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The Flash 2×17 Discussion: Time to move forward

the flash season 2 episode 17 review discussion

The Flash season 2 episode 17 may have been an entertaining episode, but it was also another dreaded filler episode. To top things off the show is going on another break, which means that this Zoom story arc is once again losing its steam. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 17!

Spoilers follow.

There’s nothing much to discuss this episode, because nothing really happened. I will say that yeah, the episode was enjoyable. Time travel fun, weird time creatures and double Barry’s is always great. But the show has been struggling to structure this season in a way that keeps the tension and excitement up.

So yes, Barry goes back in time to find answers from Eobard. Of all the dumb plans Barry has come up with in the past, this is one of the dumbest. Because did he really think it would be as easy as slipping in and then just going back out again?

But in all my frustration I can’t deny that it was awesome to see the return of some characters. Pied Piper makes a reappearance, and is apparently now on good terms with Team Flash. Iris got her one last goodbye from Eddie. And Eobard comes back again and is just as smart and mischievous as ever.

the flash season 2 episode 17 pied piper

However at the end of all of this, nothing happened. Barry figured out a way to go faster, but I feel like this happens every second episode. Now it’s time to dive into the Zoom story arc. We’ve only really gotten bits and pieces of this character.

Compared to season 1 where we saw Reverse Flash literally every episode, it’s been difficult for this season to keep momentum when the Zoom story has been spread out so much. But finally next week we will get some much-needed information explaining Jay Garrick and Zoom.

In the promo for next week it is revealed that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon, and apparently also a serial killer. This is where things get interesting. So what, Hunter just adopts Jay Garrick as a fake name? The showrunners decides to tarnish the name of the original hero just for a plot twist? I don’t think so.

Now that we know Zoom is definitely Hunter Zolomon, but we will probably also find out where the real Jay Garrick is. I definitely think that we’ll be getting the real Jay Garrick/Flash hero. This means that what ever the Zoom explanation is, it will be confusing and involve different versions of the same person, maybe twins, maybe different Earth counterparts, either way there will be at least one real Hunter Zolomon and one real Jay Garrick.

the flash season 2 episode 17 supergirl

Before we sign off I do need to mention that we know something exciting happens to Barry after the events of this episode, he meets Supergirl! I didn’t get the chance to talk about this week’s Supergirl episode, but it was a great Supergirl/Flash crossover.

In the episode Barry finds himself on the Earth of Supergirl, wearing a tachyon device. He says that he accidentally ended up there, he was going too fast and travelled Earths. So what ever information he received from Eobard did end up working and made him go faster, so fast he ended up meeting Supergirl.

That’s the great thing about The Flash. His powers allow for such cool moments like that (and cool moments like what he went up to in Batman v Superman).

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 17, whilst fun, didn’t add anything to the story. When the show returns in a couple of weeks (urghh) we’ll finally get the Zoom origin story, it better make sense! 

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  1. Yeah I was kinda wondering if the crossover was gonna be addressed in this episode, but I guess that’ll be later this season. My hope is that when The Flash show gets to an episode set after the crossover, it’ll hopefully address whether Superman and other stuff exist in the Arrowverse, cuz they can’t just leave it without Barry and others wondering if they do exist.


    • I don’t even think Barry knows about Superman, he wasn’t there long enough to find out everything. But the fact that he met an alien must be pretty mind blowing to everyone in the Arrowverse


  2. I can also understand the Zoom story getting a bit scattered. I think it’s mostly because in comics, Zoom/Hunter Zolomon is an enemy of Wally West, not Barry Allen, and while season 2 has been really great, it feels kinda forced that Zoom is an enemy of Barry, kinda going wit the notion that he’s bring treated as a blank slate for Wally Weat elements to be put in him. Granted, in context of the show, Zoom is really just going after all speedsters, so Barry is just another one to add to the body count for him. It would be cool if there was a connection of sorts between Hunter and Wally in the show like the comics, like maybe he’s a friend/mentor to him while everyone else is preoccupied with Zoom, and when it’s revealed that Zoom is Hunter, it tears Wally up cuz he’s been through so much already. Idk it just seemed like that could’ve happened, giving Wally more to do here.

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