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Supergirl Episode 11 Discussion: Welcome our new overlords, the White Martians

supergirl episode 11 review discussion white martians

Things are starting to really heat up in Supergirl episode 11 as we got a little more insight into Martian Manhunter’s world. It’s pretty amazing to see White Martians in live-action, and the episode sure didn’t disappoint. So let’s discuss Supergirl episode 11!

Spoilers follow.

Ever since it was revealed that Hank Henshaw is actually J’onn J’onzz, we’ve started to slowly get more reveals about his past life. This episode we found out a lot more. Like in the comics, the White Martians destroyed all the Green Martians, including Martian Manhunter’s family. J’onn escaped, but the White Martians won’t stop until they completely remove any trace of the race they view as inferior. Whereas the Green Martians are more like peaceful philosophers, the White Martians are ruthless warriors. 

J’onn is slowly starting to be forced to adopt the mantle of Martian Manhunter full-time, as his old world clashes with his new. We got some really interesting character moments this episode. We really saw the pain and anger that runs through J’onn, as Kara gives him some pretty wise advice, stopping him from crossing the line. I really love that we are seeing these bonding moments between Kara and J’onn, as they both share similar stories.

And I have to say that fight scene in Supergirl episode 11 between the White Martian, Martian Manhunter and Supergirl was pretty amazing to see. I’m grateful that this show is on CBS, because it means that they do have the budget to give us something like that.

supergirl episode 11 white martian

And although they defeated one White Martian, the war is only just beginning. Apparently there are millions still out there, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of them in the near future. But not all White Martians are bad, perhaps we might get introduced to Miss Martian, a White Martian known for being on the Teen Titans. Typically J’onn is a mentor figure to her, so it would be cool to see J’onn turn his rage into sympathy for a White Martian.

The other part of Supergirl episode 11 focused on Cat and her son. It’s good to see a slightly nicer side to Cat. And of course the introduction of Adam (Supergirl’s real life husband) means that Kara can have a romantic interest that isn’t part of the already messy Winn/Jimmy/Kara love triangle.

Then of course at the end of Supergirl episode 11, who was that girl? Yeah Bizarro is here! We saw that last episode J’onn had discovered her, but now Lord has sent her out into the world. And judging by next week’s preview, Lord has brainwashed Bizarro into completely hating Supergirl.

supergirl episode 12 bizarro

I wonder if they’ll have this Bizarro do the whole opposite speaking thing as well, or just have her be mentally and physically the opposite of Supergirl. So this week we got White Martians, next week we’re getting Bizarro!

I love that Supergirl isn’t afraid to really dive into the mythology of the comics, and give us some weird and crazy stuff. I may have not loved this show when it first came on, but as each episode airs I’m liking it more and more.

Overall Supergirl episode 11 was an emotional and crazy fun episode, that gave us more depth into Manhunter’s character. Looking forward to seeing how Kara deals with her new twin!


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      • just seeing that stuff in TV show blew my mind. I mean I remember watching the old Flash show years ago. Cool how they integrated old actors from the old Flash show, Lois and Clark and the Supergirl movie into the Flash/Supergirl shows. It kind of legitimizes the old Supergirl. Even when I was a kid that movie was shit.

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