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Why 2017 is an Important Year for Superhero Movies

2017 superhero movies important

Now that January has come and almost gone, it’s nearly time for the superhero movie season. Just like last year, 2017 is also an important year for superhero movies. So here are some things to consider before the comic book movie madness begins!

Testing the relevance of the X-Men universe

logan 2017 superhero movies

X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t a failure, but it didn’t do that well either. It went on to gross $544 million worldwide which ain’t a bad number. But when you consider the fact that Days of Future Past grossed over $200 million more than that, the picture doesn’t look so pretty anymore. It’s clear when hearing discussions of the film, that fatigue is starting to set in for this universe.

Fox can’t just rely on Deadpool to carry everything for them, they need the other X-Men films to perform strongly as well. Logan will be a good test to see how audience interest is surrounding this universe. Keep in mind, the first time we saw Wolverine was in 2000! Now it’s 2017! That’s insane! The fact that it’s been going on this long is incredible, but the question is, how much longer can it go on for? Watching out for how Logan is received and how it performs can be a good indicator for the future of the X-Men films (even though Logan is set in a different universe apparently).

Seeing if Wonder Woman can stand toe-to-toe with Batman and Superman

wonder woman 2017 superhero movies

We’ve seen numerous Batman and Superman movies. Warner Bros keeps going back to them because they are basically guaranteed success. Now not every film is an overwhelming success, but Batman and Superman films are normally a safe bet. The DC trinity are considered to be Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Yet Wonder Woman has been a very unrepresented part of that trinity. So now it’s time to see if she can truly stand on her own.

Obviously, she will be coming off Batman v Superman, so she’ll already have that momentum for her film. But this time there’s no Batman or Superman to help sell her, the film will need to draw audiences just for her character. Honestly, I don’t think that will be difficult to do. Most people have heard of Wonder Woman, and so that brand recognition is already very helpful. The big obstacle really is the tarnished DCEU name. Many don’t trust the brand after the last 3 films, so they may be hesitant to go see Wonder Woman. Hopefully the film is well received by both critics and fans which will allow it to make the big bucks.

Will the new Spider-Man surpass the past Spider-Men?

spider-man homecoming 2017 superhero movies

Revenue for the Spider-Man films has been going down over the past few years. They still perform quite well, but the trend has been downwards, which is not what the studios want to see. This time things are a bit different. It’s not just Spider-Man anymore, it’s Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a huge advantage for the franchise, and will surely lead to increased box office intake. The new Spider-Man was already well received in Civil War, so leading into his own movie should be fine.

What’s important is how this Spider-Man will be differentiated from the past ones. Yes it’s the same character, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be different, interesting interpretations of him. Take Batman for example, how many interpretations of that character have we seen? It’s partly why he’s been able to stay so relevant and popular for so long. So what’s going to make this Spider-Man standout? Well it helps that Tom Holland is age-appropriate for the character. The film is said to be inspired by John Hughes movies, so it’ll definitely have that youthful feel.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy a one hit wonder?

guardians of the galaxy vol 2 2017 superhero movies

Guardians of the Galaxy worked partly because it was unexpected. People didn’t really know the property, and it was definitely one of the weirder comic book films to come out. It was that novelty alongside the trendy soundtrack that really helped it become the hit it did. However, if the same thing is rehashed, that novelty is gone. Obviously, you still want the charm from the first one, but it needs to differentiate itself from the previous film as well. Although the film looks like it’ll be a lot of fun either way, so I can’t imagine the film doing poorly. And really, has any Marvel Studios film ever done poorly?

Is Thor still an important character in the MCU?

thor ragnarok 2017 superhero movies

Thor didn’t make an appearance in Civil War unlike most of his other Avengers buddies, and whilst we did see him in Avengers: Age of Ultron, his last solo outing was in 2013. And to be honest, Thor: The Dark World was a pretty forgettable movie itself. So now it’s his time to shine once again. With Infinity War, it’ll be interesting to see what role Thor will play in the MCU moving forward. Characters like Captain America and Iron Man have played pivotal roles in the universe, and seem to be the main players. Thor on the other hand is in his own little world, so it’ll be good to see him reconnect with the larger storylines again.

Will Snyder redeem himself?

justice league 2017 superhero movies

Whilst I’m a fan of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, there’s also a lot of people who are not. And many are baffled by WB’s decision to allow Snyder to take on Justice League Part One and Part Two. And of course, the rumours are already starting, that Justice League is a mess, confused as to what it wants to be. Unfortunately, when these rumours for Batman v Superman surfaced, they ended up being true, so it is slightly concerning. The problem is that WB seem to be deciding what direction they want to take with these films after they’ve finished filming them. So that leads to messy editing that upsets the overall cohesion of the film.

So really we can’t put all the blame on Snyder, the overall direction from WB seems to be out of order. Snyder isn’t one to talk publicly about issues behind the scenes, so if WB do interfere with Snyder on Justice League and things don’t go well, we won’t ever hear the real story. There’s no way you can say that Snyder was all to blame for what happened with Batman v Superman. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how Justice League is received.

Overall it’ll be an interesting year for superhero movies, here’s hoping there’s less drama and more loved films!

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  1. I think it is time to finish the current X-men franchise and do a proper reboot. A fresh start, with a different concept…thankfully they can just keep Deadpool even through a reboot (though I wonder if the Deadpool joke won’t get old during the second movie).

    I fear that the numbers of Wonder Woman will suffer greatly due to the bad reputation of the DCEU…I can already see a lot of people claiming that it will happen because she is a woman, but the true reason will be the baggage they put on her. But the movie itself is kind of a wild card.

    The other Wild Card is Thor….let’s be honest here, the Thor franchise is after the Hulk franchise the weakest in the MCU. But putting those characters together so that they can play off each other might do the trick.

    Snyder can’t redeem himself. He was never a good director in the first place, and I will be very surprised if Justice League isn’t a mess of tonal shifts, strange editing and at least two storylines fighting with each other.

    Spiderman: Homecoming I think will do better than the last Spider-man movies, but if it will reach the highest Spider-man numbers remains to be seen. Ironman will give the numbers a push for sure, though.

    I have the feeling that GotG will become a viable franchise along the lines of Star Wars. In fact, it might still be around when the MCU has already petered out. But then…the expectations for this one are so high, the audience might set itself up for disappointment.


  2. I’m mainly confident about “Logan”, since I’ve liked the trailers so far. While Hugh Jackman takes his final bow as Wolverine, here’s hoping that X-23’s film debut kicks off with a bang. With “Wonder Woman”, I’m also mainly confident. However, it has the double baggage of saving the DC Extended Universe and finally giving us a good superheroine film. Spidey should have no problem with his first solo MCU film and Guardians Vol. 2 looks promising! Here’s hoping Thor can finally surpass the solo magic that he originally had the first time around, while I hope and pray that Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder are on the same page for Justice League.


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