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Supergirl Episode 12 Discussion: Bizarro am here.

supergirl episode 12 review discussion bizarro

Supergirl episode 12 finally gave us some full on Bizarro action! It’s great seeing such big characters appear on the show and be integrated into this world. So let’s discuss Supergirl episode 12!

Spoilers follow.

Lord’s creation has been teased for a while, but now we finally saw that his creation is complete, Bizarro! Like in the comics, Bizarro is the opposite of Supergirl so it was a lot of fun to see Supergirl go up against her.

What was especially great about the episode was that we really got to see the type of person Kara was, even when faced with someone who seemed like a monster. Kara still showed Bizarro compassion and care until the very end. At the end of the day, Kara has the greatest belief in people, even when they’re in some bizarre state.

And really Bizarro isn’t a villain, she/he (depending on the story) has a warped perception of reality, and therefore can’t understand what we consider to be good and bad. Funnily enough there was just a Bizarro comic released where Bizarro and Jimmy Olsen go on a road trip together, don’t think we’ll be seeing that anytime soon though.

bizarro and jimmy olsen

As for Maxwell Lord, well I doubt he’ll stay locked up for too long. He’s even more dangerous now that he knows who Supergirl is (why she didn’t warn James that Lord knew about her true identity is beyond me). I hope we see more development from his character, because his motivations and hatred for Supergirl just seem so generic right now. Yeah I understand the whole fearing what aliens will do to humanity thing, but why does he think the way he thinks?

It’ll be good to get a little more back story to him. It’s easy to compare him to Lex Luthor in Smallville, and the reason why Lex was such a great character in Smallville was because they really developed his psyche and motivations, and you understood why he felt the way he felt towards Clark. So it’ll be good to see something like that from Lord as well.

So we saw Bizarro, but what was that green stuff at the end of Supergirl episode 12? As we saw in the promo it’s called Black Mercy! A parasite that sends you into a dream like state, where your greatest fantasy comes to life.

supergirl episode 12 black mercy

Supergirl episode 13 will of course be adapting the famous Superman story, “For the man who has everything”, this time with Supergirl instead of Superman. In that story (which was also adapted into a great Justice League episode) Batman and Wonder Woman go to visit Superman for his birthday, but find that he’s trapped by Black Mercy.

Superman dreams of what his life could have been like on Krypton, where he even has a son. It’s a heartbreaking story because when Superman realises what’s happening he decides to choose heroism over a self-fulfilling fantasy, and says goodbye to the son he never had to get back to reality, where Mongul is attacking everyone.

It’ll be interesting to see how they adapt the story for Supergirl, but I’m sure the core themes will remain the same. The episode will surely be an interesting character-driven piece, which will give us some more depth into Kara’s character.

Anyways overall Supergirl episode 12 was another fun episode that continued to show off the show’s great visual effects. Definitely looking forward to seeing Kara’s fantasy world next week!

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  1. I’ve been falling behind on this series, but it does seem to be getting better with each episode. Now that I’ve finished editing a book though, I should be able to start catching up.


      • And now that I’ve caught up on it, this episode was a lot of fun. This week’s episode is quite possibly the best yet though. The Red Kryptonite really brought in some darker themes in an otherwise very lighthearted show, and it gave a nice nod to one of the moments in Superman 3 that actually worked.


      • Yeah it was a fun episode, but I guess after all my years watching Smallville it felt slightly repetitive, but overall good episode


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