is a shot we’ve seen over and over again. Military and the government doing crazy shit just because they can.

fantastic four trailerThen we get a look at our new Fantastic Four doing…well random stuff. “Responsibility rests on the shoulders of generations to come”, the voice over emphasising that this is a new generation of Fantastic Four. 

After this we get to the climax of the trailer, where the whole risk of taking science too far thing can be seen. We see burning astronauts, The Thing being created, Kate Mara crying, it’s all very dramatic showing us that humans sometimes take knowledge and science too far.

Also just want to say those scenes with Miles Teller reaching out and stuff, that background looks not so good, so obviously the effects have a little while to go.

FF_Still_Stretch_ItOur last shot is of the group and that last looks pretty great.

Overall though I’m just not buying this trailer. I feel like this film is almost ashamed it’s a superhero movie. And I know it’s just the first trailer, so we’ll see more of the group actually in action later, but everything in the trailer just felt like it comes out of every other sci-fi movie out there.

However the sole purpose of this trailer was to show people, that hey, this is a new Fantastic Four, and it’s not like the last ones. It’s a serious movie. Which you can tell from the gritty, blue-filtered, nature of the trailer. And that’s fine by me. I have never read a Fantastic Four comic in my life, so I’m not overly bothered by the darker nature of the film, however if you’re going to make a superhero movie, I feel like the trailer should feel a little more heroic, and less like a dystopian sci-fi flick. But I guess that’s the direction they want to go for, so we’ll see how the final product turns out.

fantastic four movie johnny stormAnd even though the trailer hasn’t completely won me over yet, it looks like it has converted a lot of the haters. surprisingly there’s been a lot of positive feedback from the trailer.

But what did you think of the Fantastic Four trailer? Are you looking forward to the movie now? Let me know!

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  1. Pretentious nonsense. And no, it’s not just you, one of the first things I wrote about it is that it is so generic, if there wouldn’t be Fantastic Four written on it I would believe that it is made for Interstellar 2 or Terminator 5.

    The thing is what I really expect of a teaser is that it tells me what the movie is about. What is the angle. And the trailer didn’t deliver that at all. And for someone who hasn’t followed the news concerning the fantastic four at all it must have been downright confusing of the “who are those people and why should I care about them” variety.


    • Agree with swanpride. I haven’t a clue what the premise of the movie is, which is not a good sign, but perhaps not the end of the world considering it’s the first trailer.

      Overall, I’m not optimistic.

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    • Yeah it’s like the want to really distance themselves from the Fantastic Four name because of the last films, which is not the greatest idea because it does just cause confusion.


  2. Agreed on the Interstellar thing. It’s that “van on dirt road interspersed with sci-fi crap” feel. The effects may just not have been done by the time the trailer came out, so I’ll give them some credit there. As for the darkness and stuff, I think I could live with a darker Fantfourstic. At least I’m willing to give it a shot, since the lighter version didn’t really translate to film last time…


    • Yeah I’m all for them going darker if that’s what they want to do, but I just don’t want them to forget they are making a superhero movie not Interstellar 2


  3. I came away from the trailer unexpectedly optimistic about the film. Yes the trailer follows a similar serious and weighty approach that Nolan has popularised (and it is of course no coincidence that Fox’s recent dark superhero future Days of Future Past was name dropped), but I thought the angle on this version was quite clear; this is a film looking to be a melding of near-future-sci-fi-dystopia and classic superheroes. And I think that is pretty unique.

    Sure we’ve seen plenty of movies about the dangers of human exploration and the progress of science, but they tend to be more sober parables without costumed superheroes getting involved. Maybe this film will be like a thought experiment – what if the settings of Interstellar, or The Abyss, or Blade Runner even, had four superheroes with fantastic powers that could tackle the problems of those worlds?

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    • Well I like your optimism! haha but you’re right, it could be a really interesting premise if they handle it the right way. Because it is a superhero property, it could add an unique dynamic to the age old story of the dangers of human exploration, so I’m curious to see how they go about it


  4. For months now, this movie has had so much backlash with every little announcement and comment about it’s themes and productions. The idea that this movie will treat their superpowers as disabilities sounds discouraging, and the idea of Dr.Doom being a blogger just seems wrong.

    The trailer doesn’t look quite as bad as I thought it would, but then again this is a teaser. If anything, it just carries a depressing tone, and if it’s anything like the movie, Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot will miss one of the central points of the whole franchise – fun. They’ve had their more epic plots and darker moments sure, but the Fantastic Four is meant to be a fun, adventurous superhero team that’s all about discovery.

    The movie might be alright, but from everything I’ve heard about it, this wouldn’t have half the backlash it’s receiving if it wasn’t called Fantastic Four. I wasn’t looking forward to it before, and this trailer has not changed my opinion in that regard.


    • I think the trailer didn’t look as bad as we thought it would be because we had such low expectations haha. Hopefully because this is just the first trailer we will see a lighter, more Fantasticy Four tone in the next trailer.


      • “Hopefully because this is just the first trailer we will see a lighter, more Fantasticy Four tone in the next trailer.”
        I’ll be crossing my fingers that this will be the case but I have a bad feeling this will not transpire. Oh well, if the film flops at least the rights will go back to Marvel. And then we can get a Fantastic Four comic again!


  5. The trailer interested me to a degree. It revealed nothing of the story in my opinion, and definitely evoked a dark tone, which is sort of a downer to me because soooooo many superhero flicks these days go for the dark tone. Dark works for Batman and the X-men, but I’d much rather see a lighter tone to the Fantastic Four. I actually liked the previous films (although I felt that Jessica Alba was miscast) but knew that they could have been better. I’d really love to see the Silver Surfer get a film of his own as well, but I doubt that that will happen.


    • Yeah I don’t know if i’m entirely convinced a darker tone will work for the Fantastic Four
      Haha I can’t say I was a fan of the previous films, but at least they understood the spirit of the team.
      A Silver Surfer film could be interesting, depending on how this movie goes i guess determines if that’s going to ever happen


  6. I am intrigued. It had been clear since the main cast had been announced that this is not going to be a traditional classic superhero version of the FF, so I wasn’t expecting it to look like that anyway. I’m willing to judge this film on its own merits (or lack thereof).


  7. First, I’m not a hater, but a big fan of the F4, the original comic that is, which is still great reading today. Lee and Kirby did an amazing 100 issue run of classic stories – enough material to make ten films easily.

    Fantastic Four is an odd comic (and here I refer to the original 60s comic) that really
    worked best in its era. There is no modern day comparison I can think of in film, tv, novels or comics.

    The Fantastic Four movie I would most like to see is one set in the 60s, a period film.
    Some people – such as Savage Dragon creator and writer and IMAGE dude Erik Larsen
    suggested this idea like a decade ago, and its makes sense.

    The best thing would be if Marvel got to make the F4 movie, as it is the quintessential
    book that kicked off what we know as modern Marvel comics, along with Spider-Man, these
    two properties are their flagship titles and characters, less so today, but in the 60s
    these two books really meant something to a lot of people. not just kids, but
    university students were responding to the material, and writing letters to the comics
    which didn’t have letters pages then, but started printing the letters)

    The Thing is my favourite of the F4, like the Hulk, he is another modern day
    Frankenstein’s monster, freak, an outcast etc. Unlike the weak willed selfish Hulk/Banner, The Thing / Ben Grimm has a heart of gold. Of all the Marvel characters, his is the most compassionate in my view. I am not saying he is the Dalai Lama or anything, he’s a big burly
    unselfish blue collar guy who speaks his mind and not afraid to express his love for his family.
    He’s an old school rough neck macho male who is in touch with his feelings.

    I feel that The Thing is Marvels most under-appreciated, misunderstood and under-used gem.

    Sue and Reed are husband and wife. Johnny Storm is Sue’s impulsive womanising kid
    hot rod driving kid brother. Ben Grimm / The Thing is Reed’s friend. The Fantastic Four are a family first, and superhero team second.

    The original comics have loads of humour, and loads of dark stuff, like when Galactus tries to eat the planet, which is a bad idea, because as The Tick says in his parody of the same storyline “You can’t eat the planet, that’s where all my stuff is!”

    Dr Doom is one of Reed Richard’s closest friends. The relationship goes back and parallels Xaviers and Magneto’s, and comes down to ideological differences. This relationship is central to the Fantastic Four comic.

    Doom believes he should rightfully rule the world, and he might actually not do a bad job of it if given the chance. Like Lex Luthor he becomes consumed with silly schemes, but putting his intelligence/genius to a better use, he is very capable of doing just about anything, and as much a genius as Tony Stark, Reed, Banner, or Xavier. He has helped as much as hindered superheroes over the years in the Marvel U, like Magneto he has teamed up begrudgingly to help stop the world ending on multiple occasions.

    Making the new film ‘dark’ (assuming that it is) in my view is a mistake. The Fantastic Four had big laughs, was lighter in tone than the original Avengers and the X-Men comics, but also dealt with real life issues, without bashing you in the head with them (like the Spider-Man comics). The Fantastic Four lose and fail, just as much as they “save the day”.

    Should Fantastic Four be more like Interstellar or more like Arrested Development and Family Ties? Easy – it should me more like a family ensemble comedy where bad shit happens (like the world ending) and they have to stop it, then get back to their usual domestic life and shenanigans. They fight and squabble and joke all along the way.

    Making them teenagers you lose that whole family dynamic of a married couple, the kid brother and the grooms best friend who all live and fight together, and all the awkwardness that implies. Again, Arrested Develpment is the closest modern thing I can think of, a comedy of errors and discomfort, except that the F4 actually love each other, whereas in Arrested Development the characters are all basically selfish. Yes, even Michael.

    ‘Dark’ to me suggests the wrong tone altogether, and that FOX is clueless as usual as to what to do with the property, and is heading towards the tone of recent Batman and Superman films which were ‘dark’ and made money. I see no other legitimate reason the film would go in that direction.

    The less said about Ultimate Fantastic Four, the better. Did not care for that book at all. Ultimates was great (the Avengers book) Ultimate Spidey was awesome, but the Ultimate Fantastic Four book was a big let down. I am sad that one of my all time favourite Marvel books and characters look like they are getting the shaft for the (not ironic) fourth time.

    If for no other reason than people will keep missing out on some great comics, and get a false impression of one of Marvels greatest books. It has the potential to be BETTER than the Avengers, to be an all ages crowd heart warming crowd pleaser that promotes family values, while having super-powered battles and excitement and all the good stuff from other comic book movies.


    • I agree in that Fantastic Four should mainly have the whole dysfunctional family thing going for them, but it’s clear why Fox are going this way. The first Fantastic Four films, which were super light and funny, weren’t received well at all. So now they are going a little darker, however I still think that the overall film won’t be as dark as the trailers are presenting it as being. The 2nd trailer showed a little bit more of that family dynamic, so I’m hoping the movie focuses more on that, and less on making it serious. I don’t mind them making it a little bit more serious, but as long as it has the heart that Fantastic Four should have, then I’m good

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