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Arrow 4×12 Discussion: Who is Felicity’s father?

arrow season 4 episode 12 felicity dad calculator

Arrow season 4 episode 12 was actually a pretty great episode, even though it seemed like it would just be another filler villain-of-the-week type episode. With the return of Roy and that end reveal a lot happened. So let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 12!

Spoilers follow.

Roy’s back! Well for one episode anyways. It was good to have the old Red Arrow back, even if it was because he was under the control of some bad guy. I forgot just how good of a dynamic Roy had with everyone else in Team Arrow. As his character grew, he definitely had an interesting presence on the show, and the relationship between him and Oliver was always great to see, especially once they had been through some stuff together. But Roy is once again gone, but at least he had a sweet explosion scene before he left.

Now I’m thinking it would have been easy to make Roy the one in the grave. Have him come back for an episode, listen to Thea’s nice speech about him having a nice, happy normal life, and then killing him. Not that I would want them to kill Roy, but he would be an easy character to kill off, considering the character isn’t on the show anymore.

arrow season 4 episode 12 roy

Anyways also back this episode was Nyssa who luckily enough escapes to get the Lotus which will save Thea at the exact time Thea needed it. But the catch is that Oliver must kill Malcolm to get it, so once again we’ll see a Malcolm vs Oliver fight. Speaking of fights, any excuse to bring Katana in is fine by me. I’m wondering if she’ll survive for any longer though, because it looks like Arrow may be being forced to kill off any characters that are in the main cast for the Suicide Squad movie. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

But now let’s talk about Felicity and that reveal. Many people speculated for a while that Calculator may be Felicity’s dad, and they were right! It makes sense, I mean she didn’t get her intelligence from her mum.

So who is Felicity’s dad? Who is The Calculator? Well he’s not really that big of a character in the comics, but he’s described as being like Oracle, but without any of the morality. And considering that on the show Felicity is their version of an Oracle-like character, in the sense of her intelligence and computer skills, it was a natural choice to make Calculator Felicity’s dad.

arrow season 4 episode 12 calculator felicity dad

Interestingly enough in the comics, the Calculator did have a daughter, and a son. And they too were heroes and ended up joining the Teen Titans. However after one of them got hurt, the Calculator basically vowed revenge on the Titans for not doing enough to protect his children. Sound familiar?

Maybe Calculator is going to want to take out some anger on Team Arrow for letting Felicity get hurt. Of course right now he doesn’t know about Felicity and her Team Arrow life, but I’m sure he’ll find out soon. It’s good that at least this one mystery is solved.

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 12 was a pretty strong episode that had a lot of interesting character moments. I’m curious to see how they’ll be handling Felicity’s dad on the show from here on out.

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  1. Hey there, great write up, very detailed and well-worded as always. I’ve seen and heard from a lot of people online that this has been their favourite episode of the season and while I liked it, I wouldn’t say it was that great. For me there were certainly elements of awesomeness, but just pieces. Like you mentioned there was the return of Roy was fabulous, he does have a very unique and wonderful chemistry with the team so to see him go from threat to hero and donning the red costume again. Roy’s side of things was great, but what was also unexpectedly fun was the Calculator and how interesting he was matching Felicity with the hacking skills, and then discovering that he was Felicity’s father? Damn, can’t wait to see how that pans out. I feel like he’s aware that Felicity was the one who stopped him and has a plan to come back into her life and then cause trouble from the shadows.

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    • Thanks! It was a solid episode compared to a lot of the recent eps. But yeah having Felicity’s dad finally be revealed is awesome. He’s definitely going to be planning something big!

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  2. Yeah I agree you always do great talking about this stuff. Calculator has gotten a revitalization for the past couple years, being portrayed as the equivalent of Oracle for the bad guys, though he charges money for every question asked him lol (interesting he hasn’t appeared in New 52, but I digress). I like that Arrow has brought this characterization of him to life at least and interested to see how it goes, especially since he’s Felicity’s dad and how it will affect things to come. Also how cool is it that somewhere Oracle exists in the Arrowverse, since Green Arrow said “that name is taken”, which means Batman may actually exist in the Arrowverse, as if the newspaper from Flash was any indication, plus the use of Ra’s al Ghul, Bludhaven, references to Blackgate and James Gordon, Huntress, and other things, plus Arrow kinda “ripping off” Batman here and there lol. At least Felicity has her own codename now, Overwatch, and pretty kickass just like her character 🙂 .

    I kinda hope they don’t get rid of Katana in the Arrowverse, despite the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. I understand the Suicide Squad is in limbo in the Arrowverse for the time being, but I hope there’s still room to explore characters and other stuff for it. At first I was shocked Amanda Waller got killed, and while I was a little miffed thinking it was probably done as part of DC’s weird multiverse policy of not having multiple versions of certain things, but in the context of the show it kinda made sense. Like in the comics, she wasn’t a likeable person, but she was a hardened individual who exuded menace and determination, utilizing all her assets and advantages at her disposal with no remorse, which made her a fearful yet powerful character in her own right. Her mind was on the mission at hand, nothing more, and when the time came for her will to be put to the test, she stood firm and paid the price. I can understand now why there wasn’t much of a sendoff for her, since she did questionable things that others didn’t like, but at least some respected her for what she was, the things she did, and why she did em. Same kinda goes for Deadshot now I think about it, though he was less amoral than Waller and more honorable, doing the things he did to provide for his daughter, and went out in a blaze of glory of sorts to fulfill the mission, even though he ended up getting framed and besmirched in his memory, but at least he was honored by some who knew him. They’re called the Suicide Squad for a reason, and it ain’t because they get a happy ending. Like I said, I just hope there’s still more to explore with em in the Arrowverse in the future, regardless of the movie, because again what’s the point of a multiverse if there can’t be multiple versions of stuff? DC really needs to get that straight.

    What I’ve noticed lately in the past few episodes, and this is gonna sound odd coming from a guy who’s HATED Olicity since the it transpired, but it’s actually starting to work here, only because the show is trying to depict them NOW as a couple who stick together through thick and thin, and not just because of Tumblr fan service like before. I still hate how it started, but like John Diggle’s costume (plus awesome codename, “Spartan”, which kinda gets me to wonder if it’ll have any connection to the WildStorm character at some point since WildStorm is part of DC now and I think Team 7 was referenced in Arrow), it’s starting to grow on me, though only in its CURRENT STATE. Oliver is staying by Felicity’s side after Darhk’s attack left her paralyzed, and I gotta say that’s something. Plus Felicity isn’t like what she was in season 3 anymore. She’s back to her good ol kickass self, and nothing’s gonna hold her back, not even a wheelchair. I still think it’s gonna end badly for em, and something tells me it’ll transpire when it’s revealed who is in the grave.


    • Thank you! It’s great that they went with this version of the character, and makes a lot more sense if Felicity is his daughter.
      I’m hoping Katana comes back as well, but I doubt we’ll see too much from her. It doesn’t really make sense to force Arrow to stop showing Suicide Squad characters when like you said, they have a multiverse. I mean technically there’s 3 Bruce Wayne’s right now, so who cares if there’s 2 Suicide Squads?
      I’m still not a fan of Olicity, but it’s definitely less annoying than it used to be, so there’s something.
      But yeah I agree, it’s probably not going to be the happiest ending for them


  3. Just found out that even Deathstroke isn’t gonna make future appearances in Arrowverse “for the time being” because as one of the show’s producers said, “DC has him attached to another project”, which could mean anything at this point, plus it seemed implied that this wold happen anyway. Manu Bennett is already doing The Shannara Chronicles right now, so he’d be pretty busy, yet could still pop up now and then, but who knows what’s going on. It could mean Deathstroke is in the Suicide Squad movie, getting his own movie, or appearing in LOT or something. It’s one thing to be coy about characters and multiple versions in a multiverse, but this is just kinda being dickish for DC, and that’s not surprising. Despite what Geoff Johns said about everyone trying to make the best version of their stuff in their live-action multiverse, DC is almost limiting themselves in certain ways. It’s like they’re either not confident to have multiple versions of certain things or they think audiences would get easily confused, which doesn’t sound like being respectful of their fans. Sorry to get on multiple tangents about this again, but it kinda rubs me the wrong way and I wish DC would just stop doing it. Sooner or later it’ll blow up in their face if they don’t revise it…


    • I don’t really understand their rules, like why have a Barry Allen TV show then also put him in the movies? It’s strange what they’re doing, hope they have a long-term plan


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