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Can we say it now, is DC’s Rebirth a success?

is dc rebirth a success?

So July sales for comics have come in, and things are looking pretty amazing for DC. DC is now the number one comic publisher, and it is a big deal. Marvel have been dominating that title since 2013, so let’s take a look at what made DC’s Rebirth such a big success.

First of all, let’s take a look at the top 20 comics from the month. As you can see 18 out of the 20 titles are DC.


In comparison let’s look at July 2015. Marvel took 12 of the top 20 spots, with DC merely taking 4.

is dc rebirth a success?


The obvious culprits like Batman and Justice League are selling well, but it’s also great to see titles like Batgirl and New Super-Man do so well in the top 20.

Now DC have had their phases from New 52 to DC You, and although it’s still new, it’s clear that Rebirth is the best one yet. Why? Because they’ve finally found that difficult balance between respecting the past and embracing the future. It’s a tricky balance to accomplish. Look at a character like Superman. There have been so many different iterations of him in the past. People resonate with different aspects of the character. So how in today’s society do you keep writing a character that has been around for so long?

When the New 52 started, they went about it the wrong way. By trying to keep him relevant and modern, they lost the core of Superman and instead we got an annoyingly angsty Superman to begin with (thanks Lobdell). This did improve as the New 52 went on and we finally started to find that balance and I went on to really love New 52 Supes. With Rebirth, it showcases DC’s ability to finally master that balance. With the Rebirth special we saw DC basically proclaim that they were going to start embracing the past of these characters, but continue to look at the future and keep them relevant in today’s world.

Another struggle with the New 52, was the lack of diversity. Art looked very similar in the comics, stories and characters felt very similar. You don’t get that sense in Rebirth. For example, Green Arrow (which has been one of my favourite Rebirth titles so far) has a completely different look and feel to a comic like New Super-Man. And yet both are amazing! Green Arrow has taken Ollie back to his social justice warrior roots, back to Black Canary, and has maintained a unique voice separate from other comics. New Super-Man also has its own unique voice, with a cocky but loveable Chinese kid named Kenan forcibly gaining the powers of Superman.

dc rebirth success new super-man

The driving motto behind DC You was about providing a story for everyone. Yes, the idea behind it was good, but the execution wasn’t there. With Rebirth, there really is a comic for everyone, a quality comic for everyone. Personally, I’ve never picked up so many DC titles.

Helping with DC’s Rebirth success is also their price drop and fortnightly comics. Obviously it’s understandable why comics no longer sell for 10c, but over the last few years we’ve seen the average price of a comic rise, with $3.99 being the base price for most comics. Even though comic book film and TV has exploded, that success hasn’t affected comic book sales too much. However, with DC’s $2.99 initiative, it has helped to make comics affordable again. It means that you now have more money to pick up even more titles to add to your pull list!

Then you have fortnightly comics. DC’s main titles like Batman, Justice League, Superman etc. are now published fortnightly instead of monthly. Consider this, normally we see Batman take the top spot as the bestselling comic with 100,000 units on average. Now we’ll see 2 issues of Batman in the top ten at 100,000 each, that’s a huge win for DC.

This does have its issues, with creative teams being restructured to accompany the extra work-load, but so far we haven’t seen the fortnightly schedule impact the quality of the books.

dc rebirth a success july comic book sales

There’s always the discussion about how long sales for new comics will last. #1s are always nice starting points for readers, hence have a massive rise in sales. It’s a tactic Marvel love to use. But then eventually we start to see the numbers drop, and so we start the cycle again. So I understand people being skeptical over DC’s success with Rebirth. But the overall feeling and conversation surrounding Rebirth is vastly different to conversation when New 52 and DC You was launched.

People are definitely more positive towards Rebirth. There’s finally a sense of faith in DC again (mainly thanks to our lord and saviour Geoff Johns). So this success, I think it’s going to last. As long as DC keeps putting out the quality, it will continue to reflect in sales. We’ve already heard that Harley Quinn #1 this month sold over 400,000 and we also got Suicide Squad #1, All-Star Batman and a lot more potential big sellers this month, so expect to see similar results for DC this month.

And really this is good for Marvel as well. I don’t necessarily expect them to change their prices to $2.99 as well, but they will rethink their overall strategy. The whole constant number 1’s isn’t going to cut it anymore. It did when DC was struggling to find their groove as well, but now that they’re on a roll, Marvel needs to change their strategy.

Anyways let’s just be happy with the quality we’re getting with DC and hope they keep it up because it’s safe to say that Rebirth is a success!

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  1. I thought it was funny when you said about DC keeping it’s prices at 2.99. I remember when comics were 35 then 75 cents and then when it got to 1.99 2.50 (Image Comics) seemed expensive now 2.99 seems like a bargain? I guess it is relative to the times we live in. DC is off to a good start let’s see if they can maintain the start they have . They are up against tight deadlines to produce as frequent as they doing which leaves room for a slip up.But it will be interesting if they can maintain good stories for a long period. They really need to straighten out the Superman mess thought. Who is Superman? Seems like there is 3 …pick one please!


    • I know, it’s weird to think that $2.99 is considered cheap when compared to what comics used to be priced at.
      As for Superman, I’m loving the story line so far, but I do want to find out what happened to New 52 Supes and who the new Clark is already!

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  2. New 52 did mess up a lot of characters, save for Scott Snyder who did an awesome job. I’m actually annoyed with how wonder woman’s origin got messef up, and how barbaric her character became. But with a lot of problems addressed in Rebirth, I’m glad to see DC building on the history instead of changing it all together. Prices are different here in PH, and I never really noticed any changes, but as of now all the signs are pointing to a good thing for Rebirth


    • Well Wonder Woman’s origin is being a little changed again with Rebirth, so we’ll see where they go with that.
      Hmm interesting that the price hasn’t changed there, but yeah so far Rebirth is shaping up to be really good!


      • The tension for WW is killing me, it’s like a Se7en finale, and I’m Brad Pitt shouting “What’s in the box”. Very excited how that story unfolds. And yes, Rebirth is doing fine so far with story decisions.


  3. So far there are definitely some major duds though- Harley Quinn is awful, the Deathstroke run that just finished was awesome (Deathstroke Annual #2 actually one of the best single issues I’ve ever read) and the Rebirth issue of it has me questioning continuing, plus we have Kyle Raynor and Konner Kent missing in action while almost everyone else anyone has ever cared about has a home. . .


    • I heard Kyle Rayner will be in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps series, as for Conner Kent idk what’s going on but I hope they bring him back and to his original characterisation. New 52 Superboy just sucked, got Lobdell to thank for that too.


      • Yeah, New 52 Superboy was a huge injustice to the character.

        I don’t need him to have his own book or even be the star in a team series, I’d just like some kind of acknowledgement of where he is at.

        Rayner might be in GL Corps– would make sense. His last turn through the Omega Men series was great, so I hope he turns up again.


      • I’d like to give them all 6+ issues, but with double shipping and so many titles I am going to have to cut a LOT on my next preorder (Orders September to deliver December).

        For August order to deliver November I spent close to $120 and ordered EVERY Rebirth book and that just doesn’t fit the long term budget, plus I can barely get through them all!


  4. So far I’ve only read the DCU Rebirth one-shot and while I really liked it, I think I’m gonna take a break on the monthlies. New 52/DC You were draining, but I hope Rebirth does well and tries to find that balance between modern and positivity.


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