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Why does Barry save his mum and make constant dumb decisions? The Flash season 2 discussion

why does barry save his mum the flash season 2 finale

It’s been a packed few weeks so I didn’t have time to talk about The Flash season 2 finale, but I do want to talk about one thing: when will Barry stop making such poor decisions?

Spoilers for season 2 follow.

So in The Flash season 2 finale, after some weird time remnant adventures and the defeating of Zoom, Barry decided to do something dumb. Now Barry doing something dumb was a familiar aspect of both seasons. And you know, it was fair enough most times.

He hasn’t been The Flash for long, so a lot of what he does is trial and error. And soon you realise that if Barry wasn’t surrounded by a team of people, he would probably have ended the world a long time ago.

Now I love the show, and although season 2 wasn’t as strong as season 1, it was still pretty good. But that last moment in the season finale, I couldn’t help but fill with an overwhelming case of face palm. Why Barry, why would you think saving your mum would be a good idea?

I get it, he’s been through a lot. He finally found a way to move on from his mother’s death, only for his dad to be killed in front of him. Then to find out that the real Jay Garrick, looks exactly like his dad. Yes, it’s quite the emotional rollercoaster, but still, we’ve been here before.

the flash season 2 finale jay garrick

If this was the first time Barry tried to save his mum, then I would understand. He doesn’t completely understand the implications of his actions (I mean at least go back in time to save your dad, would probably cause less time problems), so that choice would make sense.

But Barry has done this before, and the last time he did it he trusted his future self, and didn’t go through with it. Because he knew that no matter how much he wanted that life, messing with time isn’t a good idea (which is something he learnt the hard way).

Flash forward a few months, and Barry has made the same dumb decision???? Why Barry, why would you save your mum? Yes, his emotional state is wrecked, but really? Does he have no room for rational thought when he’s sad? Does he always need a team of people holding his hand, telling him that it’s a bad idea? Especially with all the time travel commotion that went on this season, and with those damn Time Wraiths, you would think he would have realised by now that messing with time in that way is an incredibly bad decision (Rip Hunter would be flipping out if he knew about this).

Barry was in a really bad place and wants to reset. Saving his mum means growing up with his parents, not Joe and Iris, and never becoming The Flash. That’s why we saw the other Flash erase from existence, Barry is basically a time remnant now. So what’s done is done, and maybe this time we’ll actually follow through with the Flashpoint story line.

Basically what I hope to see in season 3 is a less naïve Barry Allen. It’s time for some growth, but with the changed timeline, how much of an impact will it have?

why did barry save his mum the flash season 2 finale

Will season 3 introduce a completely reset timeline? Or a timeline with some minor and major changes? Remember that DC Comics are going through a Rebirth phase because they changed too much after Flashpoint. So to remove all the character relationships and growth we’ve seen so far would be a mistake. But perhaps the changed timeline will make it easier to change some things people don’t like (no I don’t think Olicity is going away) and introduce some other things (make it easier for Supergirl’s transition).

If they are taking a similar route to the comics, then perhaps we’ll see a few episodes in the really messed up timeline, before Barry goes back in time again to stop himself (hmm how many Flashes will be in that room now), and then when he fixes that things will be slightly different, but no one will realise.

And hopefully after this Barry will finally realise that he shouldn’t mess with the timeline, and to really think about his actions before his commits to them!


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    • Oh wow didn’t notice all the different Flashes. Well he must go back at least one more time to stop season 2 finale self from saving his mum. Things are going to get complicated


  1. I’m kinda wondering whether this will affect the other Arrowverse shows as well. If part of Flash season 3 is taking place in an alternate timeline b4 going back, does the same go for the others? Not that they should follow each other too closely, they’re great being their own things, but still.

    Part of what season 2 was about was summed up in Eobard’s message to Barry, that he’ll never be truly happy, and that’s what happened here. He’s got great friends and family with him, but after going through so much with Zoom, he feels empty and just says “screw it I’m getting my life back”. Only until season 3 will we see Barry realizing the consequences, if at all.

    And dang it, I wanted to see Olicity go away lol. Arrow season 4 was a mess, but the finale did kinda end with the notion that Ollie and Felicity are just going to be partners, not romantic hopefully. Hopefully something like she’s his mix of Alfred and Oracle or something.


    • I don’t know if they’ll show the altnernate timeline in the other shows, but it will have to effect them in some way.
      And yeah very true, Barry has a hard time reconciling with everything that’s happened. I guess it’ll take the timeline collapsing on itself for Barry to realise the extent of his actions.
      Haha well I no longer have any idea what’s happening in Arrow since I ditched the show. But them just being partners should have been what was always the status quo.


      • Plus with an alternate timeline happening there’s also the possibility of “dead” (I say dead in quotes because hardly anyone in these shows stays that way) characters returning like Ronnie Raymond and Eobard Thawne. Not sure about Eddie but wouldn’t surprise me at the same time.


  2. I am actually one of the few people that aren’t upset at Barry for saving his mum I guess. This his mother people, the person who gave him life. Besides heroes makes mistakes, they are always perfect (well some of them aren’t anyways). The way I see it it makes him more human and less like this always perfect hero who always makes the right decision no matter what. I understand why people are upset at him too but I think it has to be more with the mentality of DC vs. Marvel ideology. If that had happen in marvel, no one would bash Barry so much. Characters in marvel make emotional based decisions all the time. But that’s why we love marvel don’t we, they bring characters that are hero but are more humans then heroes. DC on the other hand have always hand a different approach to things. DC is filled with characters that are super good to the core. they make the right decision no matter what and put being a hero before being humans. this why people have always make the compassion of DC and marvel like this: DC has gods trying to be human while marvel has humans trying to be gods. So yeah as a DC fan rage on as to why Barry is so selfish and stupid i see this as just a hero being more human then hero. that’s my opinion anyways 🙂


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