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The Flash 2×13 Discussion: The multiverse references aren’t holding back

the flash season 2 episode 13 multiverse earth 2 easter eggs references

The Flash season 2 episode 13 finally saw Barry travel through the multiverse to Earth-2. It was a crazy fun episode packed full of some nice and interesting nods to other parts of the DC universe. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 13!

Spoilers follow.

Right out of the gate we got some really cool things from this episode of The Flash. When the group travelled to Earth 2 we saw some things like the Legion Flight Ring, a different Green Arrow (maybe Connor Hawke), Gorilla Grodd and Jonah Hex. But there were two things in particular that were quite big. First of all Supergirl. We know they will be crossing over next month, so this was just a nice little reminder that Supergirl does exist in this universe. Supergirl is probably going to be explained as being from another Earth, and it’ll be interesting to see how Barry responds to aliens (Cisco would freak out).

But even bigger I believe was seeing John Wesley Shipp’s Flash. Barry’s dad on the show, Henry, was of course former Barry Allen from the old 90s Flash TV show. And it looks like current day Flash is going to acknowledge that. So in the multiverse there’s an Earth where Shipp is The Flash.

And if The Flash (90s version) is considered part of the multiverse, what about all the other DC TV shows? I think it would be cool for the show to acknowledge that all DC TV shows from the past are also canon. It’s similar to what DC Comics did recently with Multiversity, declaring that the entire history of DC Comics was now technically canon.

the flash season 2 episode 13 shipp

It would be great to see nods to Smallville, Lois & Clark, Batman, Wonder Woman etc. Not that I’m expecting Adam West to pop up on The Flash as Batman, but any sort of reference to the past shows being multiverse canon would be cool.

On Earth-2 we find out that Barry is still a CSI, but just an even dorkier one (throwing out my theory that everyone on Earth 2 is just the complete moral opposite of their Earth 1 companion damn). And he’s also married to Iris, with his mother still being alive (and also for some reason have the Justice League on speed dial). However unlike on Earth 1, Barry and Joe don’t have the best relationship.

Later it’s revealed that evil Cisco, Caitlin (sorry Killer Frost) and Ronnie all work for Zoom. Barry being the smart one he is ends up getting kidnapped by Zoom. Finally it looks like we’re going to be seeing more from Zoom. I’m sick of only getting 2 minutes of him every episode. I want to get to know him, you know, just stop teasing.

the flash season 2 episode 13 killer frost

As for the other cool bits from The Flash season 2 episode 13, we saw the return of Floyd Lawton! It was pretty hilarious to see Deadshot be such a bad shot. Atlantis is apparently a nice destination. And Jay is cooler at being The Flash, you know until he fell on his face.  And we have to talk about the other person in Zoom’s prison, tapping in maybe morse code? It’s hard to tell from that shot who it was, but they will be a significant character.

So much happened this episode it did feel a little rushed at times (so many deaths!) and the bad guys this week seemed to have even worse one-liners than usual, but whatever. Because I’m just glad to see The Flash get a little weird and embrace the multiverse. 

There’s so much story potential with the nature of The Flash’s powers, so you might as well explore it all.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 13 was a crazy fun episode, that really opened up the world a lot. I’m hoping we finally get a very Zoom-centric episode next week, it’s time we find out who he is!

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  1. I haven’t seen the episode, but you saying there’s another prisoner of Zoom’s makes me think that it’s Earth 1 Ronnie. Think about it. We didn’t really see him die. For all we know he got sucked into Earth 2 and possibly Zoom has a plan for him. I know Robbie Amell said he’d be back, but that could mean he was referring to his Deathstorm role AND maybe returning as Firestorm. It’s already been kinda revealed he’s returning in LOT.


  2. Ppl keep saying that Earth 2 here is like Earth 3 in the comics, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case here. Sure, Earth 2 has opposites, but that can also be for any universe. Earth 2 more or less has basic opposites here, while the rest of the multiverse has multiple versions, a variety of choices, kinda like a buffet or a menu of pizza toppings. The original Earth 2 in comics was home to The Golden Age heroes, full of light and good, but basic evil and some underlying menace. New 52 Earth 2 is more darker and cynical, but still has that sense of wonder to it. Herr in The Flash it’s kind of a balance between the 2 versions. If this was anything like Earth 3 in comics, there’s no way the good guys would win. On Earth 3, evil always wins, pretty much the foundation of everything in that universe. It’d be interesting if that universe were shown in the DC live action multiverse, but I guess it’s wait and see…


    • Yeah I thought it would be like Earth-3 at first, but as we’ve explored it more that’s clearly not the case. But I would love to see the Crime Syndicate one day, that would be awesome!


      • I couldn’t help but find similarities to the BioShock games with Earth 2 on Flash. The clothing, retro futuristic-looking tech, underlying menace that becomes more apparent the more time spent in it, and of course it’s a dystopia. All it needs now is someone to say “would you kindly” lol

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