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Gotham 2×20 Discussion: This show is ridiculous.

gotham season 2 episode 20 review discussion

Gotham season 2 episode 20 continued Azrael’s mad journey to complete his missions. There’s a quirk and sense of humour in this show that you don’t really get anywhere else these days. So although the show is ridiculous, I acknowledge that, I appreciate its weirdness. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 20!

Spoilers follow.

I remember back when Gotham was announced, many people speculated that it would take place in the Nolan universe, oh how wrong they were. If anything this show is a lot more Burton-esque.

So this episode had Azrael reminded of his mission to kill Bruce Wayne. Obviously Gotham had a lot of fun with Azrael, with dialogue said throughout the show that you can imagine characters saying again once Batman is born. But Azrael is no Batman, and isn’t going to be a symbol that lives on in the city.

Clearly because he was just blown up! Yes his death was just insane, but so is 70% of the characters on the show. That is what’s kind of great about Gotham, the fact that it just embraces being weird and crazy. It’s not trying to be grounded or take an overly serious approach. It is what it is.

gotham season 2 episode 20 discussion

So yes Theo is dead now, for good one could assume. But of course that doesn’t mean it will be the last we see of Azrael. I don’t think we’ll ever get to Jean-Paul Valley because we would need Batman around for that, but it was a nice little tease for the character.

Gotham season 2 episode 20 also focused on asylum break ins and break outs. Everyone is on to Strange now. His basement of monsters is not really a secret anymore, and Selina has found herself straight in the middle of the craziness. As for the asylum break out, well Nygma’s escape didn’t last very long.

Now we have Mr. Freeze and Firefly back, and next week we have another return. Yes Fish Mooney is coming back! And although I wasn’t the biggest fan of her character back in season 1, I can’t help but be a little excited about her return. Maybe because Gotham has finally found its tone I feel like her character will fold into the show a little better now.

Next week’s episode looks interesting because they might be introducing the Court of Owls. We heard a while back that Court of Owls was confirmed to be introduced on the show, so now might be the time. In the promo for Gotham season 2 episode 21 we see a woman in what looks like an owl mask telling Strange that he has failed.

gotham season 2 episode 20 review discussion

If the show is taking a similar route to the Snyder comics, then perhaps the Court of Owls have been the puppeteer to Strange this whole time. They are known to control the city in the shadows, so although it may look like this was all Strange acting on his own, he could have been acting on behalf of the Court. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 20 was a ridiculous episode which continued the rise in insanity leading up to the season finale. With only 2 episodes to go, expect some more crazy plot twists and reveals, perhaps the unveiling of the Court of Owls. 

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  1. This episode was awesome and insane, especially when Azrael got blown up. Suddenly rock music was playing when that happened and it never did before or probably ever again. I remember the Court of Owls being mentioned to appear in season 2, and supposedly the Galavans were linked to em, but that didn’t happen. While it is cool they may show up, if they existed in Gotham this whole time, why did the Galavans or the order do anything about em? Maybe that was next on their agenda after going murder-happy on the city and Bruce, who knows.


  2. Sorry meant to say “why didn’t they do anything about em?”

    Also I’m gonna miss Azrael. I kinda figured Penguin would be the one to finish Theo off, but still.


      • Well it was either Penguin or Jerome, I mean “Joker”, that would finish him off. Speaking of which, when is Jerome/Joker coming back? He’s one of the experiments, so it’d be fitting for him to come back too. Maybe the actor playing him has to get through with Shameless first then come back I guess.


      • I hope he comes back for the season finale, or at least some tease that he’ll return for season 3 in the finale, he’s such a favourite I think they need to reassure people he’s coming back


  3. Penguin with a bazooka was pretty freaking hilarious. And atm I’m just hoping Selina gets out of that room with slightly unhinged Firefly.
    OMG I’m actually caring about the characters in Gotham. Who would have thought that would happen?


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