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So will Marvel (or should Marvel) Reveal Spider-Man?

will marvel reveal spider-man civil war

Marketing for Captain America: Civil War has started to heat up again, and the latest TV spot that premiered during the Super Bowl was pretty freaking awesome, except not everyone was happy. And that had a lot to do with the lack of Spidey. So what’s Marvel doing, should the reveal Spider-Man already?

First of all I have to say that the Civil War Super Bowl spot was pretty great. Of course it had to be short but it was enough to really showcase the conflict. This won’t be a clean war, and it won’t be one with easy moral choices. For years we’ve seen these characters grow as a team, and they may have not always been a perfect team, but they always had each other’s back. Now that trust and loyalty is being split and you can really feel that tension in the TV spot.

The movie isn’t coming out for another couple of months so we probably won’t see another trailer until next month, but with Deadpool and Batman v Superman coming out, Civil War will time their marketing to not overlap too much with those films.

spider-man civil war concept art

Anyways back to Spider-Man, I saw a lot of angry people online (angry people online, I know shocking) over the fact that Spider-Man was not revealed in Civil War. Yes the Super Bowl is a huge event but that doesn’t mean that it was going to be a guarantee that Spidey was to be revealed.

Personally I don’t think they should reveal Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s role in the film is a huge question mark right now, it’s a mystery as to how he will factor into the film, and a little mystery is good. Just imagine that moment where Spider-Man finally appears, it would be a pretty epic moment in the theatre, so there’s no need to reveal it now.

It’s clear Marvel want the conversation to follow the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man right now. Revealing Spider-Man would completely deter the conversation to him, and the matter of fact is that even though Spider-Man is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe he still belongs to Sony. Right now Marvel probably want to focus on their guys. And really the Marvel films are more than capable to sell themselves without promoting Spider-Man.

spider-man reveal civil war

But of course revealing Spider-Man will cause a lot of hype. And if Marvel want everyone to stop talking about Deadpool and Batman v Superman for a little while, then revealing Spider-Man will definitely do that.

Because of the nature of the internet, it’s more than likely that Spider-Man’s reveal could pop up online through leaked images of toys, promo art etc, so if they want to control the message their way then I expect Marvel to reveal Spider-Man, but a little closer to the film.

Right now the main focus will be on the Captain America and Iron Man conflict. And even though everyone’s super eager to see Spider-Man, I think we’re going to have to be a little patient. And regardless of whether they reveal Spider-Man or not, Civil War looks great and I’m sure they new Spider-Man will play an interesting role in that!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Better to save some surprises for the actual movie, ya know? (eyeing the Batman v Superman trailers) The next, or maybe last, trailer *might* reveal Spidey, as a sort of extra push to hype up the audience, but better to understate his role, rather than overemphasizing it, I think.

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  2. At first I was a bit disappointed that Spidey wasn’t in the initial trailers, but I’m more understanding of it now. Compare this to Avengers 2. The marketing for that was insane. It showed WAY too much and I still keep joking to this day that the ENTIRE movie could be compiled from the trailers and ads. I think Spidey’s role should be a surprise, despite the reveal he’s in it and who’s playing him, not to mention toys and other promos, either shown in a trailer closer to the release date to build hype or at least reveal him as a surprise addition like Thanos in Avengers.


    • The marketing for AOU was ridiculous so I’m glad they’re playing things a little closer to their chest this time. I’m sure we’ll see something from Spidey before the movie comes out, but now it’s too early for that


  3. Hmm the reality is that he doesn’t have much screen time, so letting him appear in a trailer…personally I would only really like it if it was like Vision in Age of Ultron’s trailer, where it just shows him opening his eyes at the very end. A very small, blink and you miss it appearance is what I’d be looking for in a trailer for him. Besides, the focus is on Cap and Iron Man’s conflict – although his appearance is undoubtedly one of the biggest things we’re looking forward to, the truth is that its a secondary concern in the plot haha.

    And sure, they could reveal Spidey for a bit longer in a trailer to counteract the buzz from Deadpool (btw, just watched it and it is amazing, very light, practically 0 spoilers review on my site) and Batman v Superman, but they could just as easily do that by releasing a new Cap trailer without Spidey in it. Speaking of which, I reckon that the Cap trailer is going to come by the end of this month, or in the first week or so of March.


    • I liked what the did with Vision in the marketing for AOU so I wouldn’t mind something like that again. But like you said their brand is big enough that they don’t need to show Spidey at all.
      And I definitely think we’ll get a trailer around the time BvS comes out so they can play it in theatres with BvS


  4. I think it’s great that Marvel are keeping Spidey under wraps, just like Luke Skywalker was kept out of the Force Awakwens marketing. It gives us something to look forward to and enjoy when we actually sit down in our cinema seats.


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