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The Flash 2×20 Discussion: So what happened to Barry?


I’ve been feeling pretty flat with Flash episodes lately, but The Flash season 2 episode 20 was definitely a return to form. Everything just went insane in those last few minutes. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 20!

Spoilers follow.

Let’s just talk about that big moment: The Flash just disintegrates! Everyone thinks Barry is dead, but we know that’s not the case (wouldn’t be much of a show without the main character). Barry is now in the Speed Force. Next week’s episode looks like it will show a physical manifestation of the Speed Force as shown through Barry’s mind.

This of course isn’t anything new, Barry has had things like this happen to him in the comics all the time. Interestingly next week’s episode is called Runaway Dinosaur, which may be a reference to an arc where Barry was thrown into the Speed Force and had to runaway from a dinosaur…yupp.

Anyways Barry isn’t dead, and this will give him an opportunity to get his powers back. And how will Barry get out of the Speed Force? Probably through his lightning rod. In the comics all Speedsters have a “Lightning Rod”, a loved one who is basically their anchor, and allows them to escape the Speed Force.

the flash season 2 episode 20 discussion lightning rod iris

I’ve been wondering what Iris’ role is the past few episodes. She seems to just hang around S.T.A.R. Labs being not useful at all. But perhaps her presence will be enough to help Barry escape from the Speed Force, and escape from any dinosaurs that may be attacking him.

Another big part of The Flash season 2 episode 20 was the powering up of Wally West and Jesse Quick. We know that both are Speedsters in the comics, and it was “subtly” hinted at this episode that Wally really needed a way to help people whilst fueling his need for speed, so it looks like we’re finally going to see that. Wally and Jesse were both hit by the Speed Force energy, so it’ll only be a matter of time before they get their powers.

Another subtle drop this episode was how Henry Allen is apparently related to the Garricks. So that pretty much solves it right? The man in the iron mask on Earth-2 is Jay Garrick, who looks like Henry Allen. It makes sense seeing as we saw that image of 90s Flash in the Speed Force back when Barry traveled to Earth-2. So perhaps 90s Flash is actually Jay Garrick. Either way Henry and Jay Garrick are connected.

the flash season 2 episode 20 henry allen garrick

As for Zoom this episode, well he continues to be terrifying. I thought now that we know who he is, the lack of mystery would make him less scary…nope still terrifying. He just snapped necks and didn’t even care. I don’t really like that he’s so whipped by Caitlin though. I mean if you want to be this big bad tough guy, forget about love, just go all out evil. Perhaps its just the darkness in my soul, but I just want to see Zoom absolutely lose it, without anybody holding him back.

Right now he seems unstoppable, but things can quickly change. Maybe when Barry comes back he’ll be stronger, faster. Wally and Jesse might be additions to the team. And Jay Garrick might make his triumphant real debut.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 20 was one of the best episodes in a while, it’s good that the momentum is finally back! Definitely looking forward see to how the Kevin Smith directed Speed Force adventures go down next week. 

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  1. Season 2 has had a bit of a lull, but now things are really getting back on track. I think Zoom has been a really menacing enemy for the Flash as well. Overall, bar a few missteps along the way, Season 2 has been great.


  2. I kinda figured Wally and Jesse would be getting their powers. Heck, Wally’s arc has been similar to Roy’s in Arrow, so hopefully no early exit for him lol.
    Wasn’t expecting Barry to “die”, but I figured he’d be back because he’s gotta be late for Black Canary’s funeral somehow.
    The whole Zoom being in love with Caitlin does seem a bit forced and awkward, but then again he is crazy. Is it just me or is Zoom’s arc similar to Deathstroke’s in Arrow. Both are main villains in the second seasons, both cause havoc for heroes, etc. Slade had buildup though and had a personal grudge, Zoom was put in. And while Slade was being geared as a Green Arrow villain after being a Titans enemy for so long, Hunter Zolomon is a definite Wally West villain. Then again, this is the Earth 2 Zolomon here, so maybe in the future there could be an Earth 1 version that may appear. I’m just reaching at this point.
    90s Flash isn’t Jay, definitely Barry Allen. I’ve watched most of the show, still have to finish. But if the man in the iron mask ends up being Jay Garrick and looking like Henry, I wouldn’t be surprised. I kinda thot the moment John Wesley Shipp was cast in the show he’d be playing Jay and that might come true!


    • Hmm haven’t thought about that Deathstroke parallel, but they are definitely similar.
      But yeah I can’t exactly judge the logic and feelings of a mad man.
      As for Jay Garrick, it makes sense for him to be Earth-2 Henry Allen, because the whole having Henry go away for this whole seemed always seemed off to me, so perhaps its because they were saving him for this Jay reveal


  3. Did any one else notice the flickering of Joe’s eyelids after the particle accelerator explosion? I replayed multiple times to make sure it wasn’t due to my player lagging. Maybe there are plans to include Joe West in the TV’s “Flash Family”?


  4. Wonder what Wally’s codename is gonna be. Jesse is obviously gonna be Jesse Quick like the comics (or Liberty Belle too, who knows, which kinda reminds me if Johnny Quick, the hero not the Earth 3 villain, her dad in comics, will ever appear). It’d be kinda awkward calling him Kid Flash since he’s close to Barry and Iris’s age, so who knows.


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