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Justice League #49 Review: Ding dong another god is dead.

Justice league #49 review spoilers

It’s a miracle, we got another Justice League issue with Justice League #49! Yes the waiting time in between issues has been hard, but at least the issue was worth the wait. Everything sort of just imploded in itself. So let’s discuss Justice League #49!

Spoilers follow.

You know the issue is late when it still has the Batman v Superman variant cover from last month. But alas we finally got Justice League #49, and a lot happened.

Lex Luthor finally got his wish, the man striving to have the power of a god is finally satisfied. But he’s arrogant and thinks he can beat Mobius. You can’t help but feel a little proud of Lexie. Like a child who keeps trying to steal a cookie from the cookie jar, but the jar is up too high. But then one day finds a way to clumsily climb on top of enough things to finally reach it. That is before the child comes tumbling down again. But for now, let’s let Lex have his fun.

I especially love the conversation he has with Superman later, “You’re projecting as usual Lex”. Of course he fears the power, but he’s too arrogant to ever act upon rational thought. He will use his power to full reckless capacity, purely because he can. This will of course tie into what will happen with Lex following Rebirth. We know he will have powers so he will have to think about how far he wants to go, what borders he’s willing to cross etc.

justice league 49 review lex luthor

Moving on, another big part of the issue was Superwoman’s baby. Owlman may not be the baby daddy, but whoever it is must be powerful. The baby is described as a weapon, someone even Mobius fears. Which is why some think Anti-Monitor may be the real baby daddy…

We know that Darkseid War takes place before the current dying Superman story arc that is going on across all the Super book rights now, but we see the beginning of Superman’s demise here. Superman in one hit emits all the solar energy from Apokolips. Death of a god is a major theme in this arc, so I guess it will continue on even outside the Darkseid War issues.

I have enjoyed Johns’ inclusion of Scot and Barda during this arc. Although they make a wonderful team, their priorities seem split. They have a brief moment of calm love before Barda decides to ditch the war. Even in all the chaos Johns still manages to explore the intricate relationships between all the different characters, so kudos for the nice character moments in all the madness.

And then Steve Trevor decides to turn up to the party, just as Superwoman finally gives birth. Steve’s role importance in everything has been kept a mystery, but now we finally get to see the power he’s capable of. And just like that Mobius is dead and a new threat is born.

Wonder Woman has been the main protagonist this entire arc, we’ve seen the story mostly through her eyes, which I like. Although she’s a warrior, she sees this war as nothing but madness. And now Steve Trevor has been weaponised, the war has become personal.

So basically Justice League #49 was an issue of epic exits and entrances. Although this has been one of the best Justice League story arcs in a while, it has been a very long running one. The question now is, where is this all leading to? Darkseid is dead. Mobius is dead. New gods have been born, and so has a supposed weapon baby.

justice league #49 review spoilers

We know that part of the reason Superman is dying is because of this war, so that will be one lasting effect. Lex Luthor in the Rebirth issues will have powers so that’s another lasting effect from this arc. But Bat-God obviously will not be lasting, but Johns has said that they will be revisiting the Joker mystery.

The best thing about Justice League #49 was just how chaotic it was. It was non-stop craziness, there were no moments to breathe. And really its hard to face the Justice League with legitimate threats. But here’s an arc that really makes you feel their helplessness. They are dealing with a power greater than their own, a sense of power no one should hold. A sense of power that has birthed cruel gods. 

As always the art this issue was done beautifully by Fabok. He captures cinematic landscapes perfectly, and his expression of emotion is powerful. From Bat-God’s constant smug face to Diana’s scream as she’s forced to witness what Steve was turned into, it was all done so well.

justice league 49 review trinity

Next issue will be the massive conclusion of Darkseid War, which will apparently set things up for the next year and beyond.

Overall Justice League #49 was a beautifully chaotic issue which set things up nicely for the conclusion. I can honestly say I have no idea how this is all going to end, and how it will lead into Rebirth, and that sense of frantic mystery feels good. 8.4/10.

Justice League #49

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Jason Fabok

DC Comics


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