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Arrow Season 3 Episode 9: Lazarus Pit Exists?

arrow lazarus pitArrow season 3 episode 9, the mid-season finale, had me completely shocked, venturing away from the cliched bad guy vs hero fight, they did something pretty damn ballsy. So thanks to the Arrow writers for that, but some people are a little confused about that ending, so let’s discuss the season 3 mid season finale of Arrow. (Major spoilers to follow)

So Oliver Queen is dead! Okay maybe not really, he most likely did just die, but don’t worry, in true comic book fashion he will be back. How can I be so sure? Because it was basically confirmed in Arrow season 3 episode 9 that the Lazarus Pit does in fact exist.

First lets briefly get into what the Lazarus Pit is. The Lazarus Pit is mainly used by our good friend, Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s Al Ghul can be killed, but that doesn’t stop him from living for hundreds of years. This is where the Lazarus Pit comes from. In the comics, Ra’s is normally hundreds of years old but hardly ages because the naturally occurring pit full of regenerative chemicals sustains him. In the mid season finale of Arrow, Ra’s told Oliver that he hasn’t been in that kind of a duel for nearly 67 years. But wait? The guy definitely doesn’t look that old at all, so it seems like show has basically told us that Ra’s hasn’t aged that much, because he is using the Lazarus Pit.

arrow season 3 episode 9 lazarus pitOnce he said that I knew the Pit existed, but I still did not expect that ending. I thought they would do what most shows and films do when it comes to a fight between the bad guy and the hero. The fight seems pretty equal, and it isn’t an easy fight either, but eventually the hero beats the bad guy. So I thought they will probably just do that in Arrow, give us a cool scene between Ra’s and Arrow but eventually Oliver would win. But lets be honest, this is Ra’s Al freaking Ghul. In the show, he may have been training for hundreds of years. Oliver is good, but he isn’t that good. So just when we thought maybe Oliver has won the fight with Ra’s, Oliver gets stabbed through the chest (what is with the Queen family and swords huh). Ra’s then drops him over the cliff and then that’s the end of the episode.

arrow lazarus pitStephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, jokingly tweeted “It’s been a good run”, clearly some people have taken that as serious and are shocked they killed off the main character. But they didn’t! Oliver Queen will most likely be resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. Or they will do the crap thing, and say that he actually survived all of that, and now he is in the middle of nowhere trying to live. I mean I know Oliver Queen has been through some stuff, but I don’t think even Batman can survive being stabbed in the chest and then being thrown off a cliff. But I guess they could go that route, but after hinting at the Lazarus Pit it makes sense to use it.

Now I’m not really a fan of killing characters and bringing them back to life, but I would much rather them use the Pit than saying he actually somehow survived all that.

So now that Oliver Queen is dead, how quickly will he come back? Well that’s the interesting thing. In a recent discussion on the Arrow After Show Stephen Amell said that for 3 episodes after the mid-season finale, his character will only appear through flashbacks, and that the main focus of those three episodes will be on the Laurel/Black Canary character. So we may be going through 3 episodes of Arrow being dead! Now that is something! Now that we are in season 3, it’s easy for the writers to get a little bit complacent, but this is definitely mixing things up a bit.

So 3 episodes later, Oliver Queen will come back after being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit and all is good again. Well probably not. The thing about the Lazarus Pit is that it messes with people’s minds. Typically the Pit has been used by Batman characters. Jason Todd, the second Robin, was put into it after he died, and when he came back to life he was crazy and hellbent on revenge. Recently Damian Wayne, Bruce’s kid and another Robin who died, was put into the Pit, and we know now that he’s got superpowers! Which probably isn’t going to end well. Either way if they resurrect Oliver through the Pit, he won’t be the same. There will probably be a few episodes of Oliver slowly losing his mind before he completely snaps, and then they will find some miracle drug that cures him and all is good again.

arrow season 3 episode 9 lazarus pitOh and I haven’t even talked about the Thea reveal in Arrow season 3 episode 9. I called it! Thea killed Sara, but was under mind control so I guess it’s okay? Thea is probably going to become evil, characters tend to get haircuts before they become evil (just ask Ward from Agents of Shield). I would prefer if they make Thea a villain rather than another costumed hero, just to mix it up a bit. Because now we have Roy and Oliver, and soon we will have Laurel and Ray as all costumed heroes, so lets get some more villain action going!

Anyways what did you think about Arrow season 3 episode 9? Do you think Oliver is dead and will be resurrected through the Lazarus Pit? Let me know!

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  1. Pretty much my thoughts exactly …even with the hinting to the pit the ending was still shocking as hell and the scene with Felicity was Awesome …it was a great episode probably one of my favourite mid season finales so far


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