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Don’t Worry WB, DC Films don’t need to be like Marvel (Discussion)

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It seems like with DC Films that as soon as you get something positive, you get something negative with it straight away. In this case it was the release of the (probably best) new Batman v Superman trailer, along with the news that the DCEU was in major trouble! So is DC Films in trouble, and what does it have to do with Marvel?

So recently Drew from Hitflix (quite reliable a lot of the time) came out saying that Warner Bros was very concerned with Batman v Superman. He went on to say that the whole DCEU was in trouble and that he would be surprised if Justice League actually happened. Drew stated that his sources who viewed the movie weren’t too impressed but did like Batfleck and Eisenberg as Luthor. This lead to Drew concluding that instead of Justice League, WB would push the Affleck solo Batman movie in its place.

Then came the freak out. Will Batman v Superman be bad??? Interestingly a number of other journalists/bloggers came out saying the opposite, that their sources have watched Batman v Superman and loved it. Really you can’t make much from this because all film is subjective, and what a bunch of suits think about a film doesn’t really reflect what the mainstream audience will think.

After all this we got a report which I’m more inclined to believe. From Batman On Film came the story that Warner Bros is worried about Batman v Superman, because they don’t know how the general audience will respond to it.

wb worried batman v superman

It’s clear that WB are concerned that the general audience are more responsive to superhero films that gear towards the Marvel tone, as it is what has been most prevalent and successful recently. Man of Steel didn’t do the numbers they wanted, and looking at Deadpool, a movie dripping in fun and humour, WB may be hesitant as Batman v Superman clearly does not share that same tone.

So should they worry? Is the general audience only capable of watching Marvel movies? Yeah sounds ridiculous. There’s no doubt that Marvel have captured a tone that is very mass-audience friendly, but WB need to stop freaking out and realise that human beings are capable of liking multiple things/tone.

Stepping away from film, looking at what the most popular TV shows are, they’re not exactly always bundles of fun and joy. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad etc, they’re clearly much darker.

batman v superman dc films

Obviously film is a different experience. Many people go into blockbuster movies wanting some escapism and fun, however that doesn’t mean that people aren’t willing to explore darker or more serious themes.

At the end of the day it comes down to balance. I don’t want to walk out of Batman v Superman feeling burnt out from all the brooding and angst. There should be lighter moments that balance the darker moments out.

I’m hoping that the overall tone of Batman v Superman is closer to the final trailer, in that things are taken seriously yet there’s still a sense of excitement and fun.

However, it’s hard to know how the general audience will respond to the movie either way. It’s clearly going to be dissimilar from Marvel movies, so the question is whether the audience want something different, or want the same? I’m inclined to believe that people appreciate a little diversity. I mean I don’t think Batman v Superman will be radically different from what we’ve seen before but it’s clearly taking a different approach.

wb batman v superman marvel

The only thing I don’t want WB doing is looking at the success of Marvel movies and now looking at the success of Deadpool and changing what they’re doing to reflect what everyone else is doing. Right now WB need to stick to their guns and see how it goes.

I’m in a bubble that mostly involves already comic book fans or people who are already very much into the superhero genre, so it’s hard to completely grasp what the general consensus for Batman v Superman is so far by the general/mainstream audience. So far it seems good. Watching the trailer during Deadpool most people seemed responsive, and hearing little kids freak out when they saw Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was pretty awesome (yeah there were little kids at my Deadpool screening).

WB don’t care if critics end up hating Batman v Superman, what it all comes down to is how the fans respond and how much money it ends up making. Now I just need this freaking movie to come out already so I can stop speculating whether it’s going to be good or bad, and finally know for sure!



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  1. I am very much looking forward to not just Bats v Supes but all of the DCEU movies (especially Wonder Woman) I am a DC fanatic though, but also believe that the cinema going audience are sophisticated enough to appreciate different tones of genre movies. Yes indeed the feel of DC movies is different to Marvel, but as you said – this is a good thing. They are to all intents and purpose very different comic book universes. There always seems to be a lot of negativity in the press and forums whenever DC announce anything outside of their (awesome) television series, in fact, I tend not to read most write ups or comments as they rather to annoy me with their intense negativity, I think maybe Warner Bros should wait and see what the film going public make of the movie before getting so agitated about it, I personally feel people will love the movie. Great post, have a fantastic day. 🙂

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    • Completely agree! So many people are quick to judge DC harshly and aren’t willing to give them a fair go. I also think BvS will be awesome, and here’s hoping the general audience does as well, so that WB remain confident and move forward with their plans

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  2. Marvel movies work because Marvel is not afraid of changing up things and experimenting a little bit. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t worried about a movie not working out, but they are ready to sat back and let it play out to a certain degree. The MCU could be a string of Iron Man clones, but it isn’t, it hits all the genres. In fact, Marvel has made it kind of an art to offer two entirely different movies each year. The more serious Winter Soldier is followed up by the extremely goofy GotG, after the big blockbuster Age of Ultron, we get Ant-man playing on a much smaller scale .

    To me this was always the problem of Warner Bros (and by extension DC). It doesn’t actually matter what they do, but once they have a formula which worked, they keep repeating it (hence their obsession with Batman). The problem with Man of Steel was not that it tried to be a more serious take on the source material, the problem was that it basically tried to be Batman Begins.

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    • I definitely love that Marvel are a lot more riskier these days, because the fact that we’re getting a Civil War movie and a Doctor Strange movie in the same year is awesome! Two very different worlds.
      However there’s no denying that Marvel also have a successful formula that they stick to as well for the most part. That’s the nature of business, once you find one thing that’s successful, it’s hard to let that go.
      BvS feels so different to Dark Knight, yes they both have more serious tones, but it’s clear WB are doing something very different with BvS compared to Dark Knight. The question is whether it will work


    • Oh sure WB repeating the same formula from the dark knight trilogy. OK but don forget marvel also do repeating the same formula as well. Just look at how the age of ultron have the exactly comedic and lighter tones as the guardian of the galaxy. Even ant-man also have the same tone as guardian of the galaxy as well. Only winter soldier is the one that have a different tone than the rest so far.

      In 2016 alone we already have batman v superman and also suicide squad. Both of these movie have a clearly very different tones and distinct from each other. And besides compare to dark knight, BvS is much more comic booky and epic than the dark knight despite of having a similar tone.


      • I do see differences between those three movies. Age of Ultron tries to be a comic book movie as well as a discussion about evolution and the danger of fear based responses (it doesn’t really manage to hit the balance, sadly), Ant-Man is a heist movie as well as a very personal story about the relationship of two fathers to their daughters and Guardians of the Galaxy is a Space-Opera as well as a character study of five anti-heroes.
        BTW, it is not necessarily the darker tone which bothers me (thought I do think that they should have lightened it up a little bit for Superman). It’s that they literally lifted half of the plot and structure from Batman begins. The chaotic flashbacks to the childhood (which btw don’t work in this case because they tell us nothing about the character), the guilt over the death of a parental figure, the wandering the world nonsense, there is simply too much Batman in Man of Steel. My hope for Batman vs Superman is that they keep the Batman stuff with the character to belongs to and allow Superman to be Superman.

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      • Maleficent had a great soundtrack. I HATE that movie. And I don’t use that world lightly. If there has ever been a movie I would wipe from existence, it is this one. The soundtrack though is pretty amazing.


  3. Look let’s face it: we’re gonna still get our share of haters/over-fanboys/people who refuse to watch this due to a dislike of Man of Steel. We just gotta learn to live with them


  4. If WB/DC understood that people can like different things in their superhero movies, they wouldn’t be trying to make everything another Dark Knight. I’ll give BvS a fair chance, or as fair as I can, but impressing me may be an uphill battle for it.


    • You do realize that BvS is very different than the dark knight right?? Come on BvS is obviously look even more epic and comic booky. I would say BvS is much more similar to watchmen rather than the dark knight


      • I don’t know about comparing it to Watchmen (could you elaborate?), but I actually detect a rather strong Dark Knight vibe, including “gritty, jarring, and dark.” Much like they did with Man of Steel, after the success of Dark Knight.


    • I think you mistaken being serious for being dark. Even man of steel is not that dark and gritty. The best example dark and gritty superhero I can think of are daredevil netflix series. BvS set to explore the realistic implications that superheroes will have on the society as well as philopshical and ideology behind them. Even Zack already stated in the interview that watchmen is an inspirations on how he will approach DC


      • Obviously, I disagree. Though, really, if you are going to argue that Watchmen, of all things, is not dark and gritty, I think we may be defining such terms differently.

        You are correct, Daredevil is dark and gritty, but, note, it’s not like all the other MCU stuff, which, as it happens, are all serious and “explore realistic implications (etc.)” without being dark and gritty.

        Man of Steel had Clark being moody, his parents telling him not to save people, his dad dying to keep his secret, a lot of people dying in the fight, the planet being literally shaken, cities being ruined, and Clark breaking Zod’s neck. You think all of that isn’t an attempt to be “dark and gritty and epic” like Dark Knight?

        As for BvS, let’s see…
        Trailer 1: Everything is dark and epic!
        Trailer 2: Everything is dark and epic! …except Lex Luthor, who seems more like an ankle-biter than one of Superman’s greatest nemeses.
        Trailer 3: Everything is dark and epic!

        Yeah, I think there’s a dark and epic feel here. What is that reminiscent of if NOT Dark Knight?

        For one small example: have you ever heard of Batman branding his enemies before?

        I elaborate a bit further on DC’s approach here (whoo, shameless plug for my blog! 😉 )


    • Ok for starter I don see what is the problem with the current approach of DC is doing. DC attempt to make their movie to be meaning of something. That’s at least already much more ambitious than trying to be just the popcorn flicks. And besides judging from BvS trailer 2 there is obviously going to be some humors moment. But just not going to be kind of marvel level of humor. It is obviously lex will be the one to provide some humor relief compare than both batman and superman because by the nature of their characters they are not funny characters at all. Also we have suicide squad which judging from the trailer will be much more fun and funnier than what BvS is providing. Nah you see there DC does already have some variety there alright. But before you saying DC heroes should be the one who need to have a fun tone that suicide squad have, think about this for a second. Suicide squad is basically about the a group of supervillian who are forced to do the job the government assigned them to do. These group pretty much revel in chaos and enjoying doing whatever they want to do. That;s is the reason why the fun tone is more suited for them compare than DC heroes who literally have a weight of the world on their shoulders.

      Look man from the beginning DC have made a choice to explore a gray morality behind the implications of the superheroes. When you want to do this kind of story you can’t afford putting in some light-hearted or comedic stuffs that are totally out of place of what the story that they have established. Your complaint of superman being too dark or whatever it is i can tell this your own matter of personal taste. Superheroes have every right to be an art form to explore more about our humanity and to tell the philological story behind it. I understand the need of balance between humor and serious but these thing need to be tread carefully. DC cannot afford to become way too campy which will be totally out of the place in their story. At the same time, I understand that DC cannot be too serious since in the end DC heroes are still the mainstreams heroes for the mainstreams audiences. Charles Roven already said in the interview that they still place the emphasize on humors so obviously there will a strike balance between humors and serious. But I don expect DC humors will be like what marvel did nor do i expect character like batman,superman, and wonder woman to be that character that will quipping some one liner jokes during some serious moment. Flash and Shazam I expect will be a lighthearted character.

      In the end, not every movie is designed to be pandering to our specific needs or taste. All of us have our own different preferences and enjoyment of what we want from the movie. i appreciate if you can just keep a open minded about it and at least appreciate of what DC is trying to do even though they don pandering to what you wants.

      To me it is a good thing on what DC is currently doing because they will give us a very different angle to the superhero story that we can enjoy rather than giving us exact same story like marvel did. This is how the way is superhero fatique can be avoided.

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      • (takes a moment to just bask in the civility of this debate… ahhhh! 🙂 )
        Seriously, thanks for being so civil.

        Of course this is all just a matter of personal taste and opinion. I am no stranger to eating crow when I have been proven wrong, ya know. If I am wrong about BvS, I will certainly admit to such, publicly, on my blog, and I will be doing a happy dance while doing so! 🙂

        I don’t mean to say that it’s a bad thing for something to be dark and/or serious, and certainly it’s a good thing to explore the gray areas. I actually hope BvS surprises me, and the rest of us who are skeptical, and does extremely well at the box office as a result. I merely mean to say that Man of Steel strikes me as a Batman Begins/Dark Knight version of Superman (who does *not* need to be super-serious, fyi, especially as Dark Knight showed us even Batman can be both dark, serious, and fun) and BvS seems to be continuing that trend. Suicide Squad is automatically dark, and ironically looks more fun to me than BvS. Wonder Woman is being set during World War One so they can make her story darker and explain her anti-war stance. In every case, everything I can see tells me that DC is pushing for “dark and epic” on all counts, which, in turn, tells me they’re trying to copy-paste the formula for Dark Knight without really understanding what that formula is.

        Everyone else is experimenting, but not DC and Warner Bros. First they had every superhero movie be for kids, until Spider-Man and X-Men showed such movies could be made to appeal to a wider audience. So they gave Batman Begins a shot, and furthered that with Dark Knight, but they were still making kid-centric movies too, which didn’t do super well. No, it was the “dark and epic” movie that did really well. Then Avengers came out, and everyone’s been scrambling to copycat that formula and duplicate Marvel’s success. But while Marvel has been creating a varied cinematic universe (variety, by the way, is the real key to avoiding superhero fatigue), and Fox and Sony are experimenting (sometimes with success and sometimes not), I don’t see any indication of DC doing anything but making their superhero movies more like Dark Knight. Great movie, but the other superheroes deserve to have their stories be theirs and theirs alone, including every bit of variety to be found among them, not always “dark and gritty and EPIC!”

        Does that make sense?


      • First, I regard DC movie as a serious and epic film, not dark and gritty at all again. Second, what is the problem making them serious and epic? If anything making DC movie in the pedigree of epicness as lord of the ring and harry potter is something that superhero genre really needed.

        If you complaint all DC movie have the same epic and serious formula then i can say the same thing for marvel as well. Yes marvel movies all of them have a variety like captain america being political thriller, guardian being space opera and so on. But in the end, almost all marvel movies have a same comedic and lighter tones formula that make them very appealing to the family. Only winter soldier does truly be different than the rest of marvel movies so far.

        Talking about DC being serious and epic. I would say this kind of formula are much more suited for the character like batman, superman, and wonder woman because their nature of character are very suited for it. For example you complaint that superman being too dark or outcast. But superman is an outcast, an alien immigrant, an outsiders. He is very suited to be telling in the story direction of X Men mutants because of his character background. But man of steel do not intend to take superman too far into the direction of X Men mutants because in the end they still making superman as a inspiration figure to be lookup to instead of forever being a outcast. Just look at the BvS prequel comics. Realistically, this is how we society would react and treated superman if he were real. DC would have to inevitably place superman in that kind of situations if you really wanted to tell a story that are semi realistic and explore the grey morality angle. Again MoS superman is alot different than batman. Unlike batman, superman is still a optimisms character and not the type of character that will forever drown in cynicisms like batman. Yes superman may on occasions be reckless, angry and so on. But this is part of our human flaws. There is no guarantee you can still remain being optimist when you are having a bad day. But in the end , we know superman will always try his best to raise above his own cynicisms. This is already different character than batman who would still always remain being drown in cynicisms.

        For wonder woman, anti-war stance is very suited for her character because she is the character that represent peace. It will be very interesting to see how she want to maintain peace when war have always being a part of humanity. World war 1 setting would be very interesting because in that war, there is no right and wrong or straight up good guy vs bad guy as depicted in world war 2.

        In the end, what am i going to say is I don think marvel formula would be suitably be apply for DC trinity. They work better in that serious and epic tone based on their character nature and what they stands for. If you want lighthearted, then flash and shazam would be much more suited for that or perhaps even green lantern given that DC want to approach them as a sort of space buddy cop


  5. DC and Marvel are always trying to one up on each other, but lately it seems more like DC is just trying to pamper to the Marvel audience, and they shouldn’t. It’s said that generally the difference between Marvel and DC is that Marvel has characters you can relate to, DC has characters you can look up to. Sometimes this switches around. Man of Steel was a mixed bag for a lot, but I liked the direction it went with Superman. At least that movie had him actually fighting more instead of just having emo moments like in Returns. And just because Deadpool was successful as aneeded action comedy doesn’t mean EVERY comic book movie has to be Deadpool. There can be more R-rated comic book movies, like say a Dredd 2, but they don’t all have to be Deadpool, though that movie showed there is and always has been an audience for them. DC seems to give the impression that the only successful thing they have is Batman. Why else would they try to make a bunch of things like Batman? It was questionable at first to make a follow-up to a Superman movie have Batman in it, but in another way it’s really these 2 iconic heroes on screen together. Ppl love Batman, but there are other characters, and they deserve as much of a chance as Batman does.

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    • Yeah I mean WB know Batman is the safe choice, but at least they are trying with other characters now. But if BvS comes out and everyone hates everything but Batman, we’re going to go back to the days where the only DC character we saw on film was Batman, so hopefully the general audience responds well to the other characters


      • Everyone knew there would be high interest in this film since its announcement and that box office success would follow. That is the reason there have been people trying to sabotage the movie since day one.

        The best thing that has happened to this film besides chris terrio was the 10 month delay. It backed off the vocal sceptics because what’s the point of trashing a film that was gonna be over 2 years away. But once things picked back up they started to come back in full force again.

        Regardless of what anyone thinks of snyder, he deserves a chance to see his vision through. If the movie is trash wb will give him the boot. But i doubt that it will be.


      • Considering this movie has been completed and screened to WB months ago, I’m sure they’re happy with what Snyder did, the question is whether other people are willing to give him a fair chance.


      • Hmmm, look I’m going to have to say I disagree. Even if BvS bombs, I doubt that the entire DCEU will collapse – be set back a little, maybe, but certainly not just fall apart. Why? Suicide Squad is done, Wonder Woman is already halfway through filming, plus I think Justice League filming starts right after WW principal photography wraps, so that’s most likely already in pre-production, or about to be. With all that investment, I’m sure that WB won’t just let its prized DCEU shrivel away into just Batman.

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      • From what i can tell, it seems like wonder woman, batman and lex luthor will be interesting and great characters in this film. Mean while, it appears that superman will be dull and a chore to watch.

        That seems about right to me, superman just isnt a great character. It’s time to admit that.


      • Wow have to completely disagree with you on that one! Superman may not be a character everyone loves but he hasn’t survived for 7 decades because he’s a dull character


      • Wow Ivan you really never read at all any superman comics do you?? How about you read some Batman V Superman prequel comics. They can be find online right now.

        If you still don like superman then fine I don care. I’m not gonna waste my time trying to change your opinions about superman but do me a favour stop insulting the character


    • I pretty much agree. I’m not sure DC’s problem is “trying to pamper” so much as “trying to copycat and not doing a very good job,” but the point still stands.


  6. DC tried to copy off Marvel and start a cinematic universe before when they made Green Lantern and it copied off Iron Man a lot. And what also happened the same year? Flashpoint and New 52, in which DC rebooted its comics line in order to relive the 90s and try to be more like Marvel, with almost every superhero be like the mutants in Marvel with them treated like outcasts met with fear, skepticism, and hate. And now DC is doing this “rebirth” thing in which they’ll reboot their stuff AGAIN to cater to the movie audience, when they SHOULDN’T, because sometimes those attempts don’t go well.

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  7. Cool post yo. It’s interesting how much is riding on Batman v Superman, while Man of Steel is the technically the first film in this new DC shard film universe, BsS is really first to crack the world wide open and establish this new playground for future heroes to play in as well and if it has the slightest hint of failure some Marvel fanatics or skeptics will have a field day with it. I was BvS to be good and I’m hyped to see this new interpretation of Batman, but all these rumours about the film need to stop. Let’s just have the film come out and let people judge for themselves. Not everything have to be like Marvel Studios, I mean there’s already been a difference between the Fox X-Men films and the recent Sony Spidey films too, so audiences are already used to variation within the different Marvel properties (even though a lot of them don’t know that Spidey, X-Men and the Avengers are owned by different studios).

    I think the tone of BvS will suit this film, but I do hope it’s not just dark all the time, and I also hope things aren’t dark and edgy in future films too because there are is plenty of room for humour and lighter tones with some of these other DC characters (much like The CW’s The Flash, currently my favourite DC material).


    • Agreed, everyone just needs to wait and see before judging. And yeah I don’t mind that the film is darker but it doesn’t need to be dark and gritty all the time, there should be moments that balance that as well. And really you can’t make all your films dark and gritty when the characters are so different, like Flash, Shazam etc. I think BvS will be great but people need to be open-minded to change

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