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Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: The haters will still hate, but the likers may now love

batman v superman ultimate edition details

I forgot how exciting it is to get a new Batman v Superman trailer, but alas we have received a new trailer; this time for the Ultimate Edition cut of the film. We have heard a lot about the Ultimate Edition, and now we have a better insight as to what’s in it. So let’s take a look at what we can expect.

Just when you thought you would never see another Batman v Superman trailer, we got another one! Unfortunately, it showed the entire movie so I guess there’s no point watching the movie right? In all seriousness the Ultimate Edition trailer did tease a few things to come in the extended version:

More Clark Kent

batman v superman ultimate edition clark kent

Seeing Clark as an investigative journalist has always been a fascinating aspect of the Superman mythos, but its often something that isn’t focused on as much. Thankfully, it looks like the Ultimate Edition will have a lot more journalist Clark Kent time.

We saw during the shooting of the film that there were scenes of Clark going into Gotham to investigate Batman. Most of this was obviously cut out of the film, and made the conflict seem a little contrived. Extending those Clark Kent scenes means hopefully we’ll see more from Clark’s perspective of Batman; see why Clark disliked him so much, and disagreed with his ways. Obviously we understood generally why Clark had a problem with Batman “Civil liberties are being trampled on”, but they weren’t expanded on enough. Because Superman wasn’t messing around when he told Batman the bat is dead, so what made him so angry? What did he find out?

Jena Malone

batman v superman ultimate edition jena malone character

Okay I’m confused now. I had my mind set on Jena being the female figure during the Knightmare sequence. Batman’s number two, most likely Carrie or Barbara. Looking at the Ultimate Edition trailer however, it looks like she might be playing someone else. Some have theorised that Jena is actually playing Cat Grant. Judging from the dialogue in the trailer, and the way she looked, that could definitely be a possibility. It looked like Jena is at the Daily Planet as a journalist talking to Lois. So it doesn’t really make sense for her to be Barbara.

My question if this is true though, why include Cat Grant but kill off Jimmy? I know, I know, it’s time to move on from the Jimmy Olsen death, but it doesn’t make sense. Snyder claims he wanted to kill off Jimmy because there was no place for him, yet there is for Cat? Obviously I’m still salty about the Jimmy death, maybe one day I will get over it, maybe one day.

Aftermath of the Capitol bombing

is dceu snyder handling superman right

We saw the emotional pain Superman was in after the bomb went off, however we didn’t see the direct aftermath of it. Although it will probably be a short scene, it looks like we’ll see Superman helping with the recovery after the event. Again this is something a lot of people commented on, so the extension of this scene will be good to see. It’s easy to feel that Superman was overly distant throughout the movie; seeing him interact with people more like this will add a lot to our sense of his character.

Expanding on the Africa plot

batman v superman ultimate edition details

The Africa plot was a much discussed issue after Batman v Superman came out. A lot of people were confused as the what the point of it. Lois and her bullet investigating, the village being angry at Superman even though it was clearly guns that killed the people, many didn’t really feel like the plot worked. Again it seemed convoluted because it was cut. Considering the major backbone this thread in the plot was, I feel like the film will be more cohesive with the additional scenes supporting this plot.

These look like the main additions so far. I think the extra running time will come from the short extending of many of the scenes that were cut from the theatrical run. Such as the Clark/kitchen scene, which abruptly came and went in the theatrical run, however will be longer in the Ultimate Cut as we saw in the trailer.

There’s a few things I feel the Ultimate Cut will fix: the poor editing, the pacing and the character development and motivations. If you didn’t like the overall characterisations and story of the film however, you’re probably not going to be head over heels for this version.

Batman will still be as dark and messed up as he was in the movie, Clark will still be struggling with his confidence in Superman and Lex will still be crazy. These things are not going to change. And I’m glad they won’t.

Again I love the movie, but acknowledge its flaws. Hopefully we’ll get some fixed editing and better pacing, and I personally will be a happy chappy. The Ultimate Edition will be available on Digital on the 28th of June, not long to wait!

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  1. Jena Malone is going to play Barbara Gordon, though I don’t know what purpose her role has in the extended cut.


      • You’re probably right. Whoever typed up on Wikipedia that Jena Malone’s character IS Barbara Gordon, I can’t find the source that they used. The only clues we have are the Ultimate Edition Trailer and an Instgram picture of J.M. with her hair dyed red. Both Barbara and Carrie Kelly are red heads, so I don’t what role Zak “I Hate Bright Colors & Joy” Snyder had in mind for her before axing her from the theatrical cut.


      • Then again, that article IS from this past March. Maybe she’s a different kind of Barbara Gordon. Who knows? We’ll definintely know when we get our hands on the DVD & Blu-Ray copies coming this July!


      • Yeah, I still don’t think she’s barbara. But yeah we’ll just have to wait until the end of the month to find out!


      • AND you would be right. It turns out that she’s gonna play Jenet Klyburn, a top-tier S.T.A.R. Labs scientist. Maybe she’ll kinda grieve over Prof. Emil Hamilton’s gave his life to help stop Zod’s World Engine, or something. Either way, the speculation of whom she would have played if her character was allowed to have been in the theatrical cut is finally over.


  2. I’m thinking Jena Malone’s character may be original, maybe a blogger like the one from the first movie. But I don’t know. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


    • Could be. I mean we all just assumed she would be a character from the comic, but yeah she could very well just be someone completely new


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