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Arrow 4X14 Discussion: The episode where nothing happened

arrow season 4 episode 14 review discussion

Arrow season 4 episode 14 highlighted the big problem with network TV and it’s rigid 22/23 episode season structures. So I guess let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 14?

Spoilers follow.

Maybe I’m being extra harsh on Arrow because I’m starting to get worn out watching this show. Every episode is starting to feel the same: some chase scene with motorcycles and hanging out in weird places in the city, somebody keeping some dumb secret, random island flashbacks and very slow story progression.

I get there are limitations to network TV. It’s hard to fill out that many episodes. But come on, give us something!

The overall plot of the episode involved the Demolition Team, who likes to go around blowing buildings up! This of course interrupted Oliver’s big political career. I would really love to see Oliver Queen become Mayor, and see how he balances that role with being the Green Arrow.

But his opponent is Darhk’s wife, and she’s clearly going to do anything she can to make sure Oliver doesn’t win, because apparently “Phase 5”, whatever that is, needs to have Darhk’s wife with the power of Mayor to go ahead. We still don’t know what exactly H.I.V.E’s plans is yet but typically overall they want world domination through political manipulation and terrorism, which is exactly what they’re doing now.

arrow season 4 episode 14

I guess there were two big (but very predictable) things that happened this episode: Curtis (who is terrific by the way) has developed tech that will help Felicity walk again. Yes it’s all very convenient, but it’s not surprising that Felicity won’t permanently be in a wheelchair.

The other big thing was Damien taking Oliver’s son. Malcolm being the son of a bitch he is, gave Damien the perfect opportunity to really hurt Oliver. The question of who is in the grave has loomed over the season for a while now, and with Oliver’s son now in the hands of Darhk, he has shot up to the front of the list.

However I think that not even Arrow is cruel enough to kill off Oliver’s son, I mean he’s just a kid! Like every single secret on this show, Oliver’s secret will soon blow up in his face when everyone finds out that Darhk has kidnapped Oliver’s son, the son they never knew about.

And with that will of course come the Olicity drama. All this wedding talk but I have a feeling that the wedding won’t ever happen, or if it does, it probably won’t end well.

arrow season 4 episode 14 vixen

Next week’s episode looks a lot more promising as Felicity finds out about Oliver’s son, and we get an “Arrow” meets “Taken” episode. And it’s the live-action debut of Vixen, which will be exciting to see.

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 14 was a pretty forgettable episode that really didn’t do much to add to the overall story. Let’s hope the rest of the season moves at a better pace, because it’s time for some stuff to actually happen!


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  1. I found the episode to be good, but ya I get it. Sometimes the amount of episodes required stretch out a series to the point that it loses a bunch of tension/strong story lines. That’s probably my major gripe with current Gotham.


    • I think watching it week to week is such a different experience compared to binging, so if I watched all the Arrow episodes together I’m just I wouldn’t have minded this episode, but because I’m watching it week to week I want things to move a little faster


  2. I liked how it kinda addressed some of the problems season 3 had, like Oliver letting Merlyn live and become leader of the League of Assassins despite everything he did. Some other season 3 gripes repeated themselves like Ollie also letting Merlyn live so Thea can have a “normal” father-daughter relationship, which is dumb because not even Thea wants anything to do with him, instead of just saying he doesn’t want to be a killer. This is nicely juxtaposed with the flashbacks of him killing someone and how that shapes him into what he is in season 1 and how he’s come along since then, but he may have to become a killer again when it’s revealed who’s in the grave. I’m betting it’s his son, Felicity’s mom, or Lance. Also nice for a random character to remind that 5 months have passed, which means a month left til it’s revealed who’s in the grave since it was 6 months from then.

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