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The Flash 2×11 Discussion: Hunter Zolomon…wait what!

the flash season 2 episode 11 hunter zolomon

The Flash season 2 episode 11 brought back the intensity that’s been lacking the last couple of episodes, as a lot major moments were dropped. Time travelling mumbo jumbo and a really interesting name drop has everyone scratching their heads. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 11!

Spoilers follow.

So the major focus of the episode was the return of the Reverse Flash. Time travelling is very confusing, but the typical rule is that there are often fixed points in time that cannot be changed. One of these points is Barry’s mother being murdered. So even though Eddie killing himself in the present stopped Eobard Thawne in that moment, it doesn’t stop him in the future. The timeline is fixed, which means that he will always be there to kill Barry’s mother, otherwise everything would be completely different.

Eobard’s return provided for some really great moments. Remembering back to the season 2 premiere, Barry was feeling down because it wasn’t really him who defeated Eobard. He didn’t feel like he had his moment of justice, as Eddie was the one who defeated Eobard, not Barry.

So finally the opportunity presented for Barry to defeat Eobard once and for all. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Seeing that moment where Barry had to help his greatest enemy go back to the future, to know that he was just going to go kill his mother, was pretty heartbreaking.

the flash season 2 episode 11 review discussion spoilers

And it’s interesting to know that this was always going to happen. It’s this moment where Eobard was able to figure out Barry Allen was The Flash, and used that knowledge to ruin his life. It was always supposed to happen, a fixed point in time. This was always Eobard’s origin story. 

The other major moment in The Flash season 2 episode 11 was such an out-of-the-blue moment. In trying to save a sick Jay, Caitlyn tries to find Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger, to only find out that Jay had already found him. Although his doppelganger can’t help save him, you know his doppelganger who happens to be called Hunter Zolomon!

Hunter Zolomon is of course the other famous Reverse Flash, called Zoom in the comics. Yes, the plot thickens. Okay so what does this all mean? Because there’s no way that they just drop this name, without it having any significance.

So is Jay Garrick (well his doppleganger) Zoom? I don’t think so, well not yet anyways. I just don’t think that they would reveal Zoom’s identity in such a throwaway moment like that. Yes for comic fans it was a pretty jaw-dropping moment, but for everyone else it wasn’t dramatic at all. What would have been dramatic is if Zoom takes his mask off, and we see Jay’s face. But that didn’t happen, and I don’t think it will happen.

Also why would Zoom go from Earth-1, to Earth-2 to be Zoom, but spend his downtime on Earth-1 hanging out on a park bench? It doesn’t really make sense.

But hey maybe that’s what Zoom likes to do, and if that’s the case I wouldn’t mind it one bit. It would mean that once again all my Zoom theories were wrong, and the show has managed to completely take me by surprise again.

And if Hunter isn’t Zoom, well he can be in the future. Although how many Reverse Flashes do they want to do? It would get a little tedious if next season the big bad is Hunter Zolomon’s Reverse Flash.

It’s important to note that typically Hunter Zolomon is the Zoom tied to Wally West’s Flash. He was Wally’s friend before he became Zoom. He thought that The Flash couldn’t be the best hero unless he survived tragedy like Barry, so Zoom decided to be that tragedy.

the flash season 2 episode 11 hunter zolomon jay garrick

Wally West is nowhere near being The Flash anytime soon, so I doubt we’ll see that anytime soon. But it would be interesting to see a new Flash/Reverse Flash relationship, this time between Wally and Hunter. 

Anyways as per usual The Flash has left us with more questions than answers. Zoom is finally making an appearance next week, so hopefully we’ll get some more answers (probably not though).

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 11 was a wonderful episode, which showcased just how great this show is at taking you on a wild emotional rollercoaster. Can’t wait to hear what everyone’s new Zoom theories are now!

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  1. If I had to nitpick I think the abrupt Barry-Patty relationship got a bit eye-rolling when she literally knew everything and he still refused to tell her. Did like that ending though, bittersweet but it does bring some closure to their story

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    • She said she’d stay if he told her he was The Flash. I can understand him not telling her initially, but it’s something that’s done in so many superhero stories. Luckily the situation turned itself around and he kinda told her. I didn’t like the Patty-Barry relationship because it reminded me of New 52 and what it did to Barry and Iris’s marriage, going Spider-Man: One More Day and erasing the marriage from existence just so the hero can be “more relatable as single”. The show made it a natural thing and they were cute together, but I figured it was gonna end at some point, and it was kinda sad


  2. I don’t like how they showed Barry trashing the Reverse-Flash so easily; I get that it’s to showcase how he’s grown, but where does this stop? Soon he’ll be running at light speed and then he won’t ever be reasonably challenged…anyway, I could be wrong, Smallville did manage to snag 10 years after all, and that starred Superman so…(shrugs).

    Speaking of which, it really makes me wonder who they’ll cast next as big bad – they can’t have a speedster for every single season after all…


    • Well I mean The Flash has always been a really powerful character, but yeah like Smallville I’m sure they’ll keep his powers in check.
      I don’t know, surely they can’t do another Speedster, will be interesting to see


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